Can You Kill Wasps With Deodorant? {Be Warned of the Consequences}

Are you wondering if wasps enjoy the scent of deodorant or if it repels them? Can you kill wasps with deodorant?

Do wasps like the smell of deodorant? Which aerosols can you use to kill a wasp? Can this idea backfire and we end up with a fresh-smelling, angry wasp that wants to attack you?

In this article, we will find out the answers to the question, “Can you kill wasps with the deodorant?”

Can You Kill Wasps With Deodorant?

If you’re using an aerosol can of deodorant, and make direct contact with a wasp, you may be able to flood its pores and suffocate it. You may also add weight to its wings and inhibit its ability to fly.

You may not be able to kill a wasp, but you will probably faze it temporarily. Some deodorants offer sweeter aroma scents that can attract wasps instead of repelling them. Deodorants lack the lethal chemicals that are necessary to poison or destroy wasp.

If you are using a stick of deodorant, you will need perfect aim and control to throw it directly at the wasp in order to kill it. Try something else and leave the deodorant for your armpits.

Do Wasps Like the Smell of Deodorant?

Most of the time, yes. This is because wasps are attracted to the sweet aroma is that come from the nectar of plants around your property. Many times, deodorants are also made using derivatives of these nectars and plants.

Many kinds of deodorant act much like perfumes to mask foul odors. They contain attractive scents and odors that insects like wasps enjoy.

A wasp may not be able to tell the difference between the perfumed aroma that is coming out of your deodorant and from the flowers in your garden. Watch them for a moment and realize that they are not not scared.

They will get near you and will investigate this scent that is on you. Spraying deodorant directly at them may disrupt their ability to fly, breathe or disorient them. It may also anger them.

If the smell of deodorant is of a citrus solution or peppermint, then wasps could end up being repelled by it.

Can You Kill Wasps with Hairspray?

Hair sprays and deodorants can be offered in aerosol can formats. Hairsprays are different because they do have sticky chemical residues that can flood the breathing apertures of wasps and disrupt or disorient them.

Their wings can end up heavy, sticky and unable to fly. Hairspray will slow down a wasp and slowly destroy it.

The weight of hairspray will cause a wasp to drop to the ground. Spraying hairspray on a wasp is an effective idea to rattle, confuse, disrupt, repel, deter and ultimately kill a wasp with repeated use.

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What Can I Spray on a Wasp to Kill It?

There are many items that are available in spray bottle or you can create your own spray bottle solution to wistfully destroy wasps with every pull of the trigger.

Filling up a spray bottle with dish soap and water is the easiest method and the most effective in our opinion. All you need is two tablespoons of dish soap, fill the rest of the bottle with water and off you go.

If you would like to purchase or search for other types of spray cans and bottles around the house, look for the following:

  • Benzalkonium chloride
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Ethanol
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Potassium hydroxide
  • Commercial insecticides
  • Water and dish soap spray
  • Lemon spray
  • Peppermint spray
  • Brake cleaner spray
  • WD-40

Do Wasps Hate Deodorant?

What kind of deodorant are you using? Are using a stick, roll on or spray? What ingredients are in this deodorant. What is the active or most dominant scent that is coming out of it?

Personally, I enjoy the scent of peppermint and lemon. I know that wasps hate both of these. If I use deodorant sprays or sticks that have this odor, I know that wasps will not come near it.

In other cases, I’ve used lavender scented deodorant and the effects were quite the opposite. I was giving off a sweet nectar aroma that they enjoyed greatly. It all depends on what type of scents you are using.

You will most likely attract wasps with the inviting fragrance of many deodorants. Wasps would also hat it if you threw a stick of deodorant and other items directly at them. Watch out!

Why You Should Not Use Deodorant To Kill Wasps

Using deodorant to temporarily disrupt a wasp that is near you may work, but overall, you are only disrupting it and most likely unable to kill it. A wasp can be killed with lethal, toxic or clogging chemicals that are contained in:

  • Insecticides
  • WD-40
  • Lysol
  • brake cleaners
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • dish soap

Reasons Why You Should Not Use Deodorant to Kill Wasps:

  1. They might enjoy the scent.
  2. A swarm of wasps might be attracted to it.
  3. You will aggravate them.
  4. They will feel threatened.
  5. They will only be the temporarily incapacitated.
  6. Wasps can sting you repeatedly.
  7. A wasp may release pheromones when sprayed with deodorant.
  8. The pheromones will warn others to show up
  9. You may end up getting chased by a swarm of wasps


Deodorants do not contain powerful nerve toxins that can kill insects the way that insecticides do. The only reason why you would be using a spray can of deodorant is because it’s handy and nearby.

You may temporarily incapacitate a wasp with deodorant or you may actually invite it to come closer because of the sweet smelling nectars that are coming out of it.

The chemicals are artificial but a wasp may not be able to tell the difference and think that there are flowers nearby or on you.

Sure, spraying enough deodorant on a wasp can clog its pores, but you would need to make direct contact and hopefully you are using a type of scent that is a repellent such as mint or lemon.


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