Do Caterpillars Kill Swan Plants? {How To Protect Swan Plants}

Have you seen a bunch of caterpillars all over your Swan Plants? Do Caterpillars Kill Swan Plants?

How do you protect your Swan plants from caterpillars? Which caterpillars eat swan plants the most?

In this article, we will discuss the topic of whether or not caterpillars kill swan plants.

Do Caterpillars Kill Swan Plants?

Monarch caterpillars are the most common species that feast on swan plants. They will not kill the swan plant itself but will eat much of its leaves.

What you can do is prune the swan plants back after caterpillars have eaten much of it. This will help them regrow.

Swan plants reaching maturity produce fluffy seed pods. You will be able to gather the seeds to replant more swan plants as well. Young swan plant seedlings that are not yet established in the soil could die from an infestation of caterpillars.

Why is My Swan Plant Dying?

Unfortunately swan plants are also attacked by aphids. If there are too many aphids, wasps and caterpillars all over your swan plant, it may become weak.

You can spray your swan plants with natural or chemical repellents. Soapy water will help to suffocate aphids that need to breathe through their skin.

It will also repel caterpillars from your swan plant while the plant itself will not die.

If you are concerned that your swan plant is dying, but it has been established in your garden for some time, prune it back and allow it to regrow for another season. Most likely, your swan plant is not dead.

How Do I Raise Monarch Caterpillars on Swan Plants?

Follow some of the recommendations below if you wish to raise monarch caterpillars on your swamp plants:

  1. All Swan plants should be rinsed off before caterpillars are allowed to eat from them.
  2. If caterpillars are feeding on a Swan plant, try to prevent butterflies emerging from their chrysalis at the same time.
  3. Clean up caterpillar excrement or corpses of dead caterpillars from the plant.
  4. At the end of a batch of caterpillars who have finished munching on your swan plants, it’s time to wipe it down and disinfect it. Use bleach and water if you wish to get rid of spores.
  5. Caterpillars will not kill your swan plants, but diseases will.
  6. Plant swan plants in different areas of your garden to prevent disease from taking over all of them at once.
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Do Monarch Caterpillars Only Eat Swan Plants?

No. Monarch butterflies do not only eat swan plants. Monarch butterflies are famously known to eat milkweed plants. They also enjoy eating pumpkins.

If you wish to provide your monarch caterpillars with an alternative other than swan plants, you can offer pumpkin plants or even the flesh of a pumpkin.

You did not need to plant pumpkins for this temporary solution. You can offer them raw pumpkin flesh instead.

How Do You Keep Pests Away From Swan Plants?

Swan plans are desired by monarch caterpillars and butterflies. Slugs, snails and aphids also wish to dine on these plants.

You must try to protect your seedlings and young swan plants because they are the most susceptible to being eaten and killed.

Larger established swan plants will not die so easily. Protect your swamp plants by covering them with a mosquito net or mesh.

Choose netting with small weaves. You will be preventing further monarch eggs from being laid on the swan plants.


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