How Often Can You Bathe a Dog With Fleas?

How Often Can You Bathe a Dog With Fleas

Does your dog have fleas? Are you wondering how often should you bathe the dog?

If your dog has fleas you can bathe them once a week. If you bathe a dog too often, it gets rid of the natural oil protecting their skin, exposing them to infections.

How often can I give my dog a flea bath?

It is safer to give your dog a flea bath once a week. Bathing them too often or not bathing them on time could be unhealthy. The former and latter could expose your beautiful pet to further infections that you want to avoid.

Although flea baths only help get rid of fleas on the dog and won’t chase the pests away from infesting the pet another time. However, it is safer to give your dog a flea bath once a week if you suspect any flea infestation sign on it. On the other hand, if you can’t find any sign of flea infestation on your dog, you can still go ahead with the flea bath.

Doing so will help to get rid of fleas on your dog in its early stage of infestation before you begin to see the infestation signs. For instance, if your dog plays outside and a flea lays eggs on it before it returns indoor, you might not realize this on time until the eggs metamorphose into a young flea and put your home at risk of flea infestation.

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If such a dog were to bathe on time even before showing signs of flea infestation, the egg development would be hindered, giving no room for a young flea to develop talk less of an adult flea. Therefore, regardless of whether your dog has flea infestation or not, you should give it a flea bath often. Once a week is good, and once in two weeks isn’t bad.

Will giving a dog a bath kill fleas?

When you bathe your dog with soap, you hinder the oxygen supply to the fleas, killing them. Therefore, giving a dog a soap bath kills fleas.

Many dog owners spend so much purchasing special chemicals to bathe their beautiful pets to get rid of fleas. While this isn’t a bad thing to do, it is not necessary. If your dog has fleas, bathing it with regular bar soap will kill the fleas.

Note that it isn’t the chemical in the soap that kills the flea, but the ability of the soap to prevent oxygen supply to the fleas. Fleas need oxygen to keep living, in the absence of which they die. Soaps provide an extra coating or covering over the pest while you bathe your pet. For the few moments they can’t get oxygen, they die.

However, you shouldn’t bathe your dog too often to get rid of flea infestation. Often baths will cleanse the healthy oil coatings on its skin, causing skin dryness. This could expose your beautiful pet to the risk of infection.

What is the best thing to wash a dog with to kill fleas?

Regular bar soap can kill fleas, and it is the best thing to wash a dog. Many pet owners often overlook this because they assume it could be ineffective. After all, it is cheap. However, it is highly effective in killing fleas.

The principle on which a bar soap kills fleas is that it destroys the pest’s exoskeleton, drowning them in the soap lather. Just as in humans, once the pest drowns, it cannot grasp oxygen and eventually dies. All these happen within a few minutes.

Thus, the best thing to wash a dog with to kill fleas is bar soap. However, to see a good result, you should use the bar soap correctly. You can follow the steps below in this regard:

  • Start washing from the head down. This is important because if you start washing from the middle, the fleas will run to higher ground to escape the soap. However, if you start from the higher ground, they run to the lower part of the body. As you progress downward, they continue to move down as well until you wash all the parts and they have nowhere to run again. They’ll eventually die in the lather.
  • You can use lukewarm water and begin by pouring it on the pet. Gently rub the fur with the soap and fully cover the part with the lather before moving to another part.
  • Continue to massage your pet from head to toe for the next ten minutes. This will not only drown the fleas, but it’ll also damage their eggs.
  • Gently rinse your pet and be careful not to get water into his nose, ears, or eyes.

What kills fleas on dogs instantly?

Bar soaps kill fleas on dogs instantly. Once you scrub your dog’s fur with the soap, the pests will die in a few minutes. Another product that works as efficiently is Nitenpyram, also known as Capstar.

There are two effective ways to kill fleas on dogs instantly — the direct-to-skin application approach and the drug approach. For the former, a bar soap bath will do. All you have to do is to give your beautiful pet a soap bath, and the fleas will die instantly due to lack of oxygen.

On the other hand, you can also subject the dog to Nitenpyram, also known as Capstar. It is one of the most common products that kill fleas on dogs instantly. Nitenpyram is a single-use tablet, usually administered orally. Once administered, this product is so powerful that it’ll kill fleas in less than 30 minutes.

If you’ll use Capstar on your pet, it is recommended that you put your dog in a secluded area. You should also lay a blanket or sheet on the floor to catch the fleas. This will make cleaning easier. You can get Nitenpyram from your vet. You can as well get it without a prescription from any online pet store.

How do I get rid of flea eggs on my dog?

You can get rid of flea eggs on your dog by treating them with products like insect growth regulators (IGRs). The product contains an active compound called isoxazolines which inhibits the development of the eggs into young fleas.

There are two stages involved in getting rid of flea eggs on your dog, they include:

  • Killing the eggs
  • Discharging the dead eggs

Killing the eggs

You can kill flea eggs using products like insect growth regulators (IGRs). They contain isoxazolines which are safe on pets but dangerous for flea eggs. The mechanism of action of this chemical involves mimicking a hormone that hinders the growth of the egg into a young flea. It also prevents young fleas from maturing.

Besides that, they also help to sterilize female fleas, preventing them from laying viable eggs. IGRs can be found in various products, including a spray that can safely target a specific infested part of the animal to kill the eggs. You can also get them as spot-on skin applications and oral medications.

Discharging the dead eggs

After killing the eggs, the next thing to do is discharge them from your pet’s body. You don’t want your beautiful dog to go around with dead flea eggs on its fur. Thus, you can discharge the eggs by bathing your pet with bar soap.

You may have to scrub the fur continuously for a few minutes to discharge stuck eggs. However, often, you may have to take a step further to remove the leftover eggs. In that case, you need a comb. There is a special fine-tooth flea comb you can use for this course. The comb will help discharge the remaining dead eggs as well as any flea remnant on your pet.

Can I give my dog a flea bath 2 days in a row?

You shouldn’t give your dog a flea bath two days in a row because it could result in a dry skin. That way, your pet may end up having skin problems coupled with its flea problems.

If you give your dog a flea bath too often, you might end up creating more problems. Two days in a row baths could get rid of the oil on your pet’s skin, leaving it with dry skin. Dry skin could eventually result in skin break, exposing your beautiful pet to infection.

Thus, you shouldn’t give your dog a flea bath two days in a row; otherwise, you might add to its problem. If the infestation is much, you rather speak to a vet instead of taking the risk of bathing two days in a row. Besides bathing, there are several other ways you can get rid of a dog flea, and your vet can help in that regard.

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