How to Use Diatomaceous Earth for Fleas on Cats {Is It Safe?}

Do you wish to use Diatomaceous Earth directly on your cat? Let’s find out How to Use Diatomaceous Earth for Fleas on Cats.

What are the safest methods of applying Diatomaceous Earth on your cat? Will you have to be outdoors? Should we try to get our cats to wear a mask?

In this article, we’ll find out the tips and safety measures to use Diatomaceous Earth for fleas on cats. Here we go!

How to Use Diatomaceous Earth for Fleas on Cats

Most treatments of sprinkling Diatomaceous Earth on cats take place outdoors, but you can also use a bag filled with this flea treatment with your cat’s body inside and head safely outside.

Can I Put Diatomaceous Earth on My Cat to Kill Fleas?

Yes. You will be faced with opposing opinions on this matter from different sources. Many veterinarian practices advise against directly applying diatomaceous earth on cats and dogs.

They advocate for the general area surrounding your pet to be sprinkled with diatomaceous earth, but the fear is that it could result in lung damage when inhaled.

Food grade diatomaceous earth is the safest option and is widely used directly on the fur of cats in outdoor settings.

You can also fill a bag with diatomaceous earth and have your cat’s body (excluding the head) located inside while you gently massage the powder all over.

Which Diatomaceous Earth Product Should I Use On My Cat?

Since there are over a hundred products containing diatomaceous earth intended for homes, gardens or food grade options, we strongly advise that the latter be used in all cases.

Food grade diatomaceous earth is deemed safe and non-toxic. They contain less heavy metals in very safe quantities.

Industrial diatomaceous earth can be harmful with crystalline silica present in it after being treated under high heat which is harmful when inhaled or ingested.

How To Use Diatomaceous Earth On Cats

Your cat will benefit from being treated for fleas with diatomaceous earth. Apply the powder that is food grade only.

Nevertheless, diatomaceous earth is a desiccant and can cause respiratory issues when inhaled. This is why people should wear a mask and your cat should be outdoors with the wind blowing out or away from the both of you.

  • Keep diatomaceous earth away from your cat’s face.
  • Use a large bag with diatomaceous earth inside it and place your cat’s body in there with his or her head sticking out. 
  • Massage the contents of the bag all over your cat.
  • Alternatively sprinkle diatomaceous earth outdoors in downward motions with the wind blowing asway from your cat’s head. 
  • Finally, you can wet diatomaceous earth to make the powder dense and easier to control while you massage it all over the skin.
  • Diatomaceous earth can sit for 1-3 days before you wash it off. 
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Can I Use Diatomaceous Earth in My House?

Yes. Diatomaceous earth is safe to use in the house. It can dry out flea eggs and stop fleas from reproducing. Eggs are not found on your cat. They are too smooth to latch onto the fur or skin.

These flea eggs are most likely nearby and the application of diatomaceous earth around the house prevents them from hatching.

You can use a salt shaker to sprinkle diatomaceous earth in many areas around the house. A food grade option of diatomaceous earth is safer and can also be applied directly in your cat’s litter box.

How Long Do I Leave Diatomaceous Earth Around My House?

Before you shake some diatomaceous earth around the house, make sure you follow some of these tips below:

  1. Vacuum the carpets and floors first.
  2. Remove contents from the vacuum outside of the house. 
  3. Shake diatomaceous earth with shaker, sieve or sock all over surfaces.
  4. Apply diatomaceous earth in corners, crevasses, nooks and crannies. 
  5. Leave it be for up to 2 weeks before vacuuming up diatomaceous earth and dead fleas or unviable eggs. 

How Do I Get Fleas Off My Cat?

Getting rid of the flea problem on your cat involves the entire environment where you both live. Follow the tips below to kill and prevent fleas from returning to your cat and your home:

  • Use a flea comb on your cat’s fur.
  • Drown the fleas in dish soap and water in a bowl. 
  • Use dish soap or flea shampoo on your cat. 
  • Sprinkle food grade diatomaceous earth all over the house to kill remaining fleas, eggs or even ticks.

How Many Times Should I Use Diatomaceous Earth On My Cat?

You can apply diatomaceous earth for up to 2 weeks on your cat. This is something that is considered safe and effective in killing fleas and preventing their eggs from hatching.

You can sprinkle it on your cat’s body, around the house and in the litter box. Avoid the face and eyes. You can do this daily for two weeks, but we recommend taking a day or two off in between.

After two weeks, you house will need a thorough vacuuming and you can wash your cat within 3-14 days as well.

How Long Does It Take for Diatomaceous Earth to Kill Fleas on Cats?

Once fleas come into contact with diatomaceous earth, the particles will enter the exoskeleton of these pests and cause them to dry up.

All moisture gets absorbed by this powder and the fleas, ticks or eggs die. It could take 4 hours for this process to complete itself.

Diatomaceous earth is considered a safe solution when purchased as a food grade option compared to industrial strength diatomaceous earth.

Can Diatomaceous Earth Hurt Cats?

We try to keep the face, eyes and mouth away from diatomaceous earth, but it is still considered non-toxic and chemical free in its food grade form.

Use diatomaceous earth outside or place the powder in a large bag. Then, allow your cat’s body only to enter the bag while the head remains out.

Gently massage the powder all over the body of your cat and allow the diatomaceous earth to remain for 1-3 days at least before rinsing it off.

Can I Put Diatomaceous Earth in My Cat’s Litter Box?

Yes. You can sprinkle diatomaceous earth into your cat’s litter box. The food grade option of diatomaceous earth is safe, non-toxic and chemical free.

You will find that it helps with the absorption of wet matter located in the litter box. It will help to also deodorize the contents in the litter box and absorb up to twice its weight.


We hope the diatomaceous earth you have purchased is a food grade option and we wish you the best of luck in your efforts to get rid of fleas from your cat and the surrounding environment.

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