What are Tiny Red Bugs on Concrete? How to Get Rid of Clover Mites

To be more specific, in the early spring, you can see a lot of tiny red spiders crawling in your yard, on the concrete, or maybe just everywhere.

These are very small, most of the time we ignore them.

But, when they’re in hundreds, they catch our attention, and especially when, they’re sitting on the concrete, where they’re clearly visible.

Today, we will learn a little about these little red spider mites.

What are the Tiny Red Bugs on Concrete?

The small red bugs the commonly see on the cement are known as “Clover Mites”. They look like tiny red spider mites that we generally find in our houses and outsides.

These little insects are oval-shaped arachnids which are just 0.75 to 0.85 millimeters long and having an elongated first pair of legs.

See these images taken by a Flickr user Jackle, that clearly shows how small they are.

Little Tiny Red Bugs
Get Rid of Clover Mites

You can find clover mites on the window sills trying to break in your house, on sidewalks, siding, and on other places made of cement where they easily catch our attention.

Clover mites look like bugs, but there are not. They’re closely related to ticks and spiders, they’re arachnids.

These red or little orange bugs that you just saw near your house can be red spider mites. Generally, they stick to the trees and plants. But, sometimes, they also crawl on concrete surfaces. At their maximum growth, you can expect them to grow up to 1/20 inch long.

Are Clover Mites Harmful to Humans?

No, they do not cause any harm to humans. But, still, they become a nuisance to people when they try to enter into our house by hanging around the doors and windows.

And, when they get crushed accidentally, they leave red-colored stains on doors, window, and on carpets.

Generally, they live in large colonies, and they feed on grasses, plants, flowers, and vegetables.

How to Get Rid of Tiny Red Bugs in the Yard

These little red bugs on concrete do not cause any harm, but they irritate people. Therefore, it becomes important to get rid of clover mites from your house.

Using pesticide is the best way to eliminate clover mites.

To kill clover mites, you can choose from various pesticides that contain Bifenthrin chemical like Talstar Pro, Bifen Bifenthrin, and many others.

Bifenthrin based pesticides can eliminate 75 different kinds of pests. I can’t name all the 75 pests, but the major ones are clover mites, cockroaches, mosquitoes, spiders, termites, fleas, ants, scorpions, and many other pests.

Should You Hire an Exterminator?

If you can afford to hire an exterminator, then go ahead, call a pest control professional. With the help of these professionals, you’ll be able to get rid of them much faster and effectively.

But, the problem is, sometimes, they charge hundreds of dollars and after the whole house treatment, you may think that “I can treat my whole house myself, the same way they did. I just need a good pesticide and some time.”

But, if the infestation is out of control, then there is no better option than calling pest control professionals.

So, it’s up to you.

How to Avoid Clover Mites Infestation

To prevent clover mites from entering your house, you can spray an insecticide outside your house. Spray it on the doors & windows, and also at the boundaries of your yard.

It is difficult to cross cultivated soil for clover mites. So, you can use the pesticides in your yard, or around your house. It is not the most effective way, but, at least it’ll provide you some sort of protection.

Final Words

So, the next time, when you’ll see something like orange spider mites, you’ll not ask questions like “Hey, what are these tiny little red bugs on cement?”

You’ll know the answer. They’re clover mites.

Do you have those little mites in your house?

What you’ll do to get rid of them?

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