Cats & Chickens for Scorpion Control: {All Questions}

Scorpions are a very common household pest that can be difficult to get rid of. People have adopted a lot of measures but these hell raisers are notoriously hard to do away with. They are so used to living in harsh conditions that sometimes even pesticides don’t work on them.

So today we are going to discuss whether cats and chickens are a good option for controlling scorpions. We will be addressing certain beliefs about cats and scorpions and figure out if they are actually a viable solution to deal with this menace.

Do Cats Kill Scorpions?

Yes, cats do kill scorpions. In fact, cats are very good at catching scorpions since they have very fast reflexes and they can hardly resist the chase. Cats also eat scorpions after killing them.

cats for scorpion control

Are Cats Immune to Scorpion Stings?

It is a common myth that cats are immune to scorpion stings but that is not the case. Cats are not immune to scorpion venom and they can get hurt or even in worst cases die from getting stung by a scorpion however this isn’t very common.

One of the reasons why cats survive scorpion stings is because cats have fur and scorpions don’t have a long stinger, so the thickness of the fur protects the cats from the sting.

Can a Scorpion Kill a Cat?

It is not very common for a scorpion to kill a cat but under extreme circumstances, it can cause severe health issues for the cat. It mainly depends on the type of scorpion and its sting.

But still, under very rare situations, a scorpion stinger can kill a cat if its venom is poisonous.

Do Chickens Eat Scorpions?

Yes, chickens do eat scorpions and are known as the free pest control because they devour scorpions if they come across them. Chickens also eat the food sources of scorpions (bugs etc.) making them move somewhere else.

chickens kill scorpions

However, you need to remember that scorpions are nocturnal insects that come out during the night and chickens are out only during the day so it is very rare that their paths cross.

Can Cats & Chickens Control Scorpion Infestation?

An infestation, in simple words, means the presence of a large number of insects in one place and this case the scorpions.And although cats and chicken can hunt and eat scorpions, it is difficult to control an infestation through just these animals.

Despite the common belief, cats and chickens are not immune to scorpion venom and scorpions are insects that come out during the night, hence it is difficult for them to go hunting in dark. 

You might be able to reduce the number of scorpions in your house through cats and chickens but it will be a difficult task to get rid of an infestation altogether. 

Final Words

Chickens and cats sound like a good solution if you are only occasionally visited by these pests in your home; however, in case of a serious scorpion’s infestation it is better to hire the services of a professional exterminator who has the tools and means to get rid of them permanently without causing any harm to your pets.

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