How to Prevent Scorpions From Getting in Your Bed {8 Best Tips}

Have you been attacked by a scorpion while asleep in your bed? Do you want to know how to prevent scorpions from getting in your bed?

A scorpion infestation is a horrible and frightening nightmare as their sting is quite poisonous and they are quite stubborn.

In this article, we have listed few natural and efficient ways to prevent scorpions from getting in your bed.  

How to Keep Scorpions Out of Your Bed

The best thing you can do to prevent scorpions from getting in your bed is to move your bed 5 inches or more away from the walls in the room.

Other ways to prevent scorpions from getting in your bed include;

1. Caulk, Cracks and Holes

Trace the cracks and holes in your bedroom and caulk these holes to prevent the entry of the scorpions. The most possible entrances for the scorpions are vents, walls, fittings, drains, and ceiling fixtures.

You can also clean up the septic drains weekly to keep the scorpions from entering through them to your bedroom.

2. Introduce Friendly and Non-Harmful Spiders

The spiders are pretty harmful and notorious as the scorpions but there are few pests-catching species of spiders used at homes to kill these scorpions.

However, always ensure to regularly tidy up your house and throw the leftovers as they can invite other pests like ants, cicadas, cockroaches that may cause a distraction for the spiders.

3. Consider Keeping a Pet

Keeping a pet like a dog or a cat can be quite beneficial for your home as they are known to trace and kill mice and scorpions to protect their owners. However, it is quite a dangerous and harmful method as your pets might get poisoned or sick.

Therefore, consider all the points and research properly before allowing your pets to act upon these pests.

Do not force your pets to kill these pests rather allow them to readily and instinctively carry out the operation to clean up the house infested by the scorpion.

If you are still uncomfortable allowing your dogs or cats to catch these pests then you can keep chickens. Chickens are quite fussy and quite often feed on the bugs in the garden and around the house.

They sometimes munch on the scorpions too while feeding on the bugs. This is the easiest and natural way to get rid of the scorpions.

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4. Prevent moisture formation

Scorpions enter the home in search of water thus it would be wise to prevent moisture build-up in your bedroom.

This situation can be achieved by introducing a dehumidifier in your bedroom that sucks in excess moisture and keeps the environment dry.

5. Lavender and Citrus Plants

Planting lavender and citrus plants in pots and placing them on your bedroom’s balcony will help you to prevent the entry of scorpions. You can also use lavender or citrus essential oils to refresh your bedroom from time to time.

The scorpions deter the smell of lavender and citrus thus they repel away their smell and disinfect your house naturally.

6. Smooth Surface

An introduction of a smooth surface in your bedroom can protect you from these poisonous pests. You can either hang a smooth curtain close to your bed to prevent the scorpions from climbing on the walls and falling on you while asleep.

Ensure to use a completely smooth friction-less surface as the slightest bit of roughness can help to hold on to the surface and climb upon it.

7. Backyard Clean Up

Backyards are the hiding places for the scorpions thus the best way to get rid of them is to detect and remove their hiding places. The hiding places can be lumber, rocks, compost heaps, and firewood.

You can also try to clear your backyard and remove the materials that can be a potential hiding place for a scorpion from time to time.

8. Change Bed Position

The best solution for the scorpion infestation issue is to shift your bed away from the walls and try to place it in the middle of the room below the fan. This will prevent the scorpions from falling off the walls.

Why Do Scorpions Like Beds?

Even though a scorpion that could be deadly, they realize their small demeanor and wish to find effective shelter to hide.

Your bedding on top of a bed provides a hiding space for a scorpion. If your bedding is also moist or damp, it will attract a scorpion even more. 

Scorpions love to climb. It’s easy for them to reach your bed if it is leaning against the wall or if they climb up the legs from each corner.

You can add essential oils like lavender to repel scorpions from reaching your bed, but it’s most important to keep your bed dry.

How Do Scorpions Get in Beds?

It’s true that scorpions are not great at climbing. This is because their legs are short. Do not expect a scorpion to climb up the posts of a bed.

Usually, it’s because the bedding or bed sheets that you have on your bed is touching the ground. A scorpion can climb up a blanket that is hanging or touching the floor.

If the wall is bumpy and not smooth, a scorpion can climb up and drop onto the bed.

Can You Get a Scorpion Proof Bed?

No. You cannot purchase a scorpion proof bed. Your best bet is to move your bed away from the wall. You are trying to prevent a scorpion from climbing up any type of bumpy or uneven surface to reach your bed.

Another effective measure is to prevent any of your bedding, including blankets from touching the floor. A scorpion may hitch a ride with any bed sheets or blankets that are touching the ground.

This will create an easy way for a scorpion to reach the top of your bed. Once it does so, a scorpion can hide out of sight until it’s too late.


Scorpions have a way to achieve the target they want and they can find infinite ways to reach your bedroom. Therefore, always keep an open eye and a clean room to prevent the entry of such deadly creatures into your house.

We hope these methods help you to naturally and conveniently get rid of these perilous pests.


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