Do Chickens Eat Chiggers? {Can They Find Chiggers?}

Are you wondering if chiggers can be spotted and eaten by your chickens? Do Chickens Eat Chiggers?

Can chickens find little chiggers on grass? Can chicken eat chiggers off other animals?

In this article, we’ll find out if chicken can eat chiggers.

Do Chickens Eat Chiggers?

Chickens cannot eat chiggers because they are too small. If a chicken was lucky enough to spot a chigger, it may pick at it the way it would with most bugs.

Chickens would eat ticks around your yard, but it would be hard for them to find smaller chiggers. Guinea fowls seem to have better luck, but only when grass is kept short.

How Do I Get Rid of Chiggers on My Chickens?

It will be very hard to see or notice chiggers on your chickens. You will need to try to apply a pesticide in the chicken coop or anywhere that chickens are located around your property.

You can use pesticides to repel chiggers. Apply pesticides many times in this area. If you can spot the chiggers on your chicken you can use tweezers. It is also recommended to use antibiotic ointment or so on chicken skin after you have removed the chiggers.

Can Chickens Eat Chiggers?

Chickens do eat ticks, but if they are able to spot tiny little chiggers they may in fact try to eat them too. The problem is that chiggers are quite small and difficult to see.

Guinea fowls or guinea hens have had more luck being able to eat chiggers in our experience. Chickens are employed as an effective way to control ticks.

Studies indicate that the way chickens eat ticks is not enough to use as a way of controlling tick infestations on your property.

Chickens are not the best method of controlling chiggers either. Keep the grass short to avoid triggers chiggers and other pests.

What Breed of Chickens Eat Chiggers?

Most chickens are unable to eat chiggers. This is because they are microscopic or very tiny. If a chicken can find the chigger, it will try to pick it up.

The most popular type of chicken that can eat chiggers are guinea hens. They are the best type of fowl to eat ticks and chiggers. They are employed to reduce populations of ticks and chiggers on private properties.

The upside is that these guinea hens and other chickens will not contract any type of illness such as Lyme disease from ticks. Chiggers do not carry this disease and will be safe even if chickens are able to eat them.

Unfortunately they can bite, leaving your chickens as itchy as humans get when we are bitten by chiggers.

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Can Chickens Get Sick From Eating Chiggers?

The good news is that chickens will not get sick from eating chiggers. Chickens also do not get Lyme disease from ticks. The pathogens from these pests cannot transfer over to chickens.

Chiggers do not carry diseases that infect humans or animals. They attach to our skin and the skin of chickens, but they do not burrow inside like mites do.

What are Chicken Mites?

Little tiny round insects that can only be seen through microscopes are called mites. A chicken mite is also known as a Northern fowl mite. They feed on birds and hide during the day.

They can cause anemia on birds or slow down the amount of eggs that chickens can create. You may notice damaged skin or feathers on a chicken that has been bitten by mites. Sometimes they can be even worse where might infect or invade the organs of chickens and their lungs.

If the infestation is out of control, it can cause the death of your chickens. You can use treatments such as Permethrin spray to repel mites and chiggers from areas where your chickens dwell such as their coop.

Why Can’t Chicken Eat Chiggers?

Unfortunately chiggers are really small and very hard to see. The human eye can barely spot a chigger. You would have to look very close or use a microscope or magnifying lens to help you identify if the little pest you are looking at is in fact a chigger.

The chigger’s head is the size of a tiny pin. If you look close they may resemble a tiny little spider or crab. The problem is chickens probably cannot see the chiggers,  therefore they are unable to eat them.

Some chicken such as guinea hens have better vision to pick up the movement of these chiggers as they move through the grass. Chickens would eat chiggers if they were offered to them but finding them is the problem.

A free-range flock of chickens will try to look for other types of past such as ticks and and eat them more often than chiggers.

Will Chickens Eat Chiggers On Dogs?

Chickens are not known for eating chiggers off of any animal. They would not approach a dog close enough to be able to eat a chigger off of its body.

A dog eats chicken meat and would constitute as a natural predator for chickens in the wild. A chicken would not risk getting eaten by a dog in order to pick off any type of insect that is on its fur or body.

Chickens are known to eat bugs in the environment in which they roam or free range. It will be very difficult for a chicken to eat a chigger if they cannot see it. Do not expect the chicken to ever be able to eat a trigger off a little dog.


Sadly, chickens are not going to eat chiggers or help prevent chiggers from infesting your property. They are simply too small.

Keep the grass short and use pesticides if possible. Chiggers are repelled by Permethrin or DEET sprays. Chicken will eat ticks and plenty of other insects.


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