How Long Do Chiggers Live on Your Clothes? {How Do I Get Them Off?}

Are you wondering if chiggers can stay on your clothes throughout your day? How Long Do Chiggers Live on Your Clothes?

How can we get chiggers off our clothes? Can we kill them in the laundry?

In this article, we will go through the topic of how long chiggers live on our clothes.

How Long Do Chiggers Live on Your Clothes?

Chiggers can remain on clothes from 2-4 hours to 3 days depending on whether or not they are successfully able to feed of your skin.

If they haven’t penetrated your skin through your clothes, they will drop off in matter of hours or less. Pre-treated clothes with insect repellent such as Permethrin will keep chiggers off your clothes.

Do Chiggers Get Under Your Clothes?

Yes. Since chiggers are very tiny little insects, they are able to move through any openings in clothing fibers. Any loosely woven threads on your clothes allow for these microscopic or nearly microscopic insects to find their way through your clothes.

If there are any openings such as pant legs or the space between your shirt and pants, chiggers can find their way under your clothes. This is why many people experience chigger bites on their waistline or on their ankles.

Wear long-sleeved shirts, tucked in waist lines and tuck your pants into your socks to prevent chiggers from getting under your clothes. Better yet, treat your clothes first with insect repellent before you put them on

Do Chiggers Stay In Your Clothes?

Yes. Chiggers can stay on your clothes for a few hours to a few days. It takes about 4 days maximum for a larval chigger to feast off the skin of a human.

During this time they do not burrow inside your skin like a mite does. Chiggers may end up on your clothes for a few hours if they cannot find an opening to feed.

At this point, chigger larvae will drop off your clothes and look for a new host.

How Long Can Chiggers Live on Bedding?

Chiggers don’t like to infest homes. Chiggers intend to live in nature and they may end up traveling on a host such as a human or pet by making their way inside your home.

If a larval chigger has ingested enough skin cells, it will drop off the body of a host and move its way to moist or damp soil where it prefers to live its life a nymph, then adult.

A chigger will not remain on your bedding longer than one or two days. They cannot survive in indoor environments for very long.

Chiggers depend on the soil and without it they cannot get the necessary nutrients during their nymph and adults stages of their life cycle.

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How Do You Get Chiggers Out of Clothes?

If you wish to remove chiggers from your clothes you should fill up a bucket with water. Warm to hot water works better. Hot water kills chiggers better than warm or cold water.

Before putting your clothes in the washing machine, soak it in a hot water bath for up to an hour. Wash any clothes at the highest temperature available on your washing machine.

Once you complete the washing cycle, place your clothes in the dryer. There is no chance for chiggers to survive after you complete this process

Can Chiggers Live in your Couch?

Chiggers do not like to spend time on any of your furniture. They do not wish to live in bedding or a couch. This is because they cannot feed off of a host’s blood.

They must return to nature where their nymph and adults stages require them to pursue more nutrients from the soil. This includes decayed plant matter and insects such as mosquitoes or remnants of dead insects.

If you notice any chiggers on your couch, it’s because they were able to hop aboard your pet or your clothes. Chiggers will die in your couch within a matter of hours.

What Kills Chiggers in the House?

If you notice any chiggers inside your home you can kill them with a hot water solution mixed with soap such as Dawn dish soap. Chiggers die under hot water and the soap helps to clog their pores.

A better method would be to use insecticide containing any of the following ingredients:

  • bifenthrin
  • cyfluthrin
  • esfenvalerate
  • chlorpyrifos
  • diazinon bifenthrin
  • carbaryl
  • cyhalothrin
  • permethrin

These are the top insecticide ingredients that work well against killing chiggers in your house or outdoors.

Can Chiggers Get Through Socks?

Chiggers can travel through your clothing and make their way onto your skin. There are usually enough loosely woven fibers in your socks for them to make their way through. Synthetic fibers are tougher and make it harder for a chigger to get through socks.

The best method of preventing chiggers from getting through your socks is to pretreat them with Permethrin spray before you wear them.

The insecticide spray that you are repelling chiggers with on your socks can last from a few hours to a few weeks depending on whether or not they get wet or washed.

It’s always best to tuck your pants into your socks and treat them with insect spray before making your way out into nature and chigger hot spots where the temperature is hot, wet, damp and moist.

How Can I Get Chiggers Out of my Clothes?

You can get chiggers out of your clothes by washing them immediately. Chiggers die in the washing cycle. Put your clothes in the washing machine and use the hottest water setting possible.

Once your clothes have been washed, place them in the dryer for a hot drying cycle. They will be no more chiggers alive once you have completed the laundry.

Will Chiggers Die in the Washing Machine?

Yes. Chiggers stand no chance to remain alive in the washing machine if you are using a hot water cycle. Set the temperature of the water to the hottest setting and use any detergent.

The heat kills chiggers, but the soap also suffocates them. Soaking your clothes in hot water for an hour before you wash them in the washing machine is even better.

Will Chiggers Die in the Dryer?

Will Heat Kill Chiggers? Chiggers thrive in temperatures between 77-86 degrees Fahrenheit. If you can set your dryer temperature higher than 86 degrees Fahrenheit, there is no chance that chiggers will be able to survive.

Dry heat will definitely kill chiggers. They rely on moisture from wet or damp soil to remain alive in their nymph and adult stages. They rely on your skin during their larval stage. Dry heat will dry out their bodies. A dryer is a chigger killer.


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