Do Silverfish Fly? {Are They Good At Flying}

Have you just seen a bug and you think it is a silverfish but you are wondering if they have wings and do silverfish fly?

Do silverfish have wings? Silverfish do not have wings and cannot fly or jump high. There are many bugs that fly and look like silverfish.

Do Silverfish Fly?

Silverfish do not fly because they do not have wings or any other way to enable them to fly.

If you saw what do you think was a silverfish flying it is most likely going to be an earwig.

Do Silverfish Have Wings

An earwig looks very similar to silverfish and is commonly mistaken for it.

Do silverfish grow wings?

Silverfish do not grow wings. They are not born with wings and they do not grow wings when they are adults.

Because of this they have no way of flying or even gliding through the air.

What looks like a silverfish but can fly?

The most common insect that looks like a silverfish but can fly is an earwig.

An earwig looks almost identical to a silverfish apart from it has wings and is a usually a dark brown colour.

An earache is also a very similar size to silverfish.

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