Do Silverfish Fly? {Are They Good At Flying}

Have you just seen a bug and you think it is a silverfish but you are wondering if they have wings and do silverfish fly?

Do silverfish have wings? Silverfish do not have wings and cannot fly or jump high. There are many bugs that fly and look like silverfish.

Do Silverfish Fly?

No, Silverfish are typically wingless insects. They do not have wings and are not capable of true flight like many other insects, such as bees or flies. Instead, they move by crawling and are known for their distinctive, tapered body shape and antennae.

While silverfish do not fly, they are agile runners and can move quickly in search of food and shelter. They are often found in dark, humid areas, such as basements and bathrooms, where they feed on starchy materials like paper, glue, and book bindings.

If you saw what do you think was a silverfish flying it is most likely going to be an earwig.

Do Silverfish Have Wings

An earwig looks very similar to silverfish and is commonly mistaken for it.

Can All Silverfish Fly?

No, not all silverfish can fly. Silverfish are small, wingless insects that are part of the order Zygentoma. Some species of silverfish have small, vestigial wings that are not functional for flight.

These wingless or brachypterous silverfish rely on their antennae for sensory perception and are typically found in dark, humid environments, such as basements and bathrooms.

There is a family of silverfish known as Lepismatidae that includes the common silverfish (Lepisma saccharina), and some members of this family have functional wings and are capable of limited flight.

These flying silverfish are generally less common than their wingless counterparts, and they are known for their ability to glide short distances rather than sustained powered flight. In most cases, when people refer to “silverfish,” they are talking about the wingless, non-flying varieties.

Can Silverfish Hover In The Air?

Silverfish cannot hover in the air like some insects, such as hoverflies or hummingbirds. These insects are equipped with specialized wing structures and flight muscles that allow them to remain stationary in the air, a behavior known as hovering.

Silverfish, on the other hand, are wingless insects, and they lack the anatomical adaptations required for hovering flight.

They are not capable of hovering and do not exhibit this behavior. Instead, they move by crawling on surfaces or by using their tails to propel themselves in a wriggling motion.

Do Silverfish Grow Wings?

Silverfish do not grow wings. They are not born with wings and they do not grow wings when they are adults.

Because of this they have no way of flying or even gliding through the air.

What Looks Like A Silverfish But Flys?

The most common insect that looks like a silverfish but can fly is an earwig.

An earwig looks almost identical to a silverfish apart from it has wings and is a usually a dark brown colour.

An earache is also a very similar size to silverfish.

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