Do Silverfish Make Noise?

Can you hear a strange noise and you think it could be the noise from a silverfish?

Is the noise coming from the floor boards, wall or ceiling so you are unable to see what is making the noise.

Do Silverfish Make Noise?

Silverfish do make noise when they move around and chew on things like cardboard, but the noise will be very minimal and you most likely will not hear anything.

What Sounds Do Silverfish Make?

Do Silverfish Make Noise

Silverfish make many noises which include.

  1. Clicking
  2. Scratching
  3. Crunching

Clicking Noise

You might hear a clicking noise when you see a silverfish, this is simply the noise they make when they walk over hard floor.

Scratching Noise

Similar to clicking noise, silverfish will make a faint scratching noise as they walk over hard surfaces.

Crunching Noise

When silverfish are eating things such as cardboard you might hear a very faint crunching noise, this is the noise that the material gives off when the silverfish is eating it.

Are the Noises Silverfish Make Loud?

Due to the size of a silverfish you are very unlikely to hear them make any sounds at all.

Even at The Silence of night time you should not be able hear any silverfish making noises.

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