Do Termites Eat Redwood? {Is Redwood Safe?}

Termites are a nuisance, and if you’re wanting to protect your home or building project from a termite invasion

You might be considering these so-called termite-resistant woods, which promise to be unattractive to termites.

But do these kinds of woods actually do anything, and can termites not eat certain kinds of woods?

Do Termites Eat Redwood?

Termites can eat redwood, but it is less attractive to them since it is denser and less porous than other kinds of wood.

As it turns out, no kind of wood (except pressure treated wood) is truly safe from termites, but it is true that redwood (and other similar woods) prove to be less appetizing to termites.

Making them a good option for building if you want to prevent or reduce termite damage.

Do Termites Eat Redwood

The rest of this article will walk you through why redwood isn’t appealing to termites and whether or not it wards off termite infestations.

Does Redwood Repel Termites?

When it comes to wood, it’s better just to assume that it is edible for termites, if still difficult. Termites are after the cellulose derived from plant matter in the wood, which is more accessible in softer woods.

That’s why getting any damp floor boards or leaky pipes fixed is so important if you have a termite problem. They just can’t get enough of that stuff.

Some woods are more nutrient-dense than others, and redwood, being dense and non-porous is quite unattractive to termites.

While this might make them look elsewhere for food due to how frustrating redwood is for them to eat, the wood doesn’t ‘repel’ them in any literal sense.

Nothing is being exuded from the wood that wards off termites beyond a distasteful chemical profile; it’s just dark, sturdy, and very resistant to decay, making it a tough meal.

For termites, the difference between damp, decaying wood and redwood would be akin to having fresh bread from the bakery or a week-old loaf. The stale loaf is edible, sure, but it definitely isn’t appealing.

Termites will eat redwood if faced with no other option, but the odds are that they’ll migrate somewhere else in search of better food.

Is Redwood More Termite Resistant?

Redwood is a good choice for construction to ward off termites, but it’s not invincible. It’s a solid, worthwhile wood for building, and its natural properties make it undesirable to termites.

The best kind of termite-proof wood is pressure-treated wood, which is injected with alkaloids.

These woods are not only frustrating for termites to try to eat and nowhere near as nutrient-dense as damp wood, but they’re also toxic to termites.

Redwood does have some chemicals that make it more resistant to termites as well.

Final Thoughts

Redwood is a great way to reduce the risk of termite infestation, but in extremely severe cases where the termites have no other options, they can and will eat redwood―very slowly.

The chemicals in the wood as well as its sturdy nature make it great for both building and keeping termites at bay.

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