Does Dawn Dish Soap Kill Ticks? {How Long Does It Take?}

Are you looking for a better way to kill ticks? Is Dawn Dish Soap the answer? Does Dawn Dish Soap Kill Ticks?

What is the best way to kill ticks fast? Can Dish detergent make it easier to remove ticks?

In this article, we’ll see if Dawn Dish Soap kills ticks.

Does Dawn Dish Soap Kill Ticks?

Yes, The tick suffocates when it’s smothered by a dish detergent. Dish soap like Dawn, Ajax, Palmolive and Joy have been used to remove ticks easier when they are attached to the skin of humans and pets.

It does take too long to dry out a tick from the inside or to completely stop the respiratory system of a tick with dish soap.

Remove the tick with tweezers as soon as possible, but do so carefully. A small cup of rubbing alcohol or bleach will kill a tick right away.

How Long Does It Take for Dawn to Kill Ticks?

Your aim is to apply a generous amount of Dawn Dish Soap to completely cover the tick with this detergent.

If you are bathing your pet with Dawn Dish Soap, add more than you normally would with regular shampoos. Lather the soap and let it sit for 15-30 minutes.

If a tick landed in a container or cup of Dawn Dish Soap, the little pest would struggle to breathe and the surface tension of this particular soap would suffocate it in under 30 minutes. This is clearly not as fast as killing a tick in rubbing alcohol or bleach.

Using Dawn soap is less harmful or irritating on skin, but it will take too long in our opinion. Dawn Dish Soap may help release the strength of a tick’s grip in the skin, making it easier to slide it out when you carefully pull at it with your tweezers.

What Can Kill Ticks Instantly?

Ticks die instantly after being exposed to a powerful chemical like bleach. If a tick falls into a small container that contains bleach, it will die instantly.

The next best liquid in our opinion is rubbing alcohol. The ethanol alcohol will instantly suffocate Tech. Trying to douse a tick in bleach or rubbing alcohol may affect the sensitive skin in which the tick is attached.

We recommend using rubbing alcohol or bleach when a tick is on the move. If it is attached to the skin, gently remove it with tweezers.

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Does Dawn Dish Soap Kill Fleas and Ticks?

Dawn dish soap is popular for its use against killing fleas or ticks because it is gentle on the skin and widely available. It is not the best treatment or prevention strategy, but chances are that you have some dish soap conveniently available.

You can use many different brands of dish soap. We cannot say that dish soap is going to prevent flea or tick infestations on its own.

You can try to lure a tick or flea into a container with Dawn dish soap in it. The surface agitation of Dawn dish soap will make it hard for a tick or flea to crawl out.

Will Dish Soap Kill Ticks in the Yard?

Dish soap is a popular method that has gained notoriety at being able to kill ticks or fleas. Ticks that are roaming around the yard are attracted to:

  • carbon dioxide
  • heat coming off of a human or animal
  • perspiration
  • fallen bird seeds

They are looking for a host and our job is to prevent them from entering our properties. Dawn dish soap he’s not going to act as the best form of repellent for keeping ticks away from outdoor spaces.

You will be better served using:

  • repellent sprays
  • pesticides
  • insecticides
  • essential oils

You can also have plants that ticks hate smelling such as:

  • mint
  • lavender
  • rose geranium

What Can You Put on a Tick to Make It Come Out?

There is an idea that is proven to work involving trying to get a tick to back out of its own skin. This is what is meant when someone is trying to make a tick come out of its body.

A tick is being suffocated and will try to free itself unsuccessfully. Here are some methods of making a tick release its grip, back out or die:

  • Touching it with a hot match
  • Covering it in petroleum jelly
  • Dousing it with Dawn Dish Soap
  • Painting over it with nail polish

In the end, if the tick is attached to the skin, you will need to pull it out with tweezers. Expecting a tick to back out, come out or fall off on its own requires more time than you need to spend.

With every passing minute, the tick sucks more blood and interacts with the skin in ways that could lead to serious illnesses such as Lyme Disease.

Is It Safe to Use Dawn on Dogs?

Yes. Dawn dish soap is safe to use on dogs and most pets. If the product and company can claim this, then we can back it up with our knowledge and experience as well.

Making a claim to apply dish soap on skin and deeming it safe would be very risky for a company if they weren’t absolutely certain that it would be a safe option.

Although the Dawn brand recognizes that its product is being used primarily for washing dishes, they understand the secondary market of being able to apply its germ-killing and pest-killing properties on fleas and ticks that may attach themselves to your dog.


The next time you notice a flea crawling around, Cover it with Dawn Dish Soap and watch it suffocate. You may use this product, but rubbing alcohol works better. Bleach is the best, but Dawn Dish Soap is safe on the skin.

Remember that you must pull a tick out of the skin in a timely and careful way to prevent further interaction with it while making sure part of it doesn’t remain lodged in. Dish soap can help to make it easier to remove the tick attached to skin.


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