Does Trifexis Kill Ticks? {Best Tick Prevention Products}

Has anyone mentioned Trifexis to you for its tick killing and preventing properties? Does Trifexis Kill Ticks?

Why doesn’t Trifexis say that their product can kill ticks? In this article, we dive deeper into Trifexis and discuss other products as well to help kill ticks.

Does Trifexis Kill Ticks?

Yes, The primary use of Trifexis to kill fleas. Trifexis is also claiming to use their product for the control of hookworms, roundworms, ear mites and finally, ticks.

You may not find the word tick on the label because it may not be as effective on larger sized dogs. The active ingredients in in Trifexis are used for multiple purposes.

What is Trifexis?

Trifexis is sold as a once a month chewable tablet for dogs. There are two active ingredients in Trifexis:

  • Milbemycin
  • Spinosid

The power and effectiveness of Trifexis seems to depend on the size of your dog. The company boasts its ability to kill fleas and prevent infestations.

They also believe that their product works well for:

  • hookworms
  • roundworms
  • whipworms 
  • heartworm disease

Trifexis is recommended for dogs and puppies over 50 lb and older than eight weeks of age. Tick prevention depends on how heavy your dog is. If your dog is over 80 to 100 lbs, the once a month tablet may not be as effective on killing ticks.

What Is the Safest Tick Prevention for Dogs?

Ingestibles and topical treatments must absorb through the skin or digestive system for your pets to receive the flea and tick prevention dose that you are looking for.

If you do not wish to apply chemicals or offer tablets to your dog or cat for fleas and ticks, you can opt for a safer alternative. Flea and tick collars can work for up to eight months.

One popular brand is called Seresto. The two active ingredients in this product are called:

  • Flumethrin
  • Imidacloprid

Unlike Trifexis, Seresto boasts its ability to kill ticks at multiple stages of their development as well as fleas.

What Are Some Natural Ways To Kill Ticks?

If you choose not to purchase the most popular methods of treatment and prevention of ticks, you can explore the alternative and natural treatment options. Here are a few that we can list for you:

  • neem oil
  • eucalyptus oil
  • witch hazel and rubbing alcohol
  • cinnamon
  • rosewood

These oils can serve as a repellent and may kill on contact.

We advise purchasing a flea and tick collar while using the scents of lemon, orange or anything from the list above. You can spray or simply keep it out in your home to repel ticks.

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What Are The Best Flea And Tick Pills For Dogs?

We do not place Trifexis on the list of top chewables for dogs because they are not as effective for larger breeds. The minimum weight for your dog should be 50 lbs. to safety use these chewable pills once a month.

Here is our list of the best flea and tick tablets:

  • Bravecto Chew For Dogs 
  • Nexgard Chew For Dogs 
  • Simparica Trio
  • Credelio Chewable Tablets

Why Doesn’t Trifexis Say It Works On Ticks?

Trifexis concentrates its claims as a first class flea killer. They may or may not mention their ability to control ticks. This is mostly because of the range of weight for dogs. The effectiveness diminishes for a larger dog over 100 lbs. in weight.

A 50-80 lb. dog is covered well for ticks if they are on Trifexis once a month. A larger dog may continue to be protected from fleas and various worms, but not ticks.

Comfortis and Trifexis recognize this and do not wish to market their products for tick prevention.

What Is the Safest Oral Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs?

When it comes to looking for the best overall flea and tick control treatment, one of our favorites that we have listed in this article includes Simparica TRIO.

We like this to put this product in our top 4 because it is able to kill a wide range of parasites. The tablet is meant to act fast and provide protection for fleas and ticks within 4-8 hours. Oral flea and tick tablets come in a wide range of flavors.

We advise chewables for the ease of consumption and meat flavor for your dog to enjoy the experience rather than resisting a pill down their throat.

What Can I Give My Dog for Ticks with Trifexis?

Since Trifexis doesn’t claim to be as effective on ticks than it is on fleas, we suggest that you also use a flea and tick collar. The same goes for Nexgard and Comfortis. ‘

Use a collar such as Preventic or Seresto. These products claim to work well with Trifexis. The common perception is that Trifexis doesn’t work for ticks, but we believe that as long as your pet falls within the 50-80lb range, they should receive enough tick prevention coverage.

It’s better to be safe and add a flea and tick collar during tick season.


This industry is highly lucrative and very inclusive. A pet owner or reputable pet shop or vet can recommend Trifexis for your favorite animal, but you may also need to check if it will control ticks.

If your dog is a large breed, you should definitely add a flea and tick collar with this once a month chewable. Trifexis is primarily advertised as flea and worm prevention. The task of killing ticks is more complex.

Add a collar and remember that ticks need to be pulled off carefully when they attach to the skin. Stay safe through tick seasons in your area and we wish you and your animal the best of health.


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