Killing Termites with Vinegar: {Quickly Get Rid of Termites}

In the United States, you can find nearly 45 different kinds of termites. But, about 85 to 90 % of all the termite damage is done by subterranean termites.

Having termites in your house is a serious problem which has to be solved as soon as possible.

You may have heard about using vinegar as a home remedy against these pests.

So, now the question arises,

Does vinegar kill termites?

Yes, it’ll kill them.

So, let’s start, how you can use it. You can also read this short article about termite treatment with orange oil, an effective solution to this problem.

How to Kill Termites with Vinegar

Step 1: Inspect your house, and find what the areas where you’ve termite infestation are. Try to find their nests, mud tubes on the walls, in the foundation of the house, and along with the pipes.

For locating termites, you have to find their warning signs. Tap the wooden furniture, doors, and other things that are made of wood, and if the sound is similar to a hollow thing, then it may have termites. Small holes on the wooden things can also be considered as evidence.

If you see frass coming out of the wall, wooden things, then it’s the clear sign of termite infestation.

Step 2: Now, add the juice of two lemons with the half cup of vinegar.

Step 3: Now, pour the mixture of lemon juice & vinegar into a spray bottle. So, it’ll be easier to spray on the infested areas.

Step 4: Spray it on the places where you suspect termites in your house. When you’ll spray it, the mixture of these two ingredients will kill termites.

Step 5: After a few days, retreat the areas again with the lemon & vinegar mixture.

This mixture is a natural pesticide and more pet-friendly as compared to other pesticides. But, it kills the pest, so, as a precaution, make sure you keep children and pets away from it.

Can Lemon & Vinegar alone eliminate termite infestation?

If you’re facing a small infestation, then yes, you can eliminate it.

But, if the level of infestation is high, then this home remedy alone is not sufficient. You may have to use other home remedies and take the help of professionals.

Using borax for killing termites is another great home remedy, which you should try.


This is a great home remedy, but you should also consider other effective methods which can be used against them.

Have you ever used vinegar for killing these pests? If yes, what’s your experience?

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