What Kind of Vinegar Kills Termites? {Find Out Here}

Have you heard you can kill termites with vinegar, but what kind of vinegar kills termites and which should you use?

Some vinegars are more effective at killing termites than others, so it is important you know which one to use.

Below I will cover everything you need to know about which type to use.

What Kind of Vinegar Kills Termites?

The best type of vinegar to use to kill termites is white vinegar. You should mix half a cup of white vinegar with two lemons and then add to a spray bottle and spray where the termites are.

Whilst vinegar will do a good job, you will be better of using this spray on amazon.

You may have heard about using vinegar as a home remedy against these pests. But, does vinegar really kill termites?

If yes, then how we can eliminate termite infestation from our house? Let’s find out.

What Kind of Vinegar Kills Termites

Does Vinegar Kill Termites?

Yes, you can kill termites by using vinegar which you may already have in your kitchen. Vinegar contains acetic acid which is diluted. The acid creates a strong flavor and odor that can kill termites when they are unable to digest it.

Acetic acid will also soften their exoskeletons if they make contact with it. Different types of vinegar contain more or less acetic acid.

if the vinegar solution contains 10% or more acetic acid, it could kill termite infestations within 2 weeks. Unfortunately most types of vinegar only contain 5 -6% acetic acid and may not work as the most effective type of treatment to get rid of termites.

In the video below, you’ll find the steps of using vinegar based termite killer.

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How Does Vinegar Kill Termites?

It is possible to kill termites with vinegar, but you may not be able to eliminate the entire colony. The fact remains that there is not enough acetic acid in standard bottles of vinegar to wipe out all of the termites that are present.

Your aim is to soak pieces of wood where you notice termites present . Research shows that there will be surviving members of the termite colony who do not die from the vinegar that was sprayed on wood surfaces.

Also, if you wish to directly spray termites with vinegar, you will be able to drown most of them, but this process could take up to 12 to 24 hours. Are you sure you’ve sprayed them all?

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Kill Termites?

Apple cider vinegar is becoming much more popular in its variety of uses and supplementation for our internal health.

It’s classified as a weak acid because there is only 5 to 6% of acetic acid available in a bottle of apple cider vinegar. This is not the best method of eliminating your termite infestation.

There is a long list of DIY items, products and substances that will not compare to the effectiveness of commercial grade insecticides that are geared towards handling your termite problem much better.

You will have to find a type of vinegar that contains much more acetic acid than Apple Cider Vinegar to kill an entire termite colony.

Does Vinegar Kill Termites on Contact?

The acetic acid found in vinegar is able to soften the exoskeleton of a termite. Once this acid permeates through the outer layer of a termite, it will begin to cause this nuisance to decompose.

The process is long, arduous and unsuccessful in its mission to completely destroy an entire infestation of termites. You could boost the acid content by combining the juice of two lemons mixed with vinegar and spray it on wood surfaces or directly on termites .

You will be able to kill termites on contact with vinegar alone,  but it may take many hours and some may survive.

How to Kill Termites with Vinegar

Step 1: Inspect your house, and find the termite infestation. Try to find their nests, mud tubes on the walls, in the foundation of the house and along with the pipes.

killing spiders with vinegar

For locating termites, you have to find their warning signs. Tap the wooden furniture, doors, and other things that are made of wood, and if the sound is similar to a hollow thing, then it may have termites. Small holes on the wooden things can also be considered as evidence.

Step 2: Now, add the juice of two lemons with the half cup of vinegar.

Step 3: Now, pour the mixture of lemon juice & vinegar into a spray bottle. So, it’ll be easier to spray on the infested areas.

Step 4: Spray it on the places where you suspect termites in your house. When you’ll spray it, the mixture of these two ingredients will kill termites.

Step 5: After a few days, retreat the areas again with the lemon & vinegar mixture.

This mixture is a natural pesticide and more pet-friendly as compared to other pesticides. But, it kills the pest, so, as a precaution, make sure you keep children and pets away from it.

lemon and vinegar for termite control


If the termite infestation in your house is not severe, then you can eliminate them with vinegar.

But, if the level of infestation is high, then this home remedy alone is not sufficient. You’ll need to take some extra help.

You can use any termiticide to deal with them (I like Permethrin SFR Termiticide). But, if termites are everywhere in your house, then you should not waste your time, and call a Pest Control Company.

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