Borax for Termites: Killing Termites with 20 Mule Team Borax

Does borax powder really kill termites?

If yes, then can you get rid of termites with borax?

It’s a genuine question.

So, today, you’ll get answers to such questions regarding borax.

But, wait, what is Borax?

In short, borax is a white powder that is commonly used as a cleaning agent.

You can find it in the laundry booster, in some hand soaps & toothpaste. 20 Mule Team Borax is the most popular and commonly used as pure borax.

But, can we kill termites with 20 Mule Team Borax? 

Yes, of course.

On Amazon, you can find the reviews of some users, who used it for termite treatment, while others use it for controlling ants.

does borax kill termitesDoes borax kill termites?

Yes, it kills termites.

It’s a household product that can be used to eliminate termites from your house.

You can also check this article, where you’ll read about effective home remedies to kill termites.

How to use Borax for Termite Treatment

How to Use Borax to kill termites

If you don’t want to call professionals, and you want to kill termites by yourself, then use borax as I’ve mentioned below.

For the borax termite treatment, you will need the following things:

  • Borax
  • Hot Water
  • Container
  • Spray bottle

You have to prepare a solution of borax and hot water. Borax dissolves easily in the hot water.

Make a solution using 1 teaspoon of borax for every 8 oz of hot water, and mix it properly.

Now, put the solution in a spray bottle, and spray it wherever necessary like in crevices, cracks etc. You can also check on the cardboard boxes because cardboard attract termites. You can also apply the borax solution using a paint brush.

Note: Borax is more effective against subterranean termites

Watch this video how this guy uses borax.

Types of Borax

There are many types of borax which you can use to kill termites. These are:

  • Borax Powder
  • Borax Foams
  • Borax Spray
  • Borax Gel
  • Borax Soap
  • Borax Mix etc.

These different types of borax products can be used against termites in different ways.

If you find them, use borax powder. Just fill the cracks & holes of the wood with it.

You can spray the borax solution or paint a wood surface to protect it from termite attack.

Borax foam can also be used in the same way.

How Borax kill Termites?

Borax is like an insecticide.

It can be used as a dry powder, or in a bait.

When borax goes inside the termites, it affects their nervous system and stomach. It leads to dehydration, and eventually, termite dies. After reaching their body, it causes death within 3 to 10 days.

The main point is, borax should reach inside termite’s body. It can happen in many ways.

When termites walk through borax, it sticks to their legs. They ingest it when grooming. It can also get into their system when they try to get rid of dust.

Can you get rid of Termite Infestation with Borax Powder alone?

You can use borax powder to kill termites. But, if your house is affected by heavy termite infestation, then borax alone may not be enough to make your home termite free.

According to Orkin Pest Control, borax can kill termites, but it is difficult to expose all the termites of a colony, and this reduces its effectiveness.

Is Borax Safe?

If someone accidently inhales borax, then he should be taken to the fresh air.

If the situation doesn’t get better, then immediate medical attention should be given. Borax should not be ingested by humans & pets, because it may cause skin and eye irritation.

Borax is considered as an environment-friendly insecticide which is safe for plants.

Store borax, where it’s out of the reach of children & pets.


So, now we know that we can use borax for termite treatment. But, it’ll work slowly, and may require many applications.

For making termite free home, borax alone may not be sufficient; you may need other effective products along with it.

Have you used borax to kill termites? What’s your observation?

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