Possum Sounds & Noise: What Does Opossums Sound Like?

Noise of Opossum

Opossums or possums are scavenger creatures. If they are on their own, their life span is around a year or two. They have a cat-sized body, four paws, a long pointy snout, and a hairless tail over about one-third of its overall body length.

The name “possum” comes from their ability to “play possum” whenever they feel threatened or in the way of harm. Playing possum is where these creatures mimic the appearance and the smell of a sick or dead animal. The possum noise ranges and depends upon the mood they are in.

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What Sound Does a Possum Make?

Researchers have documented 18 different brush-tail possum sounds.

Possum noise basically sounds like a clicking noise when they’re trying to attract mates. When threatened, they tend to hiss or growl. They also tend to make noises like screeches, grunts, growls, hisses, and chatters of the aggressive kind.

Often zook-zook noises and squeak sounds are also made by them. When possums are in a fight mode, they are likely to make the aggressive noises like growl and chatter or hiss.

When the possums are happy or mating, they tend to make the shook-shook kind of sound and clicking noises.  Moreover, if the possum is in distress, they tend to make grunting, growling, and hissing or screeching and teeth-chattering call kind of noises.

What Do Baby Possum Sounds Like?

Sounds of Possum

Baby opossums make noises that sound like sneezing when trying to get their parents’ attention. The size of these babies while birth, ranges between barely a finger nail long or up to several inches long. 

Possum Sound at Night

Possums are active after dark; hence, they are very likely to make sounds in the night. If you tend to hear the possums make noise at night, take into consideration the following things. First, it may indicate that there are a lot of animals nearby. Second, the clicking noises or like “choo” sound coming from roofs and attics mean that the mothers and baby dens are present in those spots. Finally, hissing noises or growling noises in basements or garages might mean that they are mating or trying to ward off predators.

Final Words

Aside from these special situations above, possums rarely tend to make any noises that are audible. They are mostly docile and aloof but can be dangerous as some possums are known to be carriers of diseases in pets and humans as well.

If you see a possum around your residence or in your garage or basement, do not try to fend it off on your own. Call a helpline or a critter service center to help you get rid of the possum.

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