Does Lime Repel Snakes? {Does Lime Keep Snakes Away?}

It would be great if you already had a home remedy in your kitchen that repels snakes.

Have you thought, does lime repel snakes?

There are many popular home remedies that people use to get rid of these crawling creatures from their yard.

What about lime?

Does Lime Repel Snakes?

Lime is not effective at repelling snakes. Research has proven that lime will do nothing to keep snakes away.

Today, in this article, we’ll discuss the effectiveness of lime in repelling common snakes that you can find crawling in your yard.

lime for snakes

Does Lime Keeps Snake Away?

People claim that if you sprinkle lime in your yard, or create a boundary with it, then snakes will not enter your yard.

But, according to various studies, it is proven that lime is not an effective snake repellent.

You can’t rely on it.

This home remedy is based on the belief that snakes do not like strong smells. Therefore, anything that produces a strong smell should repel them.

Even, there are many individual experiments that proved that lime doesn’t repel any snakes.

Does Lime Around Your House Keep Snakes Away?

No. Just because lime is not an effective use of snake repellent, it doesn’t mean you cannot use it to keep snakes away. You just have to get a little crafty with your use of lime while you mix it with other substances.

In this example we’re going to mix lime with hot pepper and peppermint oil. The exact measurement of each substance is not as important as creating a potent smell that will repel snakes.

A snake will taste this smell with its tongue while it slithers nearby. These fumes of hot pepper, peppermint and lime will itch the skin of a snake on contact or repel the reptile altogether.

What Does Lime Do to Snakes?

Since the use of lime as a repellent for snakes is technically unproven, we cannot claim that it will do anything them. We understand that snakes do not enjoy the scent of strong odors and citrus fruits.

It may not be powerful enough to simply apply the juice of a lime or lime powder to create an effective repellent for deterring snakes if they wish to dwell on your property.

Ideally, you would like a snake’s skin to begin itching on contact with a substance such as hot pepper or peppermint which mixes well with lime if you consider using this fruit to repel snakes.

Do Snakes Like the Smell of Lime?

No. The fumes coming from strong citrus fruits such as lime will not be appealing to a snake who sticks out its tongue for the purpose of capturing scents in the air.

Lime is just one of many smells that snakes do not enjoy. Here is a list of other aromas that are claimed to keep snakes away:

  • Cinnamon
  • Cloves
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Lemon
  • Hot pepper
  • Peppermint oil
  • Smoke

Your best bet is to create a potent mixture of two or more of these ingredients above in this list. Even better, you should consider using these effective snake repellents.

What Kind of Lime Keep Snakes Away?

We cannot strongly confirm that any type of lime is going to work better to keep snakes away from your property.

One of the oldest uses of the lime comes from kaffir lime trees. The leaves of these trees and the peels of the fruit have been scattered to keep snakes away from certain areas.

Pelletized lime in the use of a powder have also been used. Finally, West Indian lemongrass is another lime source to repel snakes. None of these have been scientifically proven to work as well as any commercial snake repellent.

The attractiveness of using lime is due to the fact that it is a natural substance and easily available throughout most grocery stores or already found in our homes.

Is Lime Toxic to Snakes?

Lime is not toxic to snakes. Nevertheless, snakes will not wish to approach the lime or attempt to taste it with their tongues. Lime is not an attractive odor for snakes.

Combining lime with peppermint oil or hot pepper will create a mixture that could cause itchiness of a snake skin. This combination as well is still not considered to be toxic.

If you wish to find toxic ingredients for repelling snakes you will be able to do so with these effective snake repellents.

Is Lime Good for Snakes?

Snakes do not enjoy the scent of lime. They are not going to go near it and we do not know for certain if lime is going to be healthy for this reptile.

Lime is not proven to be a great alternative or natural remedy to repel snakes. Lime is non-toxic and not going to harm a snake’s body if it comes into contact with it.

The worst that can happen is a snake may feel itchy or its tongue will be able to catch the fumes of lime and wish to stay away from it. There is no evidence to suggest that lime is harmful for snakes.

Final Words

At the end of this discussion, I’ll say that on whether or not lime repels snakes, it is clearly untrue.

The most effective way to keep them away from your yard is by:

  • removing debris
  • get rid of piles of wood
  • make sure the grass is short
  • reduce the population of other rodents like gophers, moles, & rats.
  • You can also use some effective snake repellents.

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Do you have experience in dealing with snakes in your yard?

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