Lime for Snakes: Does Lime Repel Snakes? {Truth}

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It’ll be good if you have a home remedy that repels snakes. Right?

There are many popular home remedies that people use to get rid of these crawling creatures from their yard.

But, how effective they are?

Can you rely on them?

Today, in this short article, we’ll discuss the effectiveness of lime in repelling common snakes that you can find crawling in your yard.

Does Lime Keeps Snake Away?

People claim that if you sprinkle lime in your yard, or create a boundary with it, then snakes will not enter your yard.

lime for snakes

But, according to various studies, it is proved that lime is not an effective snake repellent.

You can’t rely on it.

This home remedy is based on the belief that snakes do not like strong smells. Therefore, anything that produces a strong smell should repel them.

Even, there are many individual experiments that proved that lime doesn’t repel any snakes.

Final Words

At the end of this discussion, I’ll say that, whether lime repels snakes, it is a false statement.

It does not happen.

The most effective way to keep them away from your yard is by removing debris, piles of wood, make sure the grass is short, reduce the population of other rodents like gophers, moles, & rats. For that, you can also use some effective snake repellents.

Do you have experience in dealing with snakes in your yard?

What can you share with us?

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