Do I Need To Wash Hanging Clothes For Bed Bugs?

Do you have clothes that have been hanging for weeks or even months and you’re wondering do I need to wash hanging clothes for bed bugs.

Do bed bugs even live in clothes?  Will they destroy your clothes?

Do I Need To Wash Hanging Clothes For Bed Bugs?

No, you do not need to wash hanging clothes for bed bugs, bed bugs tend to Only Live Close to beds and on the floor.

Bed bugs get their name because they live in the mattress on your bed and also cracks within the bed, only bed is heavily invested will the bed bugs spread away from the bed.

If your area is heavily infested bags will typically spread to seems in your chairs and couches into cushions and curtains.

Do I Need To Wash Hanging Clothes For Bed Bugs

It is unlikely the bedbugs will be living in hanging clothes because they cannot reach them easily.

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Can Bed Bugs Get on Hanging Clothes?

Bedbugs can get onto hanging clothes, but they would prefer to live somewhere that is much easier to access which is usually near the floor such as a bed, couch, chairs.

Bed bugs not climb easily which makes it much harder for them to reach hanging clothes.

Bed bugs are more likely to get into clothes that are on the floor near your bed or closet.

Signs Bed Bugs Are On Your Clothes

If you think bed bugs are on your clothes there are a few signs that you should look out for.

the most obvious signs you need to look out for include

  • Small Blood Stains on Clothes
  • Dark Crusty Spots
  • Bed Bug Skin
  • Unpleasant Musty Oder

1. Small Blood Stains on Clothes

the most obvious sign of bed bug infestation are small blood stains on clothes, these bloodstains will just about be visible to the naked eye.

2. Dark Crusty Spots

you should also look out for Dark crusty spots as this is the excrement that the bed bugs leave behind, this will also just about be visible to the naked eye

3. Bed Bug Skin

bed bugs also shed their skin frequently and can leave a huge amount on your clothes if left untreated

4. Unpleasant Musty Odor

overtime an unpleasant musty odor will form from the blood, excrement and dead skin come off of the bed bugs

Do I have to Wash all My Clothes If I Have Bed Bugs?

You will need to wash all of your clothes if any of them have been infected by bed bugs. as the infestation grows they will spread from clothes to clothes laying eggs as they spread.

So if you’re close currently do not have bed bugs they might contain bed bug eggs which will hatch within a few days.

It is recommended wash your clothes at the highest heat setting that your clothes can tolerate, as this will insure all of the bed bugs and bed bug eggs will be destroyed.

How Long Can Bed Bugs Live On Clothes?

In normal conditions bed bugs can live up to 1 to 4 months on clothes that are not warn without feeding.

If you wear the clothes regularly this will provide the bedbugs food source and they will multiply and thrive in these conditions.

It is very important to your clothes are high temperature as soon as you detect the big bugs on your clothes.

Can Bed Bugs Survive a Washing Machine Cycle?

bed bugs can easily survive a cycle in a washing machine, most of the bed bugs will die but a few will survive, the bed bugs that do survive will lay more eggs and the bed bugs will multiply.

it is very important to use the highest heat when washing your clothes because it is the heat that kills the bed bugs and bed bug eggs.

How Do You Prevent Bed Bugs From Getting On Your Clothes?

Now we have got rid of bed bugs from your clothes you will want to take some prevention to ensure they do not come back again.

Below are some steps that you can take

  • Eliminate Clutter
  • Store Clothes In Plastic Bag
  • Frequently Clean Area
  • Hang Clothes
  • Store Suitcase In Garage
  • Eliminate Clutter

by eliminating clutter in your bedroom and around your clothes will give the bedbugs less places to live in and multiply

1. Store Clothes in Plastic Bag

by storing your clothes in a plastic bag after they have been washed will ensure that the bedbugs will not be able to get to them

2. Frequently Clean Area

frequently cleaning the area around your bed and clothes will help to reduce the risk of bed bugs living in your environment. it is important to thoroughly vacuum your floor and immediately disposing of the waste outside your house.

3. Hang Clothes

bed bugs are not very good climbers so if you hang your clothes this makes it much harder for them to get access to them

4. Store Suitcase in Garage

when you are in between travelling you should store your suitcase in the garage as this will mean bed bugs will not invest your suitcase.

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