Why Are Gnats Following Me? {Why Are Gnats On My Face?}

Are you one of the unlucky ones that gnats seem to love? I know how you feel. Why Are Gnats Following Me?

There must be something we can do to get these gnats to leave us alone. How can we stop gnats from flying in our faces or hovering over our heads?

They seem to be attracted to us and not others and now we will put an end to it.

In this article, we will find out how to stop these pests because you will no longer need to ask the question, “Why Are Gnats Following Me?”

Why Are Gnats Following Me?

Gnats are attracted to sweet scented fragrances, cosmetics, shampoos and also traces of fruits and meats. They are also in love with our breath, sweat and tears of when we expel moisture rich in salt, carbon dioxide.

Gnats love pleasant or even repulsive body odors. Remaining clean, odorless and relying on unscented products while washing up thoroughly after eating or drinking will steer gnats to someone else who is more attractively pungent.

Why Are Gnats Attracted to Humans?

Gnats are attracted to humans because we give off odors aromas and scents that they find intoxicating. Sometimes we put on sweet or fruity fragrances or we can have remnants of food and drinks that remain on our lips, hands or on our faces.

Skincare or cosmetic brands can advertise that they are selling products that are naturally derived from flowers or other organic products that gnats naturally enjoy hovering around.

We have now placed these products all over our bodies, faces or on our hair and now we are wondering why these gnats are attracted to us. Another reason why is because they love carbon dioxide, even bad breath or salty sweat and tears.

Why Do Gnats Stay Around Me?

Gnats are staying around you because they are searching for moisture and salt. They can find it easily in your perspiration. These pests are contributors to pink eye.

They are drawn to eye ducts as well because when we spell tears, we are also expelling moisture and salt from there as well. Unfortunately if you are a sufferer of bad breath, gnats enjoy it as well. They also love the carbon dioxide that we are exhaling.

Gnats are going to follow you if you have a combination of fragrant odors that are derived from:

  • the sweet nectar of flowers
  • skincare products or cosmetics
  • shampoos
  • bad breath
  • excess moisture
  • perspiration

Are Gnats Obsessed with Faces?

Gnats love to target our:

  • eyes
  • ears
  • mouth
  • hair

They are able to evade and elude us while we are trying to shoo them away and stop bothering us. Somehow, they consistently return and follow us. They touch our faces and annoy us incessantly.

The reason why they are constantly obsessed with our faces is because we are using products that are derived from flowers or nectars that skin care cosmetic companies love to use in their formulations. This is also the same for shampoos.

Another reason why is because gnats love the carbon dioxide that we are expelling from our mouths. We have to resort to unscented products, making sure that are breath isn’t foul and also washing up to not have any remnants of sweet drinks or leftover foods around their mouths.

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Why Do Gnats Fly In Your Face?

Gnats fly in our faces because they are attracted to moisture and salt. They also like bad breath and the carbon dioxide that comes out of our mouths. This is why they fly in our faces.

They are annoying little creatures that make high-pitched buzzing sounds. We notice them and we get irritated by them. The types of disease or illnesses that they can spread are usually indirectly caused by the contact that they make with other types of bacteria.

This is why gnats are responsible for the indirect transmission of conjunctivitis or pink eye. Gnats themselves do not carry diseases however. We must improve our daily hygiene and stop using scented products to eliminate gnats from flying in our faces.

How to Get Rid of Gnats Flying in Your Face?

There are many ways to stop gnats from flying in your face. We can use products such as:

  • apple cider vinegar
  • dish soap
  • cooking oil
  • vanilla extract
  • herbs or spices

If you mix apple cider vinegar and dish soap together the smell will be attractive to gnats who will fly towards it. They will suffocate by getting their pores clogged by the soap.

They will prefer this mixture over our faces. Keep it near you as you are working, relaxing at home or cooking.

If you would like to try applying some types of cooking oils like olive oil or even coconut oil around your neck, forehead or cheeks then gnats will be repelled by them and stay away from your face.

How Do I Protect Myself From Gnats?

If you would like to protect yourself from gnats who are constantly following you, chasing you, touching you and irritating you, you need to reduce the amounts of lotions, perfumes, and fruity scents that you are using.

Also make sure that you are following clean hygienic practices to make sure that there are no remnants of food on you. They also enjoy the smell of sugary drinks that’s why that’s might be hovering around your mouth.

You can also cover up a little bit more by wearing a hat with a brim on it, sunglasses and wear natural repellents.

Why Do Gnats Fly Around Me?

Gnats are always flying around you because you are using some of the following items that contain sweet or attractive aromas. They are as follows:

  • Soap
  • Perfumes
  • Lotions
  • Shampoos
  • Hair spray
  • Laundry detergent
  • Deodorant
  • Skin care products
  • Sugary drinks

Gnats also like to fly around you if you have a lot of body heat being expelled. They may also be attracted to the smell of your mouth or the carbon dioxide coming out of it.

Why Do Gnats Fly Up Your Nose and in Your Eyes?

Gnats like a fly up your nose because you are exhaling carbon dioxide out of it. They will hover around your nose and try to get into it. They are super attracted to foul odors that comes out of the mouth as well.

On top of that and gnats are attracted to lacrimal secretions that come out of your eyes. If gnats fly into your eyes, they can create a multitude of problems. If they’re in contact with harmful bacteria and then get into your eyes or nose they can create the spread of bacteria.

With your eyes in particular, they may cause conjunctivitis commonly known as pink eye.

Why Are Gnats Behind My Ears?

Sometimes the gnats that get around your ears and bother you incessantly with their high pitch buzzing sound is because they are fungus gnats.

These types of gnats are attracted to moisture in plants and soil. They may find their way inside your house and will look for places like orifices that they can enter such as your ears, mouth and nose.

If gnats enter your ears they can cause infections. Make sure that you clean behind your ears as well because your mother was always correct when she said that you should.

Clean inside your ears as well to make sure that these little insects do not get inside. Dab a little coconut oil around the back of your ears and a little bit inside as well to repel gnats because they hate this scent.

Why Are Gnats in My House?

Gnats are entering your house because they like the moisture that is available inside your kitchen and bathroom. This is why they are hanging out around the kitchen drains or around potted soil as well.

If there are areas where food spills are located, organic slime, unsealed garbage cans or even potted house plants, you may end up with an infestation of gnats before you know it.

Place sticky traps and get them to congregate in this area where they will be stuck and no longer become a problem.

Why Are Gnats Attracted to Me and Not Others?

Some gnats are attracted to you and not others because of the body odors that you have on you compared to people around you. The odors that you are expelling could be attractive to gnats because they are either sweet or foul.

The carbon dioxide that you are emitting can also be attractive to gnats. They enjoy the smell of sweet aromas, but also bad breath.

Start with using unscented soaps and practice better hygiene to make sure that there are no remnants of food or sweets on your skin. Stop using cosmetic products that are derived from any types of fruits or flowers.


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