Best Termite Foggers To Kill Termites? {Shocking Discovery Exposed}

Termite foggers are very cheap, easy to use, and kill all the insects including termites present in your house. That’s why they are so popular.

Nowadays, people are using termite foggers in the hope that they’ll kill all the termites present in their house.

Do Foggers Kill Termites?

Foggers are very effective at killing termites in your home.  A Fogger will kill all termites that are on the surface but will not kill all termites that are underneath your floor.

If you are looking to purchase a fogger I recommend you purchase a Hot Shot or Spectracide bug stop as these are the best rated, You can check out the price of them here

Best Termite Foggers To Kill Termites

Can I Use Termite Foggers to Eliminate Termite Infestation?

No. Do not depend on foggers.

Termite foggers or bombs kill these insects, but when it comes to eliminating the whole infestation from your house, then these bug bombs are not effective.

The bug bombs disperse insecticide all over the place, but it only kills the pests that come into the direct contact with it.

Termite bug bombs & foggers do not kill the pests that are present inside the wall and inside the wooden structures.

Bug Bomb for Termites

So, if you want to use termite bomb, then go ahead, buy one and use in your house.

But, it won’t be effective, and you’ll still face the infestation.

And, you’ll have to purchase another termite killing product to eliminate them from your house.

So, what do I suggest?

I suggest you use a termite killing spray or liquid that you can use inside the wall or in the foundation of the house so their whole colony gets killed.

My Recommendation

If there is a termite infestation in my house, then I’ll use Termidor SC Termiticide.

Termidor SC Termiticide

Termidor kills all types of termites whether they are Drywood, Formosan, or the Subterranean termites.

Along with termites, it has superb ability to control spiders, cockroaches, ants, crickets, and various other pests.

When you use it for the in-ground barrier treatment then it protects your home for over 10 years.

It does not repel them, and when they come into contact, they die. In my opinion, when it comes to dealing with termites, then Termidor SC Termiticide is my number one choice.

But, it is slightly costly but still affordable.

Is There Any Good + Cheap Alternative to Termidor?

Yes, a cheap + effective termite killer is available that you can use.

Dominion Professional Termiticide is a lot cheaper than the Termidor.

It is tried and tested by hundreds of users, and they found that it is very effective in controlling termites.

As I told you earlier, I recommend Termidor SC Termiticide, but if you don’t want to spend that much, then Dominion Professional Termiticide is the best choice you can make.

Taking Help of Termite Bombs

Many times, we see termites crawling on the surface.

If you want to kill those termites, crawling on the surface, then killing them with a termite fogger will be a very task.

Take some precautionary measures, start the bug bomb, and leave the house for a few hours.

You’ll be happy to see that a lot of surface termites die along with spiders, roaches, and other insects.

But, I’ve told you earlier, these bug bombs won’t be effective on the termites that are inside the wall.

To deal with those, you have to use a liquid termite killer.

How to Use Termite Killers

Best Termite Killer Products

Treating your house with a termite killer is not a difficult task. In most of the cases, if you do perfectly, then the DIY treatment is enough to get rid of them.

You just have to dig the trench and pour the termite killing solution that you just prepared from your termiticide.

How much water you have to add depends on the product, which you can find on the label.

You can watch this great short video that demonstrates how to use Termidor SC Termiticide around your house to get rid of them.

[youtube v=”yYnrcfz9E30″]

You’ll just need a product (Termidor or Dominion or any other) + Shovel + a sprayer.

Along with termite killer, it is a good choice to purchase a sprayer because you’ll need it.

Chapin 2-Gallon Sprayer is the best choice because it is the most popular and very cheap. You can see the details of Chapin 2-Gallon Sprayer on Amazon.

Final Words

So, now we know that termite bombing is not a good solution of the problem because it only kills those insects that are just on the surface, not those, that are hiding inside the wall.

It can show some temporary results, but if you want some good results, then don’t depend on bug bombs or foggers.

For the complete protection from these pests, you already know, I recommend the use of Termidor SC Termiticide.

I hope that you had some helpful information in this article.

Let me know if you’ve any questions regarding termite bombing and dealing with the infestation.

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