Why Are Wasps Attracted to My Window? {How Can I Make Them Go Away?}

Do you keep seeing wasps flying around your window? Do you wonder the same as I do and ask yourself, “Why are wasps attracted to my window?”

What is it about my window that makes it so appealing for wasps? Do wasps build nests on windows?

Are they attracted to the light or is there something on my window that I need to clean off? Should I spray something on my windows to keep them away?

In this article, we will find out the answer to the question that we are all wondering, “Why are wasps attracted to my window?”

Why Are Wasps Attracted to My Window?

Wasps are attracted to your window mostly because of the light that is gleaming through it. In the natural world, wasps are dependent on finding light sources that can help them get to the food that they are looking for.

Wasps are more active during the daytime. Their activity can increase when they find a light source through your window.

They will follow this light and possibly find an opening to enter your home this way. They may also be attracted to a pleasant smell that is coming from inside the home if the window is open.

How Do I Keep Wasps Away From My Windows?

Keeping wasps away from your windows could be as simple as spraying soap and water all over it. We prefer using Dawn dish soap or another type of dishwashing detergent because of their ability to clog the pores of many insects that will come into contact with it.

Another great solution is to use peppermint oil. Cleaning off wasp nests around the side of your windows with peppermint oil and water in a spray bottle can deter them from rebuilding these nests.

If you are only noticing solitary wasps that are flying near your window, but they are not interested in building a nest there, they are attracted to pleasant smells that are coming out of your house through the windows.

Spraying peppermint oil will deter them from this area and they will not be a problem any longer.

Why Are There So Many Wasps Around My Window?

Most of the time when you see wasps around your window, it is not because you are cooking something sweet or delicious inside. Even though wasps are attracted to pleasant odors, they are not congregating around your window for the purpose of trying to steal some food away from you.

They are finding that the window is a good place where a light source is available. They are attracted to the light. Light is a symbol of their activity because they want more of it to remain active.

If the light is on throughout the night, the activity period of the wasps would increase and they will be able to remain alert longer.

Do Wasps Like Windows?

Wasps like light and pleasant smells. Your window could be a entryway into the house where there are safe spots for wasps to build nests and bounties of food available for them to forage.

A wasp is always looking for a nice place to nest or food to provide back to the nest. If they find openings through doors and windows, these locations become very attractive to them.

Leaving your doors or windows open without a screen could be detrimental for possibilities of wasps entering your home and wishing to build a nest there.

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Why Is There a Wasp on My Window at Night?

If you see wasps around your windows around night time, it’s probably because they are attracted to the light inside your home. Usually wasps are only active in the nest at night.

They tend to come out and enjoy the activity in  areas where they are foraging for food and searching for sweet nectar throughout the day.

If they see that window is expelling lights from inside, this may keep them active longer and reduce the resting period at night. They may stay out longer and continue to search for food around your windows because this is the only location where light is still available.

Can a Wasp Break a Window?

A wasp will not be able to expel enough force to break a window that is structurally sound. It is highly unlikely that wasps will be able to break windows or break through glass.

If you hear banging on your windows, it is most likely hornets that are using their full force to try and get through. Hornets are more attracted to light and wasps.

Wasps will also hang around the area and hover around the windows, but hornets are more known to bang repeatedly at the window with the attempt of trying to get inside.

Do Wasps Build Nests on Windows?

There are many cases of wasps building nests near windows. They will try to use storm windows or gutters to create their intricate nests. It will take them four to six months to complete the building of a nest.

During this time, you will have plenty of opportunities to destroy their work. Spray the area with peppermint oil, dish soap and water. This will deter wasps from continuing their work.

Do so carefully by leaning your hand out covered completely with a glove on through the window open just a crack. Spray directly on the nest and immediately shut the window.


If you hear a lot of banging on your window and see large insects that resemble wasps or bees, they are most likely hornets. Wasps will also be in the area looking for a good place to begin building a new nest.

The reason why they are attracted to your windows is because of the lights inside your house. They don’t know that there is glass in the way and they will continue to figure out their way through it if they can.

Hornets are more active at night, while queen wasps are active during the spring to search for a new location to build a nest.

Either way, it is extremely important that there are no cracks or openings around your windows and that you have no holes in your screens large enough for these nuisance pests to get through.


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