Why Are Wasps Attracted to My Car? {How To Remove Wasps In Cars}

Are you wondering why you keep seeing wasps around your car? I’m wondering the same thing. Why are wasps attracted to my car?

Why are wasps attracted to the front of cars? Why do they like brand new cars? In some cases, wasps can take over an entire car. We need to solve this mystery once and for all.

In this article, we will discuss the topic revolving around, “Why are wasps attracted to my car?”

Why Are Wasps Attracted to My Car?

Wasps are looking for a safe and warm place to seek shelter. If they can find a way into your car and access enough building materials made of paper, cardboard or wood they will create their nests inside your vehicle or around the exterior frame.

Sometimes they are attracted to the front of your car because it’s easy pickings for dead insects that they can feed on. New cars give off a fragrant odor that can be considered sweet to wasps.

That fresh new car smell can also invite wasps who would like to investigate the cause of such sweet freshness as they look to find any food sources. Overall, a vehicle like a car is a safe, enclosed location for wasps to feel protected from the weather and potential threats in nature.

What Attracts Wasps to Cars?

Wasps are attracted to:

  • sweet nectars
  • inviting aromas
  • sources of wood fibers to build nests

They look for enclosed areas, voids, cavities, cracks and entryways where they can sneak inside or begin building paper nests.

They would love to find a way into a car, garage, attic, shed, hollow logs to get out of the direct sun, rain or wind. A car would be a perfect example of a warm and safe enclosed space that a wasp would definitely investigate if they can find their way inside.

If windows are left open, or there is access through the hood or vents, wasps in the area will explore the opportunity the search for food, building materials for their nests, or decide that this is a perfect space for their colony to reside.

If your car is parked next to an area where there is a garden, or if there are flowers lined along your driveway, it will be an easy transfer from these flowers to your vehicle if they find an opening.

Why Are Wasps Attracted to the Hood of a Car?

Wasps may enjoy the vibration caused by the engine inside the hood of the car. They may investigate and leave their nest to find out the source of the vibration. It could be the engine vibrating or even the music inside the car.

Wasps are sensitive to vibrations and smells. If there is a pleasant aroma coming from the car such as food leftovers, air fresheners or that new car smell, the urge to explore will be too hard to resist.

Entering into the hood of a car may end up being easier for a wasp if all other entryways are sealed.

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How Do I Kill Wasps in My Car?

If you are seeing wasps in your car, look to find the nest if they have built one. Fumigating the car could involve covering it in a tent. Using wasp killing spray may also work.

Either way, you will not be able to access your vehicle until these fumes have worked their way out of your vehicle.

  • You may have to take out parts of your car underneath the hood to look deeper into locations where wasps could be hiding their paper nests.
  • You can spray underneath the hood in hard-to-reach areas and repeat the process until you don’t see why around your vehicle anymore.
  • You should also stop parking the vehicle near locations where there are plants, flowers or ideal areas where wasps would love to build nests.

If winter is soon approaching, you will be able to work on this situation much better because once wasps begin to die out, they will not be a problem during this season. At this point, the nest will not be occupied and you can get rid of it easier.

What Would Cause Wasps to Be Attracted to Brand New Cars?

Wasps enjoy the smell of food and sweet nectars. They would love to find fruits or vegetables that are overripe and also dead insects. Brand new cars however, resemble fresh scented odors that may very inviting.

These odors are usually artificially derived or mimicking fragrances that we find pleasant or attractive. Unfortunately, wasps also can enjoy these smells too.

Why Do Wasps Fly Around My Windshield?

Wasps and bees are attracted to water. It is a theory that the reflection coming off of your windshield can resemble the water’s surface. A wasp could be mistaking the shine on your car or glass as the surface of a pond.

They may get confused by the reflections or condensation dripping from the air conditioner or even the puddles of water that accumulate underneath cars.

If antifreeze is dripping, it has a sweet aroma and taste. Wasps may also be attracted to that as well.

Why Do Wasps Fly Into the Grill of My Car?

The front of your car where the grill is located. It’s an area where plenty of insects go to die. In rapid speeds, you will strike countless insects along the way and they will splat on to the grill making it an easy meal for a wasp who can smell the dead insects they enjoy eating.

After this point, they may find an entryway through the grill into the vents and find a way inside your vehicle. This is why it’s important to clean off all dead insects from the front of your car and anywhere else you may find them in order to not attract wasps, bees or hornets.

Yellow jackets in particular, are known to be scavengers and would love to pick up dead insects off the grill of your vehicle more than any other wasp species.

Why Are Wasps Nesting Under the Hood of the Car?

After wasps find a way to enter through the grill of your vehicle or the front end, they can easily find their way under the hood of the car.

Certain types of wasps such as paper wasps would love to begin starting a nest underneath the hood. This is a protected location and a very safe place for them.They have possibly become attracted to the vibration underneath the hood of a car while the engine is on.

If the car has been unused for a long period of time and there is a collection of trash, cardboard, paper or any other types of leaves or building materials that they could use to create their nests, they will remain there and work on building a nest.

How Can I Remove Wasps From My Car?

Removing wasps from your car can be a tricky and dangerous task. You obviously know that there are risks involved and you may have to rely on the help of a professional service to do so.

1. A pest management professional would be able to use a formulation of pyrethrin to kill these wasps. They will also thoroughly inspect a vehicle to make sure that there aren’t any nests that you haven’t noticed.

2. If you’re going to take this job on yourself, wear protective clothing. Do not shine the flashlight on the wasps because this will attract them towards you.

3. Look for a rapid knockdown wasp spray sold in many stores or online. Stand at a distance of about 20 feet before you begin spraying. These products are meant to kill a wasp quickly before they have a chance to fly towards you.

4. After you complete the spraying procedure, stay away from your car for at least a day. You may have to repeat the procedure once more the following day. You may also have to remove some panels such as interior door panels.

5. Rinse off the entire vehicle with a garden hose when you’re done. When it comes to the interior of a car, place wasp traps in different locations. You may have to leave your car alone for a week if you suspect that wasps or living inside your vehicle.

This should be enough time to kill them all because the traps will lured them in and they will not be able to get out. Slowly but surely, you will be able to get your car back in your control.

How Likely Do Wasps Nest in Cars?

It is likely that wasps can nest in cars if they are located nearby areas where they have previously built nests in earlier years. Wasps tend to return to similar locations to rebuild nests.

If they find that your car door is open or the windows are slightly ajar, they will be able to find their way inside. They can also work their way into the van and the grill of the car.

Mud dauber wasps like to build nests underneath the hood of cars. If you leave your vehicle for several weeks without using it, the likelihood of wasps entering or building nests inside the car rises significantly.

How Long Can Wasps Survive In A Hot Car?

A wasp is not going to survive without food sources and no access to finding food if they stuck inside a hot car.

The hunger, starvation and lack of hydration will kill the wasps within 72 hours and in some cases, as fast as 15 minutes.

It depends on the wasp species and its maturity since we are dealing with resilient insects. If the wasp was well nourished before being trapped in a hot car, it may survive up to 3 days.


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