Will Bleach Kill Yellow Jacket Nest? {How Fast Does It Work?}

Yellow jackets are annoying little pests that can ruin any patio or garden if not controlled immediately. Are you thinking will bleach kill yellow jackets?

In this article, we shall discuss some fundamental methods and remedies that are useful for getting rid of yellow jacket nests.

Will Bleach Kill Yellow Jacket?

Yes. Bleach will kill a yellow jacket nest. It will kill the yellow jackets almost instantly when they come in contact with the bleach.

However, one needs to be careful while applying or handling chemicals like bleach. To be safe, you should pour the chemical down the hole of the nest and then walk away to a safe distance.

Additionally, it will be best if you cover your mouth and nose while adding the chemicals.

Will Bleach Kill a Yellow Jacket Nest

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How To Use Bleach in Order To Kill a Yellow Jacket Nest

All yellow jackets tend to defend their nests. However, yellow jackets are one of the most aggressive wasps. They will definitely get ticked off if anything comes close to their nest.

Before mowing the lawn or using any other kind of equipment, you must check for yellow jacket colonies. If your garden has any nests, getting rid of them is the wisest thing you can do.

Killing their nest can sometimes be complex, but doing it the right way poses no problems.

  1. Bleach acts as an effective chemical that can aid you with any pests.
  2. Yellowjackets have a limited field of vision. So, you should apply bleach or any other remedy only in the dark when the chances of getting stung are lesser.
  3. Furthermore, the whole colony would be present in the nest during nighttime. Hence, using bleach at this point in time would be much more effective in killing them altogether.
  4. While applying bleach to their nest, make sure that you use the appropriate amount. The necessary amount depends upon the size of the nest.
  5. If the nest is large, you should use sufficient bleach, or else it won’t be compelling enough. Pour the bleach into their nest slowly, and always ensure that you are covering your mouth.
  6. The harmful fumes produced by the bleach may cause some problems with your breathing in the distant future. Hence, proper care while executing this remedy is necessary.
  7. Once you have poured the required amount of liquid, immediately flee the scene. You definitely do not want to stick around when the bleach is working its magic in killing yellowjackets.

Will Clorox Kill Yellow Jackets?

Yes. Clorox is the most popular brand of bleach available on the market. You can always choose a cheaper brand if you wish.

Bleach is going to kill yellow jackets immediately. The problem that we witnessed is where someone was hesitant even for a second in the process of pouring bleach down the yellow jacket nest from above. The slightest hesitation or miss can create a swarm of can yellow jackets trying to defend their nest and attacking the person instead.

We recommend keeping a safe distance with full body covering to prevent yourself from getting hurt. If you have a strong, powerful spray that you can use instead of approaching a yellow jacket nest, we suggest you do so.

You can create a mixture of bleach and dish soap together to create a powerful spray for your yellow jacket attack strategy.

Will Bleach Kill Yellow Jacket Nest?

Yes. Wear full-body protective covering. Put on thick gloves, mask, goggles and a hat. If you have a beekeeper outfit, now would be a good time to wear it.

Approach a yellow jacket nest slowly. Your aim is to pour an entire bottle of bleach down the hole on top of the nest.

You’re going to be able to destroy the yellow jacket nest with a bottle of bleach. The more the merrier. You are looking to pour at least three to four gallons of bleach depending on the size of the yellow jacket nest.

Begin pouring and back away as soon as you are done.

Will Bleach Kill Yellow Jackets in the Ground?

Do you really want to pour bleach in the ground? Would you like an environmentally friendly way to keep the ground healthy and safe?

Instead of opting for using bleach in the ground to kill yellow jackets, opposite for a natural dish soap instead.

Mix a solution of environmentally friendly dish soap with water and pour it into the ground where yellow jackets are located. If you still want to use bleach, you can. Bleach will kill yellow jackets in the ground.


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