Do Chickens Eat Yellow Jackets? {Is It Safe For Them?}

Did you just see your chicken swallow a yellow jacket? Do Chickens Eat Yellow Jackets. Is it safe?

Are you worried about whether it can hurt your chicken?

Do Chickens Eat Yellow Jackets?

Yes, Chickens can eat yellow jackets as swallowing a yellow jacket will not harm them. Including such insects in the regular diet of your domestic birds is not recommended.

If this happens to your chickens frequently, check if there is a nest of yellow jackets nearby. Check out these articles I wrote about yellow jacket nests and how to deal with them (Ground Nests, Nests In Property)

Can Chicken Eat Yellow Jackets

Is it OK for Chickens to Eat Yellow Jackets?

Chickens are birds that rarely eat yellow jackets. The meeting of birds with insects occurs only if the yellow jackets have made their nest near the chicken coop. Chickens are happy to feast on sluggish, half-asleep individuals.

According to observations, it was found that adult chickens eat weak or dead yellow jackets, rarely touching working individuals. The bird usually catches the males expelled from the family.

Domestic birds like to eat yellow jackets in the spring and winter periods. They eat yellow jackets only in rare cases when there is no other food. Yellow jackets do not pose a danger if there are few of them.

Not sure if it was a yellow jacket they ate? Check out this article on how to identify a yellow jacket.

Can You Feed Dead Yellow Jackets to Chickens?

Chickens eat dead yellow jackets. Usually first grinding them into powder, although chickens can swallow yellow jackets whole.

There are proteins and vitamins in dead yellow jackets, which also have some immune-modulatory properties.

If the yellow jackets died because you poisoned them with insecticides, then the poison may persist and get into the stomach of the chickens.

Yellow jackets can be carriers of parasites. By giving them such a top dressing from dead yellow jackets, you can infect your chickens with parasites.

Therefore, we can say that there are both benefits and harms from dead yellow jackets. You must decide for yourself whether it is worth feeding your chickens with such food.

Can Yellow Jackets Harm Chickens if Eaten?

Yellow jackets can sting chickens in the same way as other animals and humans. As an active defense, they use a sting located at the end of the abdomen.

Over the years of evolution, the ovipositor of females has turned into a solid tube. The smooth organ does not get stuck in the skin, so the insect can inflict many bites.

The sting is associated with a gland that produces poison. The chemical composition of the toxic substance varies depending on the genus of yellow jackets. Some types of yellow jackets are very poisonous.

In case of danger, the insect releases a special enzyme that calls for the help of the rest of the family. Disturbing one individual, you can face an attack of a whole swarm.

Can Yellow Jackets Kill Chickens?

Yes. A massive attack of yellow jackets can kill even adult chickens.

Lethal doses of yellow jacket venom:

  • Chicks – 3-5 bites
  • Chickens – 8-10 bites

If you consider that one yellow jacket can sting several times, it is quite dangerous to have yellow jackets near the chicken coop.

Its poison is not only the strongest allergen that causes a reaction (from oedema to death) but also an attack on the pheromone. The smell of the very first dose put into action works as a battle bugle-a signal to attack for the whole family. That is why you need to be careful at the nest itself.

The risk of aggression is greatly increased:

  • the bright colour of the feathers of chickens;
  • sudden movements of chickens and chicks that are perceived as an attempt to harm the nest;
  • the fear hormone that insects feel and get even more irritated from this.

Make sure that the yellow jackets do not get into the food or drink of the chickens. A live swallowed insect can sting a person in the oral cavity or in the esophagus, which sometimes leads to suffocation.

Do Yellow Jackets Sting Chickens?

Yes. In a battle of yellow jackets vs chicken, the chicken should win . Chickens will attempt to eat a yellow jacket if they have the opportunity to do so.

In the meantime, yellow jackets may also decide to sting a chicken. If a chicken is stung by a yellow jacket it shouldn’t be too harmful. Chickens don’t seem to be affected by the sting of a bee, wasp or yellow jackets the same way humans do.

If a yellow jacket can get its stinger through the feathers of a chicken, it may successfully sting the bird. Keep your chicken safe, destroy all yellow jacket nests that are near chicken coops.


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