How To Repel Raccoons But Not Cats and Dogs {This Will Surprise You}

Are you looking to repel racoons but you have cats or dogs?  Are you worried about harming your pet.

Are you wondering how to repel raccoons but not cats and dogs?

Below I will cover 5 ways that you can use to safely repel raccoons and keep your pets safe.

How To Repel Raccoons But Not Cats

The best way to repel raccoons with out harming your cat or dog it to install a motion capture sprinkler that will spray the raccoon with water when they go near. Also make sure the raccoon can not access food from places like your garbage can.

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Your cat or dog will learn to avoid the spray if they don’t like it.  You should also use a repellent spray to keep the raccoons away from your property.

Raccoon Repellents That Are Cat & Dog Safe

The best repellents that are dog and cat safe are

1. Rodent Sheriff Pest Spray

This solution repelling raccoons is in the form of a spray. One key feature of the Rodent Sheriff Pest Spray is that it can be sprayed to hard-to-reach areas, so you can get rid of rodents quickly. It is also formulated with peppermint formula to get rid of raccoons with a long-lasting fresh scent.  

Raccoons, mice, roaches, and other rodents hate the smell of peppermint. That is why they run away as soon as they smell the peppermint scent. This product is also formulated with natural ingredients; therefore, it is safe to spray in the garden, around trash cans, vehicles, garages, storage areas, attics, entry points around the house, or any sites that these unwanted creatures are hanging. This raccoon repellent is then safe to use around children, pets, and the environment. 

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This product is also economical in value as it contains two of the eight-ounce bottles, which is also enough for two thousand sprays. It is also considered to be effective in repelling mice, raccoons, roaches, and other rodents. It is important to note, though, that this solution is not weather-resistant. 

One of its drawbacks is that we recommend not to spray it on eatable plants or crops. We recommend also re-apply this raccoon repellent every three or four days if used outdoors. The reason for this is for maximum effectiveness when it is used outdoors. 

2. KEXMY 4 Pack Solar Powered Raccoon Repellent

The KEXMY solar-powered raccoon repellent is one of the most advanced repellents in the market. This product comes with ultrasonic motion sensor lights, which makes it 2x effective. You can control pests, and wild animals due to its dual red LED flashing lights.

Its technology allows this device to scare away pests and raccoons in your garden, farms, fields, and other areas you want to treat. Its light controls day and nighttime animals to protect your homes and crops. So you can sleep at night peacefully, knowing that this product will protect you and treat your raccoon issue for you. 

It also has an energy-saving feature that helps save electricity. Who does not love to save electricity, right?! This can also be installed in any place or area that you wish. This device has the capability of getting recharged automatically during the day so it can do its job and repel pests or other wild animals. 

Lastly, KEXMY raccoon repellent is known to be a high-quality repellent. They are not just functional and practical, but they are also easy to control and use. So you can be protected from nocturnal animals with this ultrasonic device, so make sure to try this out! 

3. Broox Solar Raccoon Repellent

The Broox Solar Raccoon repeller has dual charging options, as it comes with a solar and USB power input. So if you want to get an efficient yet effective pest control repellent, then this product is the right one for you. Did I mention that this device is ideal for outdoor use as well?!

One of this raccoon repellent’s cool features is that it has an ultrasonic deterrent for garden use, home, and grain fields. Its PIR motion detector makes it incomparable to other ultrasonic repellents. It is also eco-friendly and safe to use around pets, children, and the environment. 

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Its manufacturer makes this raccoon repellent accessible because they put the grounding and hanging option together. Another key feature is that the grounding stick is made durable for outdoor use. So it can get rid of unwanted pests or animals. 

Lastly, this raccoon repellent has an infrared induction lamp that captures pests and repels them quickly. Another advantage of the light is that it has ultra brightness that can scare pests and raccoons away. This repeller is ideal for getting rid of dogs, cats, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, rabbits, rats, moles, deer, and more. 

So make sure you try this product out and let us know your thoughts! 

4. Critter Ridder Animal Repellent

If you are tired of seeing pests or raccoons in your yard, then you might want to try the Critter Ridder Animal Repellent. This raccoon repellent is a long-lasting option for protecting your yard safe from animal infestation. This product is a sure and “humane” solution to your raccoon issue.

Studies have shown that the more senses a repellent target, the more effective it is as they are likely to repel nuisance animals such as raccoons, skunks, dogs, cats, squirrels, groundhogs, and chipmunks. This product overwhelms the raccoon’s sense of smell and taste, which helps them get away from your yard or the treated area and search for a more welcoming place. Its highly potent ingredients are humane and fast-acting in getting rid away pest animals from your yard or homes quickly.

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This raccoon repellent is made up of three natural ingredients: black pepper, piperine, and capsaicin, which irritates animals due to their strong and distinct taste and smell. This is considered an alternative to chemical repellents, as OMRI and USDA approve it in organic gardening use and an excellent solution for the most environmentally conscious gardeners. 

Lastly, this raccoon repellent is easy to use and ready to use. So whether you are a beginner or an expert in repelling raccoons, this is the best repellent you could use to get rid away of those pest animals. 

5. Bonide Repels-All Animal Repellent

The Bonide Repels-All Animal Repellent has a unique mix of ingredients that irritate the raccoon’s nasal passages. This product triggers the animal’s instinct to get away from your yards or homes. Its granules are also biodegradable, which means that they are non-toxic and would not cause harm to animals, lawns, gardens, flowerbeds, or other plants when directly used.

This raccoon repellent is formulated to repel various species such as squirrel, deer, rabbit, chipmunk, mouse, skunk, rat, beaver, raccoon, porcupine, bird, groundhog, and other rodent species. You may apply this repellent around your homes, garbage cans, barns, swimming pools, sheds, woodpiles, decks, patios, and campsites to prevent pesky animals from grazing, chewing, gnawing, nibbling, and browsing damage to your crops and property. 

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This product is also easy to apply because, unlike the typical repellent spray or oil, this product is meant to be sprinkled around your treated area. We recommend to lightly water the granules if there is no expected rain for maximum effectiveness. This product is long-lasting and can last up to 2 months. 

The Bonide is a trusted brand since 1926 in providing quality solutions for your pest problems. That is why we have included this in our top five recommended raccoon repellents, so you may be able to use only the best solutions in the market. 


We understand how difficult and challenging it is for first-timers to repel raccoons to choose the right product that is economical in value as much as it is functional. That is why we hope that our recommendations can help you in repelling raccoons in your yards and homes. 

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