How to Keep Squirrels Out of Fruit Trees: 8 Top Methods

Keeping squirrels out of fruit trees

I am trying to keep squirrels out of fruit trees, but still they manage to attack my fruit trees.  How to keep squirrels out of fruit trees?

The best way to keep squirrels out of fruit trees is to use multiple methods to repel them such as motion sensor water jets, fake predators, traps, nets and pruning the fruit tree.

The best way you can keep the squirrels away is to use a motion sensor water jet, you can check them out on amazon.

People having fruit trees, squirrels are their number one public enemy.  They are able to destroy all the fruits from a tree in just a few days, and I guess, some of you have also experienced that. Now, we want to know,

8 Ways To Keep Squirrels Away From Fruit Trees?

There are many ways which you can use like the organic repellents, water jets, fake predators, creating an alternate food source, trapping them, or even killing them.

But, Many times, using a single method doesn’t work well.

Suppose, you have created an alternate food source, after a few days, they will eat that, and ultimately, they are going to attack your fruit trees, unless you’re spending money on the alternate food again and again.

If you are determined to protect your fruit trees from squirrels, then I recommend, you use 3 to 4 methods simultaneously.

To keep squirrels away from fruit trees use 3 to 4 methods listed below

1. Water Jet : Use the water jet having motion sensors to detect any rodent and it will attack them with a hot jet of water. check them out on amazon.

YouTube video

2. Traps :  Place a few traps to catch those which are not scared with a water jet.

3. Fake Predators : Place a few fake snakes on the branches, and a few fake owls with rotating head. As they look natural, so they’ll surely scare a few of them. At first, I thought, these fake animals will not work, but I’ve to say, I was wrong. If you use correctly, chances are high that they’ll work.

4. Squirrel Baffle : Some squirrels are smart, and they don’t get caught in the trap, and they don’t scare with fake animals and water jet. For them, you have squirrel baffle. They cannot pass the baffle, because of its design. They’ll keep trying, and at the end, they’ll quit.

5. Prune Branches : Cut a few branches that are connected with the other trees. Otherwise, they will travel through branches from one tree to another, despite your all the efforts.  Try to keep at least 6 ft between other trees.

6. Netting : Use squirrel netting to create a physical barrier between fruits and rodents & birds. It is an excellent way that works really well. But, sometimes, it becomes difficult to use netting on big trees.

7. Alternative Food Source : You can give them another food source, like spreading fruits & nuts somewhere away from your tree.  This should help to keep them away from the fruit tree. But, it is not the best way to deal with them. They will still try to jump on your trees.

8. Poison : Finally, if everything doesn’t work, then use squirrel poison. It’s inhumane, and it’ll kill them. But, if you are willing to do anything to save your fruit trees, then go with the poison.

How Do You Keep Squirrels Away From Fruit Trees: More Information


Below I will go in to more details about the above methods

Use Water Jet

The best thing with these water jets is that they contain motion sensors, and therefore, when they detect a rodent-like a squirrel in your garden, it attacks that animal with a hot water jet.

This sudden water jet scares them and they run away.

It doesn’t hurt any animal, it just annoys them.

Another option available in the market to protect your fruit trees from squirrels and other animals are using ‘water jets’. Amongst this ‘Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Motion-Activated Sprinkler with Day & Night Detection Modes’ is the best product available which keeps these animals away from your gardens through a non-dangerous spray of water.

It has a distinctive day and night detection which offers 24*7 protections against animals raiding your garden or fruit trees. It also has a sensor technology for battery conservation and optimal use of water thus avoiding wastage of water and energy.

Use Fake Snakes & Owls

How to keep squirrels away

Let me tell you the truth.

At first, I thought “Hey, placing a fake owl or some fake snakes will be useless. It will not scare even a single squirrel.”

Still, I have never used it.

But, I was surprised to see that, a lot of people are purchasing these fake animals.


Because they really work.

You just have to change their positions after every few days, so that they look natural, and they will keep scaring them away.

Nowadays, you can easily afford a fake owl having a rotating head, and that looks very natural. Just place one or two near the fruit trees.

Fake snakes are cheaper than owls. Buy a couple of natural-looking snakes, and hang them on different branches, so these rubber snakes will scare them even if the squirrels managed to climb on your fruit tree.

Wild Republic Rubber Snake

People now-days use fake snakes on their fruit trees to scare-off and prevent the squirrels. This has proved to be useful as it’s a simple option that doesn’t harm these animals and simultaneously acts as tree protectors. Among these products, ‘Wild Republic Rubber Snake, Ball Python Toy’ is one such great buy available in the market.

These rubber snakes stay put in a coiled position and can expand up to a length of 46 inches which looks very realistic. It is also is made of durable materials that are extremely easy to clean by soap and water.

Dalen Gardeneer Solar Action Owl

Another great product in the market; this owl acts as a natural scarecrow and stops the squirrels from eating your fruits of the fruit trees. The biggest benefit here is that this owl is solar-powered and also has secondary power derived from wind, which means that it doesn’t need any batteries to run.

The owl moves its neck every few minutes with the power captured on the solar panels at the top of its head. This is life-size and quite a realistic product which easily scares all the animals and keeps them at a safe distance.

Use Squirrel Baffles

This is the best solution to keep squirrels out of fruit trees.

There are thousands of people are using them, and they are very happy because baffles do the job perfectly.

It becomes very difficult for squirrels to pass through a baffle.

But, if you have a fully grown tree having a very thick trunk, then it becomes very difficult to find a baffle for that.

There is no problem if the trunk is thin, but if it’s very thick, you may have to make a custom baffle by yourself.

Squirrels can jump up to 4 feet, so make sure, you place the baffle above this height.

YouTube video

This, a few seconds video explains everything. In the end, squirrel won, because it was not at a sufficient height.

Woodlink Post Mount Squirrel Baffle

A squirrel baffle is a very hands-on tool that keeps the animals away from your bird feeders and amongst all, Wood link Post Mount Squirrel Baffle is the most amazing baffle out there.

It is practical and efficient in keeping various animals away that include squirrels, rabbits, etc. It very easily slips on a 4×4 `pole and is designed with a split construction and 3 tabs screw which makes it quite smooth to use it on the pole. It is a steel baffle that is powder coated and has resistance finish which makes it a good buy

Squirrel Netting

For protecting fruit trees from birds and squirrels, netting is a very good method.

It doesn’t hurt any bird or animal, and at the same time, it gives the ultimate protection.

But make sure, you cover a tree from all the sides. If you leave even a small window, these rodents will use it, and they will eat your fruits in a few days.

Squirrel nettings are quite common and easy to use which keeps protects your fruit trees without harming the animals. Among these, the above-mentioned netting is one of the best that’s available in the market.

This is a 3*5 inch netting that offers maximum protection by providing a barrier to your product like peaches on peach trees etc. in a harmless manner.

It’s very lightweight with a thick exterior which is strong enough to hold out against bad weather conditions throughout the year. It folds and unfolds very easily which makes it reusable every season.

Catch Them with Traps

Catching them is also one of the best options you have against them.

There are many high performing traps out there that work extremely well.

When catching squirrels, you are going to need baits that attract them. Peanut butter, oranges, nuts, seeds can work well as bait.

Just place a few traps near the fruit trees, and soon, you’ll catch squirrels. In a few days, you’ll able to trap all the squirrels.

Another way of keeping the squirrels away from your fruit trees is by using traps. The above mentioned ‘Havahart 1079 Large 1-Door Humane Animal Trap’ is a great product in this line.

It has a spring-loaded door for safe catches and the door is made of rust-resistant wire with steel augmentation for long durability and maximum resistance against corrosion and also facilitates quick and safe entrapment.

 The strong doors and the steel mesh also protect the animals during transportation. It is a large cage with the dimensions of 32x12x10 inches and perfect for a secured and harmless catch.

Use Repellents

There are many organic rodent repellent sprays that can be used to protect your fruit trees.

You can spray them around your trees, and it’ll keep the squirrels away from your fruit trees. Not only squirrels, but these organic repellents also work on other rodents like raccoons, rats, rabbits, etc.

Ultrasonic Squirrel repellers can also give you success. Try them at least once.

Diaotec Ultrasonic Squirrel Pest Repeller

Diaotec Ultrasonic Electronic Mouse Mice Rat Squirrel Rodent Pest Repeller is a product that keeps these animals away from your gardens and fruit trees in a friendlier way.

This repeller contains dual speakers and transducer which emits high ultrasonic frequency waves which is inaudible to humans but is unpleasant and unbearable to these rodents thus keeping them away.

It is easy to use, covers large areas and creates no mess and toxicity. It is safer than poison and kinder than traps and minimizes your contact with these rodents thus keeping the area pest-free.

Alternative Food Audubon Park Critter Food

One of the best ways to keep the squirrel out of your fruit trees is by offering them alternative food and in that ‘Audubon Park 12243 Critter Crunch Wild Bird and Critter Food’ is the best choice. 

This food for squirrels is an attractive mixture of nuts and seeds which keeps the squirrels away from fruit trees while offering them substitute means of nutrition.

This feed includes ingredients like corn, peanut pieces, sunflower seeds, etc. and it can be fed to many other animals except squirrels like a chipmunk, rabbits, etc. It is a great option available at a reasonable price.

Use Poison

Use squirrel poison as your last option.

If you can protect your fruit trees from squirrels by using other methods, then there is no need to kill them.

Using poison is also dangerous for pets and children, as they can get into contact with it unknowingly.

So, I’ll recommend that; do not use it unless you have tried each and every other method.

The Neogen 116300 Diphacinone Rodenticide Bait is an all-weather rodenticide that will keep away the squirrels from your gardens and fruit trees.

This product is wax-free for greater sustainability and palatability. It can be used both indoors and outdoors since there is no risk of contamination of food by using this.

Neogen uses food processing technology to create highly attractive baits for these animals. It can also be used in damp areas and they kill the rodents within a week after the bait is consumed. This product is very efficient if you are looking for a permanent solution.

Final Words

Using one method against these squirrels may not be enough. You have to use more than one method to deal with them.

Follow these steps:

  • Repel them away with organic, chemical or electronic repellents from your fruit trees.
  • Use water jet, fake owls & snakes to scare them.
  • Use traps to catch the smart ones.
  • Use squirrel baffle so they can’t climb on the tree.
  • At last, if everything fails. Kill them with poison.

I hope this article helps.

If you have any question, or you want to share your experience, then feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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