Can Gnats Live In Your Hair? {Do Gnats Lay Eggs On People?}

Have you ever seen gnats in your hair? Can gnats live in your hair?

It’s always been a concern for my family and I when I consider that gnats are so tiny and I wonder if they can actually lay eggs or live in our hair.

I’m still not sure and therefore I did some research and wanted to share it with you. Why are gnats flying around my daughter’s hair more than my son’s?

In this article, we will find out why gnats hover around our heads and can gnats live in our hair?

Can Gnats Live In Your Hair?

No. You may have mistaken these gnats for head lice. Gnats cannot live in our hair and they do not lay eggs in there either. Gnats spend most of their time looking for moist food sources where they can lay their eggs.

The main reason why you may have noticed gnats around your hair, in your hair or over your head is because you’re using some sort of fragrance based shampoo or soaps that smell like fruits.

Gnats find the scent of fruits irresistible and may not be able to distinguish the fragrance from the real thing.

Do Gnats Get In People’s Hair?

Certain types of gnats have a higher tendency of getting inside people’s hair than others. For example, buffalo gnats are small humpbacked little flies that bite us. They can bite and crawl into heads in order to get right down to the scalp.

They enjoy biting and the marks can become worse than those of mosquitoes. They can cause bleeding and become very uncomfortable.

Buffalo gnats are actually black flies. Do not mistake them for the regular tiny little gnats that we are talking about it today.

Household gnats will not get into your hair and stay there. They are only attracted to it since your hair resembles a fragrance similar to fruits that they enjoy laying their eggs in. They will not lay eggs in your hair.

How Do You Get Rid of Gnats in Your Hair?

If you are a victim of gnats getting into your hair, know that this is not something that is going to become a nuisance if you stop using scented shampoos.

First of all, you can change the fragrant shampoo and cleansers that you are using. This may stop the problem altogether.

If you wish to continue using the products that you enjoy, you may also consider creating a homemade gnat killer spray.

All you need is a half cup of water, half cup of isopropyl alcohol and 1 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid in the spray bottle. Spray the gnats where you see them.

If you choose to spray your head with this solution, you should take a shower afterwards. We do not recommend alcohol at this amount sprayed on your head. It is more of a recommendation for spraying gnats that are hovering over your head, in the kitchen or bathroom.

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Do Gnats Lay Eggs on Humans?

No. Gnats do not lay eggs on humans. They choose to lay their eggs inside ripe or unripe fruits. As the fruits begin to rot, the larvae will develop into mature adult gnats.

As humans, we don’t provide enough of a moist environment where gnats can thrive. They need to search for food sources that are decaying or rotting or garbage bins that contain organic slime.

Why Do Gnats Keep Flying in My Hair?

The very simple answer as to why gnats keep flying into your hair is that they are attracted to the scents that you are using. It’s probably attributed to the shampoo that you apply to your hair daily.

If you’re using fruity or sweet aromas, fragrances and perfumes that are added to shampoos and other personal hygiene products, this may attract gnats to your head, face or hair.

Where Do Gnats Lay Their Eggs?

Thankfully gnats do not lay eggs in your hair. They will search for other areas including the following:

  • drain lines
  • garbage disposals
  • garbage cans
  • recycle containers
  • fruits and vegetables
  • rotting or decaying foods

Even though you may see gnats attracted to you, they are only trying to check out the sweet-smelling odor that is coming off of you.

Once they realize that this is not a food source and only a fragrance, they will not be able to utilize you in any way. You are not a food source or a prime location for them to lay eggs.

Why Are There Gnats on My Face?

Gnats are attracted to sweet scented fragrances around our face. Many facial products or cosmetics involve sweet-smelling nectars that derive from fruits, honey or other natural sources.

Gnats are also drawn in by body heat, moisture and perspiration. This is why you may see gnats flying around people and pets.

If you have moisture around your eyes, mouth or nose, you may end up attracting gnats to your face. Thankfully, they will not seek to lay any eggs on you or live in your hair.


Gnats are attracted to light and moisture. They are annoying and they can make a high-pitch buzzing sound that would bother us while we are asleep. They are not dangerous, do not carry diseases but are definitely annoying.

They can ruin our food, but will not enter our bodies or bite us. They can hover around our heads, but will not live in our hair. If we’re using shampoo with fragrant odors that resemble fruits, nectar of flowers, honey or other sweet scents, we may be attracting gnats over to us.

This is why it’s important to use scent free shampoos if you are susceptible to gnats flying around you. Gnats are also drawn to moisture or perspiration. Scented skincare products should be avoided as well.


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