How Are Gnats Getting in My Fridge and Freezer? {Do Gnats Carry Diseases?}

Gnats are ridiculously annoying when they get into your home and specifically your kitchen. The worst part of all is when they infest your food storage spaces.

I’m left wondering, “How Are Gnats Getting in My Fridge and Freezer?”

Where do gnats come from and do they carry diseases? How can I make sure they stay out of my fridge and freezer for good?

You’ve landed at the right article to tackle this issue once and for all. Let’s find out how are gnats getting in my fridge and freezer so you won’t have to struggle as much as I did.

How Are Gnats Getting in My Fridge and Freezer?

Gnats are most likely getting inside the refrigerator or freezer because they were already on a vegetable or food item that you had purchased recently.

You may have unsuspectingly brought it into your house and then placed your food in your fridge without knowing that gnats were already on it. You will have to wash all organic foods especially under the tap before you place them in the fridge or freezer.

The seals of your fridge and freezer doors can also wear out or be filled with debris that prevents it from closing tightly.

At this point you won’t have to wash out the fridge and freezer with hot water, dish soap and vinegar to kill off any gnats who should have gotten in there.

Why Are There Gnats in My Refrigerator and Freezer?

Gnats could have entered your refrigerator and freezer with the food that you brought in and placed in there without washing it first.

This is essentially what happens when we bring in organic food because they haven’t been treated with chemicals and it becomes inviting for gnats to infest it without us knowing.

Another big reason why gnats may have entered your refrigerator and freezer is because the fridge door gaskets are not tightly sealed enough anymore. They may have worn out over the years or debris has filled alongside the gasket causing it to not close properly.

If the freezer door doesn’t close, then it’s easy for these tiny little nuisance pests to enter and have a free-for-all with the food that’s available in there that’s opened.

Top 3 Reasons Why Gnats Are In Your Fridge or Freezer

  1. a problem with the fridge door gasket
  2. food is decaying or rotting in your fridge or freezer
  3. gnats were already infesting a produce item that you put into the fridge or freezer without you knowing

1. Fridge door gasket not sealed properly

The fridge door gasket can wear out over time. This is like an elastic strip attached to the outside of the refrigerator door. The older your refrigerator is, the more this strip can wear out. It can cause the door to not close properly.

Also, debris can end up blocking the tight seal. Start with cleaning out this door gasket thoroughly and see if it can close tightly.

Next, stick a piece of paper through it to see if you can pull it out without any tension. If the paper easily slides out of the door, then your fridge or freezer doors are not sealing properly.

2. Decaying or rotting food

The refrigerator is an area where we have to manage properly. We have to take note of what are we putting in there and how long it’s been in there. This is especially the case with foods that can go bad quickly.

If you’re putting in fruits or vegetables, you have to make sure that they are not rotting. If so, this will be an invitation for gnats to enter. They cannot resist the smell of rotting or decaying fruits and vegetables.

3. They were already on the produce before you brought it home

Gnats were already infesting whatever you had intended to place into your fridge and save for later. It’s not your fault that you didn’t see them. These creatures are extremely tiny and they’ll find their way into bags or containers in the grocery store.

Make sure you are shopping at reputable locations that take pride in their produce. You may notice cheap prices at one location compared to another, but sometimes it’s too good to be true.

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Why Are Fruit Flies in My Fridge?

Fruit flies are like gnats that love to seek out food that is rotting, decaying or overripe. They haunt your kitchen, pantries, fridge or freezer until there’s an infestation.

If you left an open can of food, open containers like Tupperware or open bags of fruit and vegetables, then fruit flies or gnats may have bred inside this area.

You must take everything out, inspect them carefully and decide whether or not to throw them away. Organic food that has remained open are probably infested. Time to clean the fridge and freezer.

How Do You Clean a Bug Infested Refrigerator?

If you have a fridge that is infested with bugs, it’s time to take everything out.

  1. Wash out the fridge with hot water and dishwashing soap.
  2. Add vinegar to the solution as well for an extra punch. Lemon juice also works well in this case.
  3. Use a rag or sponge and dip it into the solution.
  4. Wipe the area then thoroughly rinse it with hot water and clean towels.

What Can You Do for a Gnat Infestation?

If you have a gnat infestation you can create a solution to help combat these terrible nuisance pests that are so tiny, but so annoying.

It’s awful when you have to throw out food that you had bought recently from the store and now it’s unusable and inedible.

  • Get a spray bottle
  • Drop a tablespoon of vinegar in it
  • Add 34 drops of dish soap
  • Fill the rest of the bottle with water

Spray this directly on the gnats or in any areas where you have noticed them. Vinegar is also harmless for plants and you can use them to spray on the leaves, stems or the surrounding pot.

Where Do Gnats Come From?

Gnats usually come from the eggs that they lay in fruits that are unripe. The fruit starts to rot and the larvae starts to eat it up.

Finally, they grow up and become adult gnats. They can easily enter your home through the tiniest cracks, open doors or windows.

They may enter the home through the garbage bin or when you bring home groceries. If you’re leaving open fruits and vegetables in your freezer or refrigerator, gnats can enter this area as well.

Do Gnats Carry Disease?

Gnats are not known to carry any diseases. Sometimes gnats can indirectly contribute to the transmission of pink eye. This is also known as conjunctivitis. They can affect humans and livestock in this way. In some cases, gnats can bite humans but they do not carry any diseases.


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