Can Yellow Jackets Sting Through Jeans? {Are You Safe?}

Have you ever been stung or seen someone stung by a yellow jacket before? Were they wearing jeans and you thought, “Can yellow jackets sting through jeans?”

Did you ever wonder if it was the colour or type of your clothes that attracted it?

Are you safe from a sting if you are wearing denim jeans?

Can Yellow Jackets Sting Through Jeans?

Yes, yellow jackets can sting through jeans but they will find it harder to sting you than other clothes. Jeans will typically give you more protection from a yellow jacket sting.

It is also no doubt that bright colours speak for themselves. They are very attractive to both humans and insects. Yellow jackets are not left out of the attraction trait of insects to colours.

Can Yellow Jackets Sting Through Jeans

Their eyes are made so that they are attracted to flowers, and since most flowers are colourful, they see everything bright as flowers, including clothes.

Wasps are also attracted to dark colours, but this time it is so because some of their enemies have dark colours. They are very defensive about their territory; hence, they can mistake the dark colour cloth for a predator and then sting you.

Yellow jackets love sweet things and are hence attracted to drinks, refuse bins, and foods. They are also attracted to flowers, which is why they disturb your picnics or get-together in an open place.

The thickness of your clothes can also make you vulnerable to attacks by yellow jackets.

Their stings are direct and very painful. So, if you put on clothes that are light in weight, it is easier for the sting to get to you, but if you are on thicker ones like jeans, it won’t be easy to penetrate it and get to your skin.

What Colours are Yellow Jackets Attracted To?

Generally, yellow jackets are attracted to all colours except red. Their eyes are wired in a way such that they do not see red colours.

If you put on a light blue jean, a dark blue jean, black denim jean, or any bright colour jean, your are prone to be attacked by a yellow jacket.

But if you are putting on red jeans, you are almost a hundred percent free from wasps sting. First, you are putting on thicker jeans, and secondly, the red colour on the jean makes you invincible to the wasps.

What Types of Clothes Can Yellow Jackets Sting Through?

Yellow jackets can sting through any type of cloth except thick clothes. If you are going to work in the garden or places you suspect are full of these wasps, you should put on thick clothes. Imagine that you were putting on very lightweight jeans when the yellow guys were attacking you.

You will find out that the sting of the wasps got through to your skin easily even though it just perched because there were no under layers on the clothes covering your skin.

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Also, sometimes putting on clothes with double linen can sometimes be dangerous because the sting might penetrate the first light layer of the clothing, attaching itself to the inner linen of the clothes and causing multiple stings.

Yellow jackets can also sting through tight clothes. Since the clothes lap on your skin tightly, it will be easy for the sting to get to you.

So, if you are going close to a wasps net or an area disturbed by wasps, wear free clothing to prevent the stings from getting to you.

Recommended Clothes to Wear Near a Yellow Jacket Nest

Heavy clothes do the magic. If you want to go near a yellow jacket nest or a garden infested by yellow jackets, it is important to cover yourself up with thick clothes like jackets, sweaters, jeans, and other heavy or thick wears.

Make sure that the colours are not too loud or too dark and that they do not have floral designs that make you look like flowers or enemies to them.

Asides from heavy clothes, wear very free clothes when going close to their nests. It prevents their sting from getting to you.

What Types of Clothing Should be Avoided Near Yellow Jackets?

Avoid wearing coloured clothing near yellow jackets. Colours like yellow, white, pitch, pink, green, blue, grey, and black on clothes attract these wasps. Also, avoid wearing sweet perfumes that attract them too.

If you must put on floral clothes or bright colour clothes when going out, ensure to rub a yellow jacket repellent, and wear a peppermint perfume. Since the wasps are sensitive to peppermint, it will be a good way of keeping them far from you.

If you are going to destroy a yellow jacket nest, make sure to wear a fully covered heavy jacket, thick gloves, headgear, and eye covers. Wearing a red colour jacket will also help to keep them far from you.

Avoid wearing tight clothes when going close to yellow jackets. Loose clothing makes it difficult for the sting to get to you, but if you are wearing tight clothes, the sting will get to you easily. Tightly woven denim fabrics can also be helpful; it will prevent the sting from getting to you.

Can Yellow Jackets Sting Through Clothes?

Yes. Yellow jackets sting directly through your clothes. The thinner your clothes, the  more likely you will be able to be stung by a yellow jacket.

Unfortunately, a yellow jacket can also sting you multiple times compared to a bee. Take some necessary precautions. Keep your clothes free of floral scents. Also make sure your clothes are not too bright in colors if you’re in an area where you suspect yellow jackets to reside.

Wearing thick jeans may protect you from some yellow jackets, but if they are determined to do so, they can still sting through them.

Are Yellow Jackets Attracted to Red?

Yellow Jackets are not attracted to the color red. Red seems to be a color that a yellow jacket cannot detect. Your red clothes can be invisible to a yellow jacket.

This doesn’t mean that red is the best color to wear if you are near yellow jackets. The best overall choice of clothing color would have to be white. White is void of all colors and does not attract any yellow jackets.

The darker the red the more likely it can be as a predatory threat. The lighter the red, the more likely it can be seen as a pink flower.

Stick to a neutral red that is invisible to the eye of a yellow jacket or wear white instead.


Yellow jackets are territorial wasps. They can be very aggressive and relentless when defending their nests.

Once you provoke one of them, they can chase you for long miles. Hence it is advisable to avoid anything that attracts them to you. From wearing tight clothes, sweet or floral perfumes, bright colour clothes, or lightweight clothes are avoided.

These wasps sting more than once, compared to bees. So if stung by them, it can result in inflammation and allergy. Wear thick clothes or red colour clothes to keep them away from you.

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