Chipmunk Poop: Identification of Chipmunk Droppings

If you’re an inexperienced person, then it can be difficult to identify chipmunk poop from the droppings of other rodents like rats, mice, voles, etc.

This is because, the chipmunk droppings look similar to the mouse & rat poop, and therefore, a lot of people become confused between them.

Today, in this article, you’ll get the answers to your questions. So, let’s take a look to them.

Identify Chipmunk Poop

Chipmunk Poop Identification

What does chipmunk poop look like?

There are many animals which have similar feces like rats, mice, squirrels, voles, and bats. But, the droppings can change because of their health and diet.

So, if you try to identify the feces by just comparing them with pictures, then it can be difficult to find. Check this picture of poop that is published by

Chipmunk Dropping Images

Generally, in appearance, chipmunk droppings are closely related to the mouse poop. But, the size of feces is often larger than the rats or mice poop. You can say, approximately, ¼ inches or more. Their droppings are generally hardened than the mice’s.

The size generally stays between ½ to ¾ inches.

How to clean chipmunk poop?

They look cute, but their droppings can be very toxic and dangerous to the humans.

The air bubbles which present around the chipmunk poop can contain spores that may contain the bacteria and the transferable diseases.

So, when you attempt to clean chipmunk poop, make sure you have the proper clothing, containing gloves & a dust mask.

What to do if Chipmunks are present?

So, if you’ve successfully identified the chipmunk poop, and you’re sure that, they are present on your property.

Then, what to do now?

The best thing which you can do to get rid of them is using traps. Using them is the best way because you can not rely on home remedies. And, you wouldn’t want to use poison in your garden, because you have plants, and it can be dangerous for pets & children.

If you use traps carefully, then these are the least dangerous and give you the best results.

And, if you want to get rid of them, then there is nothing better than Havahart One Door Trap for Chipmunks.

I suggest you this because it is trusted by thousands of users, and they’re happy. Another thing that I like is, it is not very costly. That’s why, whether you’re purchasing it online or from a general store, at least check the Havahart One Door Trap at least once.

Final Words

Sometimes, it can be difficult for a normal person to identify between chipmunk poop vs mouse poop because the feces can change according to the diet and health of the rodent.

But, if you find difficulty in it, then you can take the help of any professionals.

After finding the presence of these rodents, make sure to use traps. In the detailed article about chipmunk traps, you can learn more.

So, have you identify the droppings?

Let us know in the comments section.

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