Killing Rats with Antifreeze: Will It Kill Squirrels, Chipmunks, & Others?

What if I told you antifreeze kills rats & other rodents like squirrels, chipmunks, & mice, but you should not use it?

Yes, you heard it right.

Antifreeze works as an excellent pest control poison that can be used to eliminate rodents from your home.

But, it is highly dangerous.

I recommend that you should not use it to deal with rodents because it is highly dangerous to dogs & cats.

Will antifreeze kill rats

How It Kills Rats & Other Rodents?

The active ingredient in Antifreeze is Ethylene Glycol. It has a sweet taste, and therefore it attracts rodents.

It is a powerful poison that is able to kill rodents like rats, chipmunks, mice, squirrels etc. They drink it and die.

But, Don’t Use Antifreeze to Kill Rats

Should I use Antifreeze for Pest Control?


There can be a thousand ways it can go wrong.

According to Dr. Cynthia Maro, This is highly toxic. It has to be diagnosed and treated within a few hours, otherwise, there will be a complete kidney failure.

1 teaspoon of antifreeze can kill an average sized cat, while 3 tablespoons can kill an average sized dog. You can check this news article on ITV, where a dog dies after eating a ham laced with antifreeze.

Because of its sweet taste, cats & dogs get attracted towards it.

I highly recommend you watch this video at least once.

Here, Morkel Pienaar tells what happens if your dog or cat drink antifreeze, and what to do next.

This video is very important for pet owners, and that’s why I’m pushing you to watch it.

Use These Methods Instead of Antifreeze

Peppermint Oil: You can repel the rats & mice with peppermint oil. This is not the strongest home remedy, but you can try it once if you already have peppermint oil in your home. Check this article for more information.

Coke: Coke is very common nowadays. People say that coke can kill rats because they are not able to get rid of the gas that coke produces. However, it’s not very successful, but you can read this article about using coke for rat control for more information.

Electronic Repellents: The electronic rodent repellents are becoming more popular these days. They produce high-frequency sound waves that rodent hates. They work really well, and people love them because it repels rodents. To find the best ultrasonic repellers, read this helpful article.

Poison: As told earlier, antifreeze kills rats, but it’s not safe. So, you can use rat poison. But, just like antifreeze, it is also harmful to pets if they eat it. Along with that, rodents will die in any corner of your house, and they’ll produce an unbearable smell. So, personally, I don’t like rat poison. But, still, if you want to use, then choose the best rat poison for killing these rodents.

Traps: Yes, electronic rat traps are probably the best choice you have. They are designed in such a way that, only rats & mice can enter. You can find live cage traps & the electronic traps that just kill them in a humane way, in seconds. Find the best rat traps in this article.

Final Words

So, the antifreeze works as a homemade rat poison.

But, along with rodent, it is deadly for pets also.

I recommend that you do not use antifreeze for killing rats, use other methods like electronic lethal traps or repellers.

If you have a question or want to share something, then feel free to use the comment section.

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  1. We have chipmunks under our front brick steps and now we hear them Peking under the front door. There’s no holes so we don’t know what to use or do please any advice you can give us todo or try. Thank you

    1. Hello Muriel, Sorry for late reply.
      If you have chipmunks under the door, and it means, they have created tunnels under your house, and the openings or holes are somewhere else. You can try to locate these holes near your house, it can be in the neighbor’s garden or in the public park. Once you locate the holes, then place poison bait or chipmunk traps to kill them.
      If you are not able to find holes or you these methods on someone else’s property, then create a hole for them, and use bait or traps.
      Hope this helps.

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