Can You See Fleas With A Black Light?

Can You See Fleas With A Black Light

Have you ever wondered if fleas were visible with a black light?

Instead of getting bitten up, wouldn’t it be nice to see them before you a good night’s sleep? Can You See Fleas With A Black Light?

Yes you can see fleas with a black light because there bodies absorb the light which makes them easily viable.  If the lighting is poor you will easily be able to see the fleas with a black light.

Find out how to see fleas and prevent them from biting while you’re sound asleep.

Do Fleas Glow Under UV Light?

Fleas are tiny and cannot be seen. This is not good when it comes to dosing off to sleep, waking up the next morning with small little itchy bites that will keep you up scratching. That’s why you should use a UV light before you snuggle up for some Z’s, able to see if you have any on your seemingly cozy abode.

Fleas glow under UV light thanks to properties in their skin, which absorb and reflex the light. Using UV light is a good way to spot them so you don’t take any chances. Still, identifying them and knowing that they are there is only one part of the problem, calling for some way to get rid of them so they don’t bite.

Fleas do not like natural light, which could make them harder to find during the day. Instead, you should:

  1. Turn off the lights
  2. Turn on a UV light
  3. Search around corners, under blankets, and on mattresses to see if you find signs of fleas

Once you see them glowing, that’s an indicator that you should take steps to get rid of them, using one of many tactics. We’ll share a few of those below along with a trick you can do with lighting.

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Are Fleas Attracted to UV Light?

Just like many other creepy crawlers, these tiny jumping insects have an affinity for UV light, flocking toward it when they see it. That’s the reason why many bug zappers have feature glowing UV light, used as a way to attract all kinds of insects and zap them so they aren’t swarming around you anymore.

Adding a UV light outside of your bed, tent, or sleeping bag could be a way to prevent fleas from hopping over to you and your sleeping area while you nap.

If you’re in a place where fleas are prevalent and are trying to find an effective way to get and keep them away, UV light could be the way to go. Keep in mind that fleas will only flock to UV light if they:

  • Have a sufficient amount of food
  • Are not in favorable conditions
  • Are close enough to UV light to be able to sense and see it

Does UV Light Kill Fleas?

UV light does attract fleas but, does it kill them? The answer is yes but, it takes a very long time. UV light has radiation, something that affects cells of all living things. With continued exposure, it can start to manipulate and mutate cells, killing them or turning them into cancer-causing cells.

While that sounds like something that could kill pretty fast, this entire process happens over a long period of time, something that you don’t want with bugs. Plus, fleas can feel the effects of UV lights and will start to move away and out when they feel it taking effect. Instead of using UV light to kill fleas, you should consider:

  • A powerful vacuum
  • A steam cleaner with really hot steam
  • A washing machine with lots of bleach
  • Chemicals that will wipe out fleas and other tiny insects.

Do Fleas Like Light or Darkness?

Due to fleas’ genetic makeup, they cannot see red light. What they can see however is yellow light, something that they are mostly attracted to. Fleas do like yellow light but they also light darkness, so long as it’s quick.

When exposed to light and switching lights off quickly, these little jumping insects think it’s a shadow and await their next feast. When observing fleas in different lighting conditions, researchers found that fleas will move around from place to place depending on the circumstances.

They do light to be exposed to light and will gravitate toward it if they are in a dark place. However, not just any light will do, with many fleas very sensitive to sunlight.

Due to their affinity for light, you could set up a small contraption to get rid of them quickly using just a light bulb and a small shallow pan of water.

To execute, simply:

  • Turn on the light bulb
  • Fill the pan with water
  • String the light bulb above the water
  • The fleas will jump in the water to get to the light and eventually drown

Knowing if fleas are attracted to light can help you get rid of them, avoiding getting bitten, and sleeping soundly wherever you may roam. Shine some light and see where they are, protecting your space.

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