Are Fleas More Active at Night? {Why?}

Are you wondering if fleas are nocturnal? Are fleas more active at night?

What time of the day are fleas not active? Why do you get bit more at night by fleas compared to daytime?

In this article, we will find out if fleas are more active at night.

Are Fleas More Active at Night?

Yes. Fleas and bed bugs are both loosely referred to as being nocturnal. This is because they are more active at night. It is harder to spot fleas at night.

They are drawn to the carbon dioxide and body heat from the host who is lying still and breathing deeply.

What Time of Day are Fleas Least Active?

Flease begin most of their activity during sunset and are least active at sunrise. Usually by the time the sun rises, they should they should be full after biting you repeatedly when you are asleep.

During the dusk hours, egg production begins. They begin moving around much more.

Fleas are not entirely nocturnal. This is because they do not enter deep sleep. They are still active during the day producing eggs and dropping feces.

Why do Fleas Bite More at Night?

Fleas are biting you more at night because they like to hide in dark places. Your bedroom is a perfect location for fleas to hide.

They are also loosely referred to as being nocturnal. This is why they are more active at night. They will bite you while you are asleep.

Your body heat and carbon dioxide that you produce while you’re exhaling and sleeping soundly create the perfect situation for them to begin biting you. They are looking for a blood meal in order to survive.

Your bedroom is an ideal location for fleas to bite more at night. A flea could wait for 2 weeks or up to 90 days in some cases in your bedroom until you return from a long vacation.

Are Fleas More Active at Night on Dogs?

Yes. Dog may sleep for 10 to 14 hours a day on and off. At night dogs enter a deeper sleep . Fleas don’t sleep the way dogs and other animals do.

They do have circadian rhythms of activity and rest, but they are more active at night. If you would like to set up flea traps, set them at night, do so near a dog.

Dogs that are sleeping at night or giving off body heat and carbon dioxide attracts fleas to them. They can go unnoticed inside the fur of a dog and feast all night without any human interruption.

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What Are Fleas Attracted To?

Fleas are attracted to:

  • light
  • heat
  • carbon dioxide
  • air movement

Fleas are always looking for a suitable host. They can jump from one host to another. They are attracted to light and heat when other hosts are nearby.

The carbon dioxide and body heat that we give off, helps to highlight and detect a suitable host. When we are motionless at night, fleas are able to jump on our bodies and receive their blood meal without us noticing.

We are providing the perfect situation for them to feast. It is dark, we are giving off body heat, and we are exhaling carbon dioxide which is a perfect cocktail for fleas to arrive and dine on our blood.

Do Fleas Hide in Pillows?

Yes. Please hide in:

  • Pillows
  • Mattresses
  • Bed sheets
  • Blankets
  • Cushions
  • Carpeting
  • Nightstands
  • Wardrobes
  • Closets
  • Carpeting

They will be more active during the night time. This is when we shut down.

We lie down in our beds and start giving off a lot of body heat and carbon dioxide. Flease will come out of hiding at this point and begin biting us.

Do Fleas Sleep?

Fleas go through cycles of rest and activity but they do not sleep for the night or day. They are nocturnal in a sense that they are more active at night.

This is loosely based because they are also active during the day,  moving around, producing eggs and breathing. They are not completely inactive.

Adult fleas can enter dormant States for three to five months. During this time they can survive without a blood host. This is not the same as going to sleep. This is more common during the winter season.

What do Fleas Do During the Day?

Fleas continue to move around slightly during the day. Their activity gradually decreases at sunrise. Their lowest point of activities is around dawn.

Egg-laying occurs during the day. It may also occur during the night. Flease are more active at night while they are biting and eating. During the day they can still be excreting their feces.

Why Are Fleas Worse at Night?

Fleas are worse at night because they are loosely referred to as nocturnal animals. They are always active, but their activity levels rise at night. They are parasites and they thrive on the blood of mammals.

Our warm bodies lay to rest for many hours during the night and we give off carbon dioxide which attracts fleas who are searching for their next meal. They will not be disturbed during the night.

They can bite you multiple times without you noticing until the next morning. If you were awake, you would be able to notice a flea or feel a bite much faster.

This is an evolutionary advantage of fleas who have realized or adapted to becoming more active at night in order to achieve their goal of receiving nightly blood meals.


Make sure to keep your bedroom clean and clear to remove any obstacles or advantages for fleas to infest. Vacuum your bedroom, carpets and floors completely.

Make sure that there are no chances for adult fleas to lay eggs in your bedroom. Sprinkle some table salt and baking soda around your bed. These two items are readily available and non-toxic.

After you leave this solution on your bed or around the bedroom, you can be assured that fleas will dehydrate if they make any contact with it.

Before you go to sleep, you can vacuum the salt and baking soda and sleep soundly.


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