Ortho Snake B Gon Review | Safe for Dogs & Cats

Do you want to get rid of snakes, but without hurting them?

If Yes, then Ortho Snake B Gon Snake Repellent Granules can be very helpful for you.

It prevents snakes from entering in your garden and repels them from your property. These granules work as an excellent repellent for these reptiles.

Today, you’re going to read a genuine & unbiased review of Ortho Snake B Gon Repellent. You’ll find out whether it works or not, how to use it, and the most important question.

Does it really worth it?

So, let’s read the snake b gon review.

Ortho B Gon Review

Does it work?

According to the Company, it prevents snakes from entering, foraging, and nesting in your garden with its long-lasting “no-stink” formula.

It covers approximately 1440 sq. ft.

A snake is highly dependent on its tongue because it helps in collecting chemicals from the air, and also helps to smell. With the help of their tongue, snakes find their food and the best place for their nest.

These snake repellent granules disturb & irritate their tongue. The special formula attack on their sense of smell, so they can’t smell their prey. To avoid that, snakes will move to the fresher air, away from your garden.

Don’t worry, snakes will be fine.

Now, you’re thinking,

Company always says that their product is quite good”.

No one says their product is useless”.

But, what the users say?

That’s the thing, which matters.

The users of Ortho B Gon are quite happy with its performance, because it works great, and repel the reptiles.

There are hundreds of consumers, who bought this product and found it helpful.

All I can say is that IT WORKS.

You can also check the real customer reviews.

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Safe for Humans, Pets, & Plants

When it’s used as directed, and then ortho snake repellent is safe for pets, humans, and plants.

You don’t have to worry about your garden, your dog or cat. They’ll be fine near the granules.

How to use it?

Before using this product read all the instructions carefully. They’re very helpful.

Shake the bottle side to side to dispense the granules. By shaking the bottle, you can properly mix the ingredients. It’s necessary to mix the ingredients.

Now, it’s time to apply.

Apply liberally on the turf & soil in your garden, and around the plants & flowers.

What are the active ingredients in Ortho B Gon?

In the snake repelling granules, Company used organic substances like Cinnamon Oil, Peppermint Oil, Castor Oil, and Clove Oil.

These are the natural things which don’t do any harm to your garden, and they’re safe for pets & human.

There are no chemicals or pesticides included in this product, which makes it user-friendly.

Should I Buy Ortho Snake B Gon?

There are a lot of users who support Snake B Gon.

But, at the same time, some people also say that it’s a useless product.

If you’ve snakes in your garden, then at least try it, because it’s very cheap, and doesn’t cost much money.

Check Price & Reviews on Amazon

If you’ve used any dog safe snake repellent, then please share your experience. It’ll be highly beneficial for our readers.

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