Does Sevin Dust Kill Yellow Jackets? {Is it Any Good?}

Have you ever tried using Sevin Dust to kill yellow jackets?

Do you wonder if Sevin Dust helps kill yellow jackets?

Does it work and is it any good? Let’s find out!

Does Sevin Dust Kill Yellow Jackets?

Sevin powder kills yellow jackets. However, they are not fast killers of the wasps; It takes about three to seven days to act on them.

Does Sevin Dust Kill Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets are one of the most common household pests disturbing homes in the US. They move in groups, building nests in and around houses. They can be very annoying.

These social wasps are known to disturb more during the August and September.  They tend to be aggressive and sting.

The stinging habit of the yellow jacket is a way of protecting themselves when they sense danger.

Can You Use Sevin Dust on Yellow Jackets?

Yes, you can use Sevin dust on yellow jackets. The dust will stick to the yellow jacket and will kill them within a few days, Best of all, they will pass the dust on to other yellow jackets which will also kill them.

The substance contains an active ingredient known as carbaryl that destroys the internal system of the insect, causing it to die. When the insects come in contact with the dust, it kills the insects.

How Do You Use Sevin Dust to Kill Yellow Jackets?

You kill yellow jackets by using Sevin Dust in three ways.

1. Applying the Concentrate

Mix a certain amount of Sevin concentrate as you are instructed by a professional pest controller with water and stir very well. Spray the nest or their hideouts thoroughly with the mixture. Ensure to allow space for the wasps to fly out.

2. Applying the Powder

You can attack the nest or their hideouts by exposing it to the powder. Pour the powder into the nest and on the entrance of the hole. Quickly leave the place to give space for the ones affected by the Sevin dust to fly out to open space.

3. Spraying

You can also use Sevin dust to spray on trees, gardens, and any outdoor area where they disturb. While spraying, make sure you cover the spaces that let them out to avoid them biting open other places to escape.

To be free from their disturbance, treat again after a while. Repeat treatment often; this will make sure they do not return to that area again.

Also, we advise carrying out treatment either in the early hours of the morning or at sunset. This is because the wasps are inactive during these times, and they will find it difficult to find and sting you.

Below is a video which shows someone applying the dust to a yellow jacket nest

YouTube video

Sevin dust, just like other pesticides, contains chemicals that are harmful to the lungs, skin, and eyes. Hence, we advise that you put on protective materials such as a thick overall, eye gears, nose masks, and gloves, and a protective pair of shoes.

This is to protect you from direct contact with the chemical and stings from the wasps.

Precautions for Using the Dust on Yellow Jackets

When using Sevin to treat or kill these insects, there are certain precautions to take. They include:

  • Wear protective outfits.
  • Avoid closing the entrance of their nest.
  • Carry out treatment when they are not active.
  • Do not wear clothes with colors that attract them.
  • Avoid wearing perfumes that attract them.

How Long Does It Take for Sevin Dust to Kill Yellow Jackets?

Twenty-four to Forty-Eight Hours. It’s all about finding where the yellow jackets are entering and exiting your property. Find those openings and begin to dust the areas with Sevin Dust.

The dust will cling to the hairs of yellow jackets and also get all over their legs. They will take this harmful dust and carry it back into their nests.

The entire colony of yellow jackets can die within 24 to 48 hours. This is why we advocate the use of Sevin Dust for yellow jackets. We also enjoy the fact that it isn’t harmful for humans and plants.

Is Sevin Dust Harmful to Humans?

Sevin Dust powder is not supposed to be harmful for people or pets. This doesn’t mean that it is absolutely harmless.

Sevendust should not be inhaled by people or pets. The ingredient in Sevin dust that is toxic is called carbaryl. It is known to cause the following conditions in rare cases:

  • Dizziness
  • Weakness
  • Slurred speech
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

Use caution when applying Sevin Dust powder indoors. The poison from this powder can fill the lungs and harm your respiratory system.

In outdoor settings, Sevin dust claims to be one of the least harmful pesticides available for killing yellow jackets.

Can You Use Sevin Dust in Your House?

No. Due to some of the rare instances of Sevin dust causing nausea, vomiting or even seizures, it is not recommended to use indoors.

The powder is a known pesticide containing carbaryl which is lethal to pests and unhealthy for humans or pets. The company mentions that it is not recommended for the home or a garage.

The term carcinogenic is being used by some people to describe Sevin Dust powder. In order to prevent the harmful effects of pesticides, leave it for outdoor use only.

What Does Sevin Dust Kill, How Does It Work?

Sevin dust is a neurotoxin that works with physical contact. It is not meant to repel insects. However, most insects and other pests may interact with Sevin dust unknowingly and die.

Once they touch the active ingredient in Sevin Dust known as carbaryl, it will work its way into their nervous system.

If the powder becomes attached to the fur, limbs or any part of the body and is carried to the colony, the rest of the inhabitants will also face the likelihood of dying from this neurotoxin as well.

Will Sevin Spray Kill Yellow Jackets?

Yes. Sevendust is an insect killer and it will kill yellow jackets. You can apply this powder on or in a yellow jacket nest or in the holes where you suspect yellow jackets to reside.

Apply it generously and back away to make sure that you do not inhale any of this powder. Overall, the use of Sevin dust is recommended for outdoors and this is where yellow jackets should be.

You should not try to use Sevin dust in your home. Sevin dust has an effective treatment for yellow jackets and we recommend that you give it a shot.

Will Sevin Dust 5% Kill Yellow Jackets?

Yes! Dust containing 5% of Sevin dust is very effective in killing yellow jackets. No one wants to be disturbed when enjoying sweet moments with a loved one, family, or colleague.

However, these social wasps can annoyingly disrupt your meeting. However, the system of these insects is very sensitive to Sevin. Hence, it is a good option to use in treating them.

Also Sevin powder has not shown any significant effect on humans.

Best Alternatives to Sevin Dust

If Sevin dust is not available to you, aerosols containing pyrethrum such as CV-80D, PT 565, and Stryker 54 Contact Aerosol are better alternatives as they kill these insects faster. When used, they fill the system of these insects in the form of gas, after which they kill the wasps.

After killing the wasps, treat the nests with insecticide dust such as D Fense Dust,  Evergreen Dust, and Tempo dust to prevent future infestation. Remember to apply these aerosols in the early hours of the morning or at dusk.

Yellow jackets are very sensitive to mints. So, peppermint oil or any oil containing mint can kill them. Neem oil is another alternative to peppermint oil. They are natural remedies to the wasps.


Sevin dust has no harmful effect on humans and plants. Hence, it can be used in your gardens and farmlands. Yellow Jackets can be annoying if they infest your house or area.

With Sevin dust and its alternatives,  you can freely enjoy your picnics and sit-outs with friends and family.


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