What Should I Feed My Queen Ant? {How Long Should I Wait?}

I have caught a queen ant and now I wish to care for her. What Should I Feed My Queen Ant?

Have you ever been in this position? Should we feed a queen any right away?

In this article, we will find out what should you feed a queen ant.

What Should I Feed My Queen Ant?

Initially, you do not need to feed the queen ant anything. She will live off her dead wing muscles and fat reserves while she stays in one place, preferably in a dark and safe tube or box while she lays eggs.

You can offer sugar or honey mixed with water a cotton ball or wait until you notice worker ants emerging. Then, you can offer sugar and proteins in the form of cricket pieces, fruit flies, mealworms or other bugs.

How Do You Take Care of a Queen Ant?

A queen ant is going to be easy to take care of in the beginning. She’s not going to be interested in the food that you are trying to feed her. Just leave this queen ant alone in the dark, preferably in a tube or a box that gives her a tight space with full privacy.

The queen ant will begin breaking down the muscles in her wings that she will not need to use anymore. She will survive on this and her fat reserves.

In the wild, the queen ant spends most of her time underneath the soil. Once she lays her eggs and the worker ants begin to do their work, caring for a queen ant will be their job and not yours.

When Should I Feed a Queen Ant?

A queen ant is going to try and start a colony. This is called “claustral founding” when she tries to form our own chamber or seals herself away from everything else around her.

The queen will lay her eggs in this area until they develop into worker ants. During this time you do not need to feed a queen ant. She will survive on her own from her fat reserves.

The queen remove her flight wings and her muscles break down during this time. It is all quite normal.

Once you notice worker ants in this enclosed chamber, it’s time to start feeding. Begin with sugar water or honey mixed with water. Then begin by adding pieces of insects such as crickets or mealworms.

Should I Feed a Queen Ant After I Catch It?

You can start by feeding a queen ant sugar water or honey mixed with water immediately after you catch it.

Wait a couple of days after that until she delivers new worker ants from her eggs that she lays in the enclosed area where you have kept her.

Usually this enclosed area is a tube where feedings will be given. If she doesn’t lay any eggs, you can give her some sugar water on a cotton ball. She will survive on fat reserves for now.

Once you notice her colony forming with a few worker ants, you can begin regular feedings of proteins and sugars.

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Why Is My Queen Ant Not Eating?

Your queen ant may not eat immediately after being caught. This ant is trying to encase herself and build a new colony. During this time you do not have to feed the queen ant. Once you notice worker ants emerging you can begin to offer pieces of insects, sugar and honey.

If you try feeding ants, but they do not eat, it could be because they are not used to the types of food you are offering. Ants in captivity are hesitant at some points until they become comfortable.

A queen ant develops preferences for what she wants to eat. Once the colony has expanded to 50 to 100 workers, your ants will display much more comfort in trying out new types of food.

What Is the Best Time to Feed a Queen Ant?

Wait 1 or 2 days after you notice the first worker ant emerging from its egg. It’s time to feed these ants proteins and sugars. The most common proteins will be pieces of insects like crickets, for example.

The sugars can come from honey or sugar mixed with water and placed onto a cotton ball. Do not overfeed. Adding too much food may intimidate these ants and cause them to shy away from the food.

Can I Feed My Queen Ant Sugar?

Yes. Ants enjoy eating sugar. If you create a lineup of different types of food, one of them being sugar, ants will move towards the sweet substance over anything else.

Sugar refills the reserves of ants. Granules of sugar are fine but creating a sugary liquid with syrups, honey or water mixed with sugar together are the best ways to feed ants this addictive nectar.

What Can I Feed My Ants for Protein?

Although ants enjoy eating sugars, it’s best to offer them protein that comes from dead insects. Feeder crickets are available in many pet shops. You can also collect bugs from your own property. If you find outdoor bugs it’s best to clean them first by dipping them in water and letting them dry overnight.

Nevertheless, you may not be able to remove the insecticide that is present on bugs caught in front or backyards.

It’s best to stick with insects that you can purchase from a store. Mealworms are fine but crickets are the best protein for ants in our opinion.

How Often Should You Feed a Queen Ant?

You can feed a queen ant and her colony one drop of sugar every 3 days. You can also feed an ant colony something as small as a single fruit fly once every three days.

You can cut up pieces of crickets and also offer them in small portions two or three times a week. Once the colony grows over 50 to 100, you can begin adding more food once every 2 days.


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