Why Do Foxes Laugh? {Do They Actually Laugh?}

Have you ever seen or heard the laughing sounds of foxes? Why do foxes laugh?

Do foxes actually laugh or did someone overdub the sound of laughing on top of these viral videos that I’ve been watching recently?

How do foxes show that they are happy? Sometimes I wonder if a fox wagging its tail is showing happiness the way a dog does or if there is something sneaky going on.

Are they trying to fool us or other potential threats around them? In this article, we will find out, “Why do foxes laugh?”

Why Do Foxes Laugh?

Foxes make laughing noises that sound incredibly human for one main reason: they are impersonating us. With prolonged interaction with humans, foxes have learned that in order to please us, they can copy to some of the noises that we make such as laughing.

Foxes are intrinsically smart and they are looking to attract humans that are delivering food to them easily without resorting to scavenging and hunting.

Over time, foxes become tame this way and the sound of our laughter is a sound that they mimic in order to draw themselves closer to us in a docile state that we find pleasurable and inviting.

Do Foxes Make a Laughing Noise?

Yes. Foxes do make laughing noises. Foxes that have been tamed or domesticated by humans over the decades, are more inclined to mimic the sounds that we make.

The most pleasing sound of a human is the sound of laughter. A fox has learned that copying this type of positive sound allows them to remain closer to us and receive easy meals.

Researchers have concluded that foxes are spreading the sound of laughter to their counterparts in order to encourage peaceful interaction with humans who supply ample amounts of food to them.

Do Foxes Laugh Like Humans?

Yes. Foxes can laugh very much the way humans do. There are viral videos of foxes that are domesticated who are demonstrating a laughter sound that is incredibly similar to the sound of a human.

They can giggle, cackle and laugh while they interact closely with us. They allow their bellies to be scratched and they may laugh at the same time.

Sometimes they make higher pitched noises that also sound like humans who are screeching or squealing with laughter or delight.

Do Foxes Laugh When Tickled?

Sure. We still don’t recommend that you tickle a wild fox. Some of the tickling and laughing that you have seen in videos are from foxes that have been domesticated and live with humans as pets.

They laugh out loud adorably when they are being tickled. You could rub a belly of a domesticated fox or underneath the chin.

The sounds that foxes make sound like children laughing because these intelligent creatures have adapted their vocal cords and behaviors to mimic us.

YouTube video

What Sound Do Foxes Make When Happy?

Foxes can make a squealing sound when they are happy or excited. They can also make light growling noises that are not aggressive. The sound is more of a guttural sound in the back of the throat.

These are the sounds that foxes usually make in the wild during mating season. A domesticated fox may make sounds that sounds much more similar to the laughing noises that we make as humans. This is because they have copied us over time.

Are Foxes People Friendly?

Foxes can learn to be friendly as they begin interacting with humans slowly through the exchange of food. However, we should not be approaching wild foxes and trying to pet them or get near them without some doubt and hesitation.

Foxes in the wild are unpredictable. If they feel threatened, they will revert back to defense mechanisms of growling, attacking or possibly biting.

If a wild fox is appearing to be friendly, it may be hungry and looking for you to feed them. You should exercise caution in the wild and do not approach a wild fox too close.

How Do Foxes Show They’re Happy?

Foxes can show that they are happy through:

  • wagging their tail
  • ears dropping or flopping
  • relaxed posture
  • laughing
  • enthusiastic motions

If a dog is cheerfully wagging its tail, you know that it’s happy. The same is true for a fox.

If a fox’s tail is horizontally positioned with the tip raised, this fox could be alert, but also excited for the possibility of food that you are about to present to it.

Why Do Foxes Cackle?

Foxes tackle, screech, bark and laugh at different parts of their life. During mating season, it is common to see foxes barking or screaming to attract a mate.

They aren’t really laughing, but are able to produce many vocalizations depending on current mood or their keen ability to mimic us . Chuckling or cackling noises seem to show that they are having fun.

Do Foxes Purr When Happy?

Foxes make purring sounds when they are happy. There are other types of animals that also purr such as:

  • mongooses
  • bears
  • kangaroos
  • wallabies
  • wallaroos
  • badgers
  • foxes
  • hyenas
  • rabbits
  • squirrels
  • guinea pigs
  • tapirs
  • ring-tailed lemurs
  • various felines


Domesticated foxes are much more inclined to laugh like humans. This is because with their close interaction with us, they have learned to mimic the sounds we make when we are feeling good.

Domesticated, controlled and tame foxes are much more likely to be less aggressive and make sounds that sound like laughing or cackling. These sounds will cause closeness to humans.

Sometimes they could also sound like they are snorting or coughing. Cackling, panting and making a “haha” sound have been recorded and analyzed by researchers.

The data concludes that foxes interact closely with humans and make these noises to show that they are indeed paying attention and wanting to please their human counterparts.


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