Ant Infestation in Car: How to Get Rid of Ants from Car

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I’ve heard this many times and maybe you’re the one who said it.

“I recently noticed black ants in my car. How do I get rid of them?”

A lot of car owners are facing this problem.

Despite their small size, they’re capable of ruining all the enjoyment of a long drive.

We all want to know the answer to this question,

How do I get rid of ants from my car?”

So, in this article, you’ll know exactly what you should do to eliminate the ant infestation from your car.

Getting Rid of Ants From Your Car: Step by Step

Get ants out of car

To get rid of ants from your car completely, you need to do these things.

Step 1: Don’t park your car in an ant-infested area. (Everybody knows that)

Step 2: When you park your vehicle, treat its tires with a strong ant killer so, it’ll not allow them to get inside your car. You can use TERRO Ant Killer Spray for that purpose.

Step 3: Avoid eating in your car. But, if you do, make sure you clean the place after eating.

Step 4: Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the potential food particles like wrappers, small dead insects, and the ants. By using a small handheld vacuum cleaner, you can easily remove a lot of ants that you saw crawling in your car. There is no need to purchase an expensive vacuum. If you need, go with NOOX Car Vacuum Cleaner, it is cheap and it has all the equipment that you need to clean your car.

Step 5: To kill all the remaining ants that are still present in your car, use ant baits and traps. These are designed to attract and kill them. For that purpose, I like using TERRO Ant Baits (because they’re trusted by thousands of users, and it’s cheap).
In the below, you can read about every step in detail.

How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Car

Change Parking Place (if possible)

How to remove ant infestation from your car

Ants come from outside.

They get inside your vehicle through wheels.

So, they can’t get in your car while you drive because the wheels are rolling. And, they’re not smart enough to find an alternative way to attack your favorite car.

So, the only time when they can get inside your car is, when you’ve parked it, from the parking lot.

Even if you’re not eating something that may attract them, you can still find ants in your car just because you’ve parked it in an ant-infested place.

So, make sure, wherever you park your car is not infested with ants. If ants are crawling everywhere, and you parked your vehicle there, they’ll surely get onto it.

Be careful, where you park your car. Try to avoid parking under a tree or bush areas; these are the common places where you can find them crawling.

Treat the Tires (Ants Use them to Get Inside your Car)

Repel ants to get inside car

You may be thinking, “Tire treatment, hey! How I’m supposed to do that?”

Ants get inside your car by using tires as a pathway.

This is because tires are only things that are having direct contact with your car and the ground. As I said earlier, they’re not smart enough to find another way to reach inside your vehicle.

Ants use tires as a pathway, what next?

Use a very strong pesticide on the tires that will kill ants and repel them away. As you won’t sense the smell, therefore use the strongest pesticide available on the market.

You can use TERRO Ant Killer Spray, but if you can spend a little more money, then use Termidor.

Whenever you’ve to park your car in an ant-infested area, use a strong ant killer on the tires.

It’ll stop their entry through wheels. As it’s the only path, you’ll win the war easily.

Remove the Food Sources

Food attract ants in the car

The habit of eating chocolates, drinking sodas inside the car is very common.

After eating, not cleaning the remaining food items can be an excellent source of food for them.

Just like us, they like sweet and sugary food items, and the remains of burgers, chocolates, doughnuts, and other things work a perfect thing to attract them.

So, after eating, make sure you remove all the food remains from your car, and clean any spills.

Use Vacuum Cleaner

Ant Infestation in my car

So, you’ve removed all the soda cans and remaining food items.

But, you know, that’s not enough.

The little things which we ignore can be a big food source for these very small ants.

The toffee wrappers, small particles of food, or the little dead insects like flies can be a good source of food for them.

But, what we do normally?

We pick the extra burger wrapper or soda can, and we think we’ve cleaned our car. But, for ants, you need to remove even the small food particles.

For that, you can use vacuum cleaners.

The benefit of using vacuum is that it not only cleans your car from small food particles, dirt & dust, it also captures insects like ants.

But, when using vacuum make sure, you clean all the places under the seat, upholstery, dashboard, and other places.

A handheld vacuum is perfect for this purpose, and you can take it with you so you can clean your car whenever you want. But, if you don’t have a handheld, you can also use a canister vacuum of your home.

There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on buying an expensive vacuum. You can buy NOOX Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful handheld device that comes at a very affordable price.

There are many good quality handheld vacuums available on the market, then you can purchase for some dollars. If you already have one, then it’s great. No need to spend money on it.

Use Ant Baits in Your Car

ant baits to get rid of ants from your car

There can be hundreds or thousands of ants in your car, and sometimes, you can’t get rid of them by using just a vacuum cleaner.

So, the best thing you can use to get rid of ants from your car is ant baits & traps.

You can easily find ant baits at a very low cost.

The most popular, effective, and affordable product you can use is TERRO Liquid Ant Bait.

You just have to place them under the seat. It’ll attract the ants, and they’ll transport it to the other members of their family, that results in the mass killing of ants.

The TERRO Ant Bait works extremely well, and they help a lot to get rid of them.

Final Words

For ants, it’s very easy to get inside your car. If they get food in there, they’ll make it their permanent home.

So, you have to make sure, you eliminate all the potential food sources, clean your car regularly, and take the help of some good ant killers.

Have you faced ant infestation in your car? What did you do to get rid of them?

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