How to Get Rid of Fleas in Car: 3 Effective Ways for Quick Result

Fleas can enter in your house, and in the same way, they can enter in your car.

Having flea infestation is just as irritating as finding them in your house.

There are many ways to protect your home from fleas, but how to get rid of fleas in car?

Today, in this article, you’ll read about how to make flea infested car safe for your pet.

But, wait…..

How do fleas get inside your car?

There can be many possibilities, just like they can reach inside your house by many ways.

  • Maybe you’ve parked your car in the flea infested area, and they get inside your car.
  • Maybe your pet has fleas, and you’re driving the car with your pet.
  • Or they just get inside your car, who knows, how & why.

But, whatever the case, they’re present in the car, and you don’t like them. Then follow these methods to get rid of fleas from your car.

3 Ways to Get Fleas Out of Your Car

Use Flea Sprays

Flea sprays are cheap, effective and easy to use.

You can easily kill fleas when they’re in your car or house.

There are many flea sprays available on the market which you can purchase, they’re trusted and tested by thousands of users who are fed up with the flea problem.

For using it, you just have to spray it on the areas where you suspect their presence.

Remember that, there are some organic flea sprays which can be sprayed directly on pets, while there are others that you should not spray on pets. So, it’s your choice, which one you purchase.

After the purchase, you’ve to spray it underneath your seats, floor, and on the other places where you suspect them.

For the effective cleaning, you can also take out the floor mats.

Let the spray settle in your car for 1 or 2 hours, this will kill all the fleas that come in the contact with it.

Use Steamers

Cleaning with a steam cleaner is an effective way to get rid of fleas in the car.

Normally, steamers produce steam of very high temperature, and fleas can’t handle it, and therefore, as soon as they come in contact with the hot steam, they die.

It’s one of the best ways to kill fleas because there are no chemicals used in this process.

For flea killing in your car, you don’t have to purchase a new steam cleaner. If you have a steamer in your house, then you can also use that. The only thing that matters is that the temperature should be high enough to kill fleas.

Having a steam cleaner is important because it not only kills fleas in your car and house. It’s a very good option for removing germs and bacteria with steam.

And, you can also kill bed bugs with steamers, so, buying a steam cleaner can solve many problems.

Use Flea Powders

There are many flea powders available which can be used to kill fleas in a car. But, from all of these, Diatomaceous Earth is the most famous, because it’s organic and not harmful to humans.

Diatomaceous Earth is made of fossilized remains of the aquatic creatures. It’s not the only powder that can kill these small insects. You can also purchase other growth regulators that are able to kill adult fleas, larvae, and their eggs.

Home Remedies

You can also use various home remedies. These include killing them with salt and eliminating them by using borax.

Final Words

Using flea foggers in your house is a good option for killing them because it has a lot of space. But, if you’re thinking of using foggers in your car, then I don’t recommend it. Because foggers need a large space, and using them in a car or in a small space is not a good idea.

I have also shared an article about how to get ants out of car that may be helpful to you.

Do you’ve fleas in your car? How you handle this problem?  Please share in the comment section.

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