Does Vinegar Kill Spiders on Contact? {Shocking Answer}

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Spiders are scary, at least for some people.

If you see them in your house, then surely you’ll want to try each and every possible method to get rid of them.

It’ll be a great thing if you can kill or repel them out of your house by using just home remedies.

Today, we will discuss the use of white vinegar in killing spiders.

There are some people, who say, it works, while others say, it doesn’t. So, let’s check the details below.

Vinegar Kill Spiders

Does Vinegar Kill Spiders?

The vinegar we use at home is slightly acidic. Technically, it is 5 to 8 percent acidic.

Because of its acidic nature, it can remove germs and oil stains from the surfaces.

As it contains acetic acid, it is believed that spiders die after getting contact with it. This all depends on its acidic nature. Along with killing, you can also use vinegar to repel spiders. You can also kill termites with Vinegar + Lemon mixture.

How to Use Vinegar to Kill Spiders

The first thing you have to do is to mix equal parts of white vinegar and water. Prepare a mixture, fill it in a spray bottle and shake well.

Now, spray this mixture directly on the spiders, and on their webs.

As told earlier, white vinegar can also be used for repelling spiders. So you can also use it that way.

Spray the mixture on dark corners, and near the entry points of your house like doors, windows etc.

You can also place small dishes of vinegar in some areas of your house. Its odor alone will repel them.

Can I Get Rid of Spiders with Vinegar Alone?

You can use white vinegar to kill a few spiders if you use it correctly.

But, to get rid of all the spiders from your house, vinegar is not a good choice for you.

You can repel a few spiders, but, it’s not highly effective on which you can trust.

I’ll say that, if you use the vinegar remedy at your home, then there are equal chances that it’ll work or don’t work.

But, if you’ve vinegar at your home, then try it. You’re not spending any money. If it works, then there is nothing better than this.

But, if doesn’t, then you can use professional products like sprays, bug bombs etc. If you want to check, I’ve written an article about Spider Foggers a few days ago.

Final Words

White vinegar remedy can work for you, so I highly recommend that, if you have this at your home, try it at least once.

After using it, please comment on this article about your experience.

5 thoughts on “Does Vinegar Kill Spiders on Contact? {Shocking Answer}

  1. Amber

    I’ve used water/vinegar/peppermint essential oil mixture and it doesn’t work. The oil dries up, the smell goes away, the water evaporates, it just doesn’t last at all. I sprayed everyday and they just kept coming.

    1. Dinesh Kumar

      You should try bug bombs & sprays as the home remedies are not working for you.

      1. Yvonne

        The neighborhood I live in is infested with spiders. I spray with white vinegar around my doors and windows outside. I spray the porch I’m front of my door every night about dark. I also spray the porch corners or wherever I see spiders with raid. I use diatomaceous earth at the base of the apt outside, and boric acid inside along walls, in closets, cupboards. Yes I am determined, yes it works. I go out every night with a flashlight spider hunting, kill all I see with raid, and spray that area with vinegar. After spraying a few times I very seldom find any. But I spray around, and in front of my door every night.

  2. richard conaway

    well you have to spray the vinegar on the spider, it burns on contact cause while acetic acid is harmless to most larger vertebrates it’s highly volatile and acidic to spiders burning away at their chitin exoskeleton layers.

  3. Kevin

    This vinegar mixture has not worked at all for me. I sprayed directly onto spiders and it did seem to slow them down if I sprayed a spider a few times but I never actually saw one die. And as far as keeping spiders away because of the smell. I found just as many spiders when I went back to check the areas I sprayed. It was worth taking the chance to try this because I had all ingredients at home. Hopefully it works for someone else. I had no spiders to die or get repelled away after after using this vinegar mixture.

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