Does Hairspray Kill Spiders? | Effect of Hairspray on Spiders

If you are facing a spider infestation in your house, then surely you will do everything to remove them from your house.

They also contribute to killing other small insects from our house, but they itself are pests for a lot of people.

There are many popular home remedies that people use to get rid of them. Some of them work, while others don’t.

So, today, we are going to discuss another popular way of getting rid of these eight-legged insects.

It is the use of hairspray for killing spiders.

Does hairspray kill spiders?

What happens when you spray a spider with hairspray?

You’ll get the answer to such questions.

You will find both kinds of people who will say, it works and it doesn’t. So, what is the actual answer, can you use hairspray to kill crawling spiders?

Let’s find out.

How to kill spiders with hairspray

Does Hairspray Kill Spiders?

Hairspray is a very common hairstyling product that is used by a lot of people to keep their hair stiff or to make a certain style. In most of the hairsprays, you’ll find chemicals that are lethal to insects like spiders.

And, the answer to your question:

Yes, hairspray kills spiders that you just saw in your attic, garage, or in the corner of your room.

But, it totally depends on the brand which you are using, type of spider, and also on your spraying skills.

Even, along with spiders, hairspray can be harmful to humans too.

However, there is no proper research done on how it affects humans health. But, in the article published by, they shared that there could be some health related issues due to the chemicals present in it. But, they did not give a clear answer.

How to Use Hairspray to Kill Spiders

If you have decided to kill spiders with hairspray, then there is nothing much you have to do.

Just take a hairspray bottle. If you don’t have, then purchase it. It is not a costly product, and after killing the spiders in your house, you can also make a stylish hairstyle.

Now, find your enemy, and spray it directly onto it.

Here is the short video, how she used hairspray to knock down a big spider.

Final Words

If there are many spiders crawling in your house, then using hairspray on every eight-legged insect is not a good idea. It will take a lot of time and effort.

So, in that situation, you should use a spider bomb to kill all the pests with just one strike.

If you have any questions, then feel free to ask in the comment section. It will be highly appreciated if you share your experience with us.

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