Coconut Oil for Fleas: Does Coconut Oil Kill Fleas on Dogs & Cats?

Let’s don’t waste time, and move to the big question.

Does coconut oil kill fleas?

No, it does not kill them.

But, coconut oil repels fleas effectively.

For that, you have to apply the coconut oil to your pet’s skin. In the below, I’ve shared step by step how to use coconut oil to repel fleas on your dog or cat’s skin.

Is Coconut Oil Enough for Flea Treatment?

It totally depends on the level of flea infestation on your pet.

If the infestation is low, and you apply the oil correctly then there is no need to use any other product. Along with getting rid of fleas, your dog or cat will also get many health benefits from the application of coconut oil.

But, you should know this!

If there is a heavy flea infestation on the skin of your pet, then, unfortunately, coconut oil is not enough to remove all of them.

If you keep using it in the hope that it will eliminate all the fleas, no matter how many they are, then you’re putting your lovely pet at the risk.

In that case, I recommend that you use a good flea treatment product, and when your pet becomes free from these biting insects after that, you start using coconut oil as a flea repellent.

Good & Affordable Flea Treatment Products

For Dogs

For dogs, I recommend Vet’s Best Flea & Tick Spray because it kills fleas, flea eggs, ticks, and it repels mosquitoes too. Good thing is, it’s made of plant-based ingredients and essential oils.

Another thing why I like Vet’s Best Flea & Tick Spray is, it is very affordable. There is no need to spend big money.

For Cats

For cats, I recommend Bayer Advantage II Flea Treatment for Cats. It is one of the most popular flea killers for cats, and it is trusted by thousands of users.

How Does Coconut Oil Repel Fleas?

Coconut oil for fleas

There are no harmful pesticides present in this oil.

You just need raw coconut oil. It contains lauric acid, and that is responsible for repelling and preventing fleas from your dogs and cats.

Now, the main concern is how to use this oil for making our pet free from these insects.

So, let’s find out.

How to Use Coconut Oil for Fleas

Step 1: Take a small amount of coconut oil, about a tablespoon.

Step 2: Now rub this oil on your hands, because after that you’ve to rub it on your pet.

Step 3: Rub your hands on the skin of your dog or cat so that the oil will transfer from your hands to the skin of your pet.

Step 4: Make sure, you transfer oil from his skin to fur. All the areas where you suspect flea activity on your pet.

Step 5: Put an old shirt or sweater on your pet for a day, so that the oil will settle down. The shirt or sweater will prevent the dog from licking the oil from fur because it tastes good. But, even if the dog eats it, then don’t worry; it won’t harm your dog. It’s completely safe.

Coconut Oil for Dog Fleas

Step 6: Reapply for a few days or weeks to get a complete idea about how it’s going.

Note: Many dogs find coconut oil tasty, so it’s common that, they’ll try to lick it. Put a shirt on your dog to prevent them from doing it. And, it’s not harmful if your dog licks it.

A lot of people ask that, whether we need to wash the oil from my dog’s fur?

No, there is no need to do that.

And, you can also use it on the puppies & kittens.

Can I Use Coconut Oil on Dogs for Fleas?

Yes, absolutely.

Application of coconut oil will not kill fleas on your dog, but it works as a good repellent, and it also prevents further attack on your dog.

Coconut Oil for Fleas on Dogs

Not only that, but it also offers some other health benefits that are given below.

Other Benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs

Rubbing oil on the skin to repel fleas, but you can also use it as a dog supplement. It’s perfectly safe for dogs to ingest it. The other health benefits it gives are given below.

  • Reduce allergic reactions & improves skin health
  • Improves Digestion
  • Protection from fleas, mites, & ticks
  • Improves immunity
  • Helps in building strong muscles
  • Promotes brain functioning

So, now we know that coconut oil not only prevents fleas & ticks but also gives many health benefits.

Use of Coconut Oil for Cat Fleas

coconut oil for fleas reviews

Will Coconut Oil Kill Fleas on Cats?

As told earlier, the lauric acid present in the coconut oil repel fleas and protects your pet from these biting insects. But, coconut oil does not kill fleas.

But, it offers several health benefits.

Other Health Benefits for Cats

Coconut oil has multiple benefits for cats when used correctly. It helps your cat both internally and externally.

There are many benefits of coconut oil for cats skin and ears. If you apply it on your cat skin then it will help to cure dry skin, itchiness, allergies, and the overall health of your cats’ coat.

While if you give it as a supplement to your cat, then it is very helpful for cats hairballs, improves the immune system, reduces the arthritis inflammation, makes the stomach health and improves the bad breath.

Final Words

Now, you know, how to use coconut oil for fleas, as it only repels them, and doesn’t kill fleas.

For protection, you should flea bomb your house to kill all the hidden insects that may attack your pet in the future. With the foggers, you can also use home remedies like salt and borax to eliminate fleas from your house.

Have you used this oil as pest repellent on your pet?

What are your thoughts? Please share in the comments.

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