Coconut Oil for Fleas on Cats, Dogs, & Kittens

Fleas are quite a menace to both humans and animals. Now, there are various solutions available to get rid of fleas but in this particular article, we will specifically talk about the usage and suitability of coconut oil to get rid of fleas for both humans and our pets like dogs, cats, and even kittens.

Coconut oil is a safe and natural alternative to powerful chemicals that could risk the health of both humans and your precious pets.

To find out more about coconut oil for fleas, please keep reading.

Does Coconut Oil Repel Fleas?

coconut oil for fleas

Yes, coconut oil does repel fleas. In fact, it has been a traditional remedy for fleas and even lice for centuries as it is an effective, 100% safe and simple solution. They also act as a natural repellent for fleas for dogs and cats and add a glossy sheen to your pet’s fur as well.

Does Coconut Oil Kill Fleas on Dogs?

coconut oil for dogs to kill fleas

Yes, coconut oil does kill fleas on dogs. They act as a natural repellent so the moment you apply coconut oil into your dog’s fur, the fleas suffocate and die within 30 seconds. It is a tried and tested formula, sworn by many dog owners.

Does Coconut Oil Kill Fleas on Cats?

coconut oil to get rid of fleas on cats

Just like on dogs, coconut oil does kill fleas on cats and even kittens. You can apply it in their fur or even include it in their diet. Coconut oil for fleas is an extremely safe and healthy remedy for cats.

Does Coconut Oil Kill Fleas on Humans?

Yes, coconut oil does kill fleas on humans. Coconut has an ingredient called lauric acid which acts as a natural flea killer for both animals as well as humans thus making it a good home remedy for the same.

How to Use Coconut Oil for Flea Treatment

Like I mentioned above, you can use coconut oil flea repellent for your pets, but there is a way of using it, especially when it comes to dogs and cats (and even puppies and kittens!!) to make sure you can complete the purpose and keep your pets safe at the same time. The following steps will help you understand the process better:

Coconut Oil for Flea

How to Use Coconut Oil Effectively On Dogs, Cats, and Kittens:

Apply Directly to your pet’s skin and fur

  1. Coconut oil is a natural product and you can directly apply to your pet’s fur and skin to get `rid of the fleas and also soothe the itching they might be feeling because of the flea bites.
  2. In order to apply it directly, take ample oil in the palm of your hands and rub them till you get a liquid-like consistency.
  3. Then rub them all over your dogs or cat’s fur, belly, tail, back and even legs.
  4. Remember that you are applying the oil to get rid of the fleas hence it is important to apply plenty of oil that reaches the insides of the fur and every part of the skin so that it can suffocate the fleas and kill them.
  5. The process of applying it on your pet’s coat all the way down to the skin is an important step.
  6. Once you are done with the application of oil, take a flea comb and run it through your pets fur and you will find flea sticking to the comb because of the oil
  7. Repeat this two to three times in a week to get completely rid of them.      

Make a Coconut Oil Spray

Coconut Oil Spray
  1. In this method of using coconut oil on your pets is by making a coconut oil spray and then spraying it all over them to get rid of this infestation
  2. It is quite a simple procedure and there is one major advantage here that is the coconut oil will last longer since you are mixing it with water to increase its liquid consistency.
  3. In order to make this spray, take a spray bottle and add equal quantities of oil and water and shake it well.
  4. When you ready to spray the solution on your pets; make sure you reach all the places and even the skin.
  5. You can also use your hands to rub the oil well in the fur and skin after you are done spraying.
  6. Once done with spraying and rubbing thoroughly, take a flea comb and run it through your pet’s fur and you will find flea sticking to the comb because of the oil.
  7. Repeat this two to three times in a week to get completely rid of them.      

However, there is one important point you need to remember if you are a cat owner and you wish to use this method.

Sometimes, when dog owners use this spray method to get rid of the fleas, they mix different essential oils in the spray bottle like lavender oil, tea tree oil, etc. since they are also very effective to get rid of fleas. But please remember to not use any essential oils while spraying the cat. Essential oils are heavier than coconut oil, which can create health problems for your cats and kittens since their livers can’t properly process them. This is an extremely important reminder that you need to take care of.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Fleas Like Coconut Oil?

No, fleas do not like coconut oil. Coconut oil has lauric acid which is very displeasing for fleas and thus acts as a repellent for them. Because of this particular feature of coconut oil, it is one of the best remedies available to get rid of fleas for humans as well as pets.

It not only kills the fleas but also soothes the itchiness caused by the flea bites.

How Does Coconut Oil Repel Fleas?

The lauric acid in coconut oil which is a fatty acid and consists of 40% of the oil, acts as a natural flea killer and repeller. Hence, when you apply the oil on your pets or even yourself, it breaks down their exoskeletons thus killing them.

 Coconut oil is a great solution with no long term or short term toxic side effects.

Does Coconut Oil Keep Fleas Off from Dogs?

Yes, coconut oil does keep the fleas off from dogs. After you have applied the oil thoroughly in the fur and on the skin of the dogs, it will not only kill the fleas by suffocating them but it will also keep the fleas away from the dogs because of its repellent properties and long-lasting residual effects that keep your dog protected by keeping the fleas away. 

Does Coconut Oil Really Kill Fleas?

Yes, coconut oil really does kill fleas if they stay in contact for a longer period. Fleas are pests that can jump from one host to another. So usually, the moment they come in contact with coconut oil, they try to get away from the host as soon as possible because of its repellent properties. However, once their mobility is limited, they die within a few seconds.

Is Coconut Oil Safe for Dogs to Eat?

Yes, coconut oil is safe for dogs to eat. If you apply coconut oil on dogs or even cats and kittens, then they are obviously going to lick it. Now there isn’t anything to worry about since they are extremely safe for canines and even cats to eat it.

Many people even include coconut oil in their pet’s diet because of its antiseptic properties. In fact, many dogs even love the taste of it, so it won’t be difficult to get them to eat it.

Can I Rub Coconut Oil on my Dog?

Yes, rubbing coconut oil on your dog’s fur and skin is one of the most common ways of applying it to get rid of fleas.

rubbing coconut oil on dogs

However, you do want to make sure that you rub thoroughly and on all the body parts including the legs. This will not only get rid of the fleas but it will also give a shiny look to your dog’s coat.

Can I Rub Coconut Oil on my Cat?

Just like the dogs, you can rub coconut oil on your cats and kittens as well. The process of rubbing is the same for both the animals; you need to make sure that you cover all the body parts and especially all the way down to the skin to kill the fleas efficiently.

rubbing coconut oil on cats to get rid of fleas


Most pets and even humans get fleas at least once in their life if not more and there are many remedies available to treat the same. However, it is always best to try a home remedy before even thinking of the ones commercially available that have harmful chemicals in them.

 These products could not only harm you in the long run but can also give you an allergic reaction which may require medical attention. It’s better to avoid all this hassle and go for a natural product and coconut oil has been on the tops of this list for decades now.

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