Can Mice Climb Walls & Smooth Surfaces?

You may have noticed that people who live in the upper apartments of a building also suffer from the mice problem.

But, how they reached, let’s say, the 7th floor of the building?

It seems like mice can go anywhere, whatever the height is.

So, today, you’ll get the answer to this very common question, which comes in the mind of almost every person who faces a mouse problem.

can Mice climb stairs

People commonly ask,

Can mice climb walls?

Can mice climb into bed?


Can they climb stairs?

The answer is, Yes, they can climb walls, stairs, and they can even reach you on the bed when you will be sleeping.

Climbing Abilities Depend on the Surface

There are a lot of places where a mouse can climb, but, it totally depends on the surface.

They have small claws which give them the ability to climb without falling down.

They can only climb those walls which have some porous finishing. The concrete walls have a lot of tiny air bubbles, which makes it a rough surface. On these kinds of surfaces, mice can grip with their claws and can climb vertically.

They can climb on the rough surfaces on which they can use their claws to make the grip. If you catch a mouse in the glass jar, then you may find that it’ll not be able to come out of it.


Because, a glass has a very smooth surface, and doesn’t provide anything which can be used to make the grip.

As they have a very little weight, they can even use the wires or cables of appliances to climb without falling them down.

Here, in this video, you can clearly saw that mouse is easily climbing on the wall.

Can Mice Climb Stairs?

Yes, generally they can.

But, if the stairs present in your house are very smooth, and mice will not be able to make the grip, then they can’t climb on them.

Can Mice Climb Smooth Walls?

As mentioned earlier, they can climb only on those surfaces where they can find grip. So, mice can not climb smooth walls.

In a Nutshell

Mice can climb walls, stairs, trees, drainage pipes, bricks, and other similar surfaces where they can make the grip using their sharp claws.

So, if they can climb walls, stairs, then they can easily enter your house. It’s worth to read this article about the most popular ultrasonic mice repellents that will repel these rodents away from your house.

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