How Far Can Squirrels See? {Do They Have Good Eye Sight?}

Do squirrels see you when you step into their territory? How Far Can Squirrels See?

Are they using their eyesight to detect you and other potential threats? Since their eyes are set towards the sides of their heads, do they have good eyesight?

In this article, we will uncover the topic and lift the veil to see How Far Can Squirrels See?

How Far Can Squirrels See?

The actual distance that a squirrel can see depends on which species we are examining. In most cases, squirrels can see up to 30 feet away without much trouble.

They can see behind and above them without moving their head further than a few degrees. This is because squirrels have great eyesight and excellent peripheral vision since their eyes are positioned closer to the sides of their head.

In some cases, squirrels have been observed to be able to see great distances for up to 10 miles ahead. In these rare occasions, a squirrel is not able to make out any shapes but can detect motion.

How Is A Squirrel’s Vision?

A squirrel’s visual range tends can narrow and focus on finding small insects with bird eggs or widen to detect motion from miles ahead. As they get older they can see further away.

The peripheral vision allows them to notice changes in their environment without having to twist their body or turn their heads. Grey squirrels are known to be able to see further away than black squirrels.

Both types of squirrels need to be able to see a color contrast between black and white to notice the lightness in their vision.

The visual distance can range from 30 feet to 2 miles and in rare instances all the way up to 10 miles. This extreme range is noticed in flatlands.

Do Squirrels Have A Good Sense Of Sight?

Yes. Squirrels have a keen sense of sight. Their eyesight ranks above the highest in the rodent category. Many animals in the wild would be jealous of the ability of squirrels to be able to see as far as they do.

Squirrels can sense the slightest motions from many distances that range from 30 feet all the way to 2 miles.

Squirrels have the instinct of stopping once in awhile to notice any changes in their environment before they continue moving forward. This allows them to assess the terrain and the possibility of any predators that are threatening their territory.

Do Squirrels Have Good Peripheral Vision?

Yes squirrels not only have excellent peripheral vision, but they can also see extremely well during the day. Their eyesight and peripheral vision are sharp.

They can see what is next to them, above them or even behind them without moving their heads. This allows squirrels to stay ahead of their predators.

They’re able to notice any changes to their environment, and be able to call out alarm signals to their counterparts to make sure that they are safe from predators.

Squirrels do not have a good peripheral vision when it is dark. They need light to help them contrast the differences between the shapes and objects that they are seeing.

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Why Do Squirrels Have Good Vision?

Squirrels have great vision because they have adapted this important characteristic in order to survive for all these generations. Since rats and mice are mostly nocturnal, they do not need to have a vision that is as great as a squirrel.

Squirrels are running around during the day and they need their vision to spot predators. They have a pale yellow pigment in their lenses. This acts like sunglasses to reduce the glare from the sun.

Research also suggests that these pale yellow lenses in their eyes can help to block UV light. Squirrel retinas are protected from UV damage while they are able to see or detect visual changes from great distances.

How Do Squirrels See Far Away?

Squirrels are able to use photoreceptors in their retina. Their rods and cones can decipher light conditions.

  • Ground squirrels have a rod density of 10%.
  • Grey squirrels rod density is about 40%
  • Flying squirrels have the greatest rod density of nearly 100% which allows them to see the farthest.

It is very easy for a squirrel to be able to see or notice changes 30 feet away. In great distances on flatlands, squirrels have been able to notice changes between 2-10 miles away.

Do Squirrels Have Good Eyesight At Night?

Squirrels do not have great eyesight at night. They are not nocturnal and rely on shelter during the night to pass the long hours while they rest. Clear vision during the night time is not going to help them survive.

Their ability to hide and create shelter in difficult-to-reach locations are much better for squirrels during this time of the day.

Squirrels can still see in the dark, but they reduce their activity because they cannot rely on their vision during this time.

Can Squirrels See Better Than Humans?

Squirrels have better visual range than humans, but humans are able to identify colors better. The human retina contains a small area where our vision is very sharp. Squirrels do not have that type of sharpness.

The area of their retinas spread out and does not rely on focus or sharpness in one tiny location. This is why humans are able to focus clearly on one object at a time, but our peripheral vision is much more poor compared to a squirrel.

A squirrel can see all around without having the twist or turn its head. This is why do squirrels have excellent peripheral vision.

Do Squirrels Have Blind Spots?

Squirrels can see you with trigger like reflexes because they’re always on alert for oncoming attacks. Their vision is optimized to help them stay alert from any dangers.

They are able to see above and all around them with only one blind spot directly behind them. They also have a small blind spot right in front of their nose.

This is because their eyes are spread further to the sides of their head. One weakness allows for another advantage because squirrels are able to have excellent peripheral vision.


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