Why Are Yellow Jackets Attracted to My Car? {What Can I Do}

Did you see yellowjackets flying around your car? Are you worried if they can do damage to it? Are you wondering why are yellow jackets attracted to my car?

In this article, I will tell you how to avoid having yellow jackets near your car.

Why Are Yellow Jackets Attracted to My Car?

Yellow jackets are attracted to your car because of the bright color of the car. Also, the smells and scents of sweet fruit, drinks, perfumes, decay, and flowers emanating from the car will attract yellow jackets.

In general, yellow jackets are susceptible to odors and other odors that can attract yellow jackets. Another reason for yellow jackets’ attention to the machine is to look for places to build a hive.

Why Are Yellow Jackets Attracted to My Car

If you car is hot and giving off heat this can also attract them.

Not sure what a yellow jacket looks like? Check out this article on how to identify them

How to Keep Yellow Jackets Away from Your Car?

If you are finding yellow jackets on car make sure to keep the windows and doors of the car closed in the first place. Do not leave sweet-smelling or perishable foodstuffs in or near the car.

Another bait for yellow jackets in the car can be the smell of car fragrance or your perfume. These smells can be either very attractive or aggressive to yellow jackets.

The most environmentally friendly and effective way to distract yellow jackets from your car is with sweet syrup. Since yellow jackets are looking for sustenance, it is worth giving it to them and they will leave you alone.

All you need to do is make sweet syrup from the materials at hand, pour it into a saucer or other shallow dish, and put it in a prominent place. If necessary, place more saucers around your campsite.

Yellow jackets are repelled by various pungent smells, such as sweat, garlic, and some deodorants.

Some natural scents can also repel yellow jackets. The smell of basil, thyme, and rosemary, for example, is known to repel yellow jackets.

Another proven means of repelling yellow jackets is smoke.  If possible, avoid parking your car in the countryside close to places where yellow jackets can settle, fruit trees, and flower bushes.

This will reduce the chance of attracting yellow jackets to your vehicle.

What Scents Attract Yellow Jackets to My Car?

There are many scents and smells that attracts yellow jackets to your car, I will cover them below.

Black and woollen seat covers or objects in the car, thick hair of people in the car, can also cause the attention of yellow jackets. The fact is that such things are very similar to predators that ravage yellow jacket and beehives for sweet honey, such as bears and wolverines.

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Favourite places for yellow jackets to build hives are attics, hollows, holes in the walls of wooden houses and barns, even earthen hives built from bark and twigs.

Similar places in the car are rear-view mirrors, headlight housings, bumpers, and other hidden places in the car that can serve as a good place to build a hive. There are many instances of small beehives in these areas.

What Smells Attracts Yellow Jackets?

Pungent smells like red pepper, garlic, and vinegar are exceptions.

However, meat marinated in vinegar, for example, will attract yellow jackets. But yellow jackets are particularly attracted to the sweet smell of jams, compotes, rotting fruit, drinks, and food waste.

In addition to food scents, yellow jackets are also attracted by the smell of perfume, toilet water with fruity and floral scents, and car fragrances.

Yellow jackets are very susceptible to smells and some chemical products like deodorants and repellents can provoke an attack by the insects. However, pungent, persistent odors will, on the contrary, discourage yellow jackets.

Yellow jackets are strongly attracted by the smell of their venom. If you are stung by a yellow jacket, there is a good chance that other yellow jackets will also want to attack you. To avoid accidents, use only tested products.

How to Remove Yellow Jackets in Cars?

If a yellow jacket has got into your car, don’t panic. The worst thing you can do is start waving your arms about violently, trying to kick the insect out of the car.

To expel the insect from the car you need to stop and open all the windows, the insect will fly out by itself. If the yellow jacket cannot find an open window, you can gently push it out with an object.

Yellow Jackets in Cars

If you cannot keep the windows open for a long time, you can gently catch the yellow jacket in, for example, a glass or other similar object, and quickly release it from the car.

Pungent aromas or scents of basil, thyme, and rosemary will deter the insect.

If a yellow jacket is hiding and you can’t catch it and release it from the car, try baiting it with a sweet drink, fruit, or something with a strong floral or fruity scent. Inside a closed car, the yellow jacket will die within 24 hours.

Why Do Yellow Jackets Like Car Mirrors?

Yellow jackets prefer to nest in warm and secluded corners. Since most cars are equipped with adjustable side mirrors, there is a recess in the mirror design to locate the mirror’s positioning control device.

It is the kind of space that is very attractive for creating yellow jacket nests. If you find a yellow jacket hive in your car, be very careful about removing it, as yellow jackets are very aggressive when invading their dwellings.

Yellow jackets can attack you in large numbers especially when they are breeding.

Are Yellow Jackets Attracted to Metal?

In general, the metal itself does not interest yellow jackets. However, if a metal is brightly colored or exudes a fruity or floral scent, even metal surfaces can attract yellow jackets. Yellow jackets can also build their hives from metal surfaces in hiding places.

Why Are Yellow Jackets Attracted To The Radiator Grille

Yellow jackets are attracted to the heat the radiator grille is giving off.  They will also feed off any dead insects that are stuck in the grille.

It is also possible that there is a yellow jacket nest behind the grille and they are trying to return to the nest.

How to Remove Yellow Jackets in Car Radiator Grille?

To remove live yellow jackets from the radiator grill, you should spray basil, thyme, and rosemary scents on the grill or fog it with smoke. Other pungent-scented products can also be used, but you should be careful with the scents.

Some smells can cause aggressive behavior and provoke an attack. If you notice persistent yellow jacket activity near the bonnet of your car, it is worth checking the underbody for yellow jacket hives.

Yellow jacket hives can also be found in headlight housings, rearview mirrors, and bumpers.

When it comes to removing downed insects, you should use a special vehicle insect remover.

To avoid the difficulty of removing insects from the radiator grille after a journey, you can treat the grille with a soap solution before travelling.


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