Does Febreze Kill Fleas? {Can I Spray Febreze On My Dog?}

Are you wondering if killing fleas is as easy as spraying them with Febreze? Does Febreze Kill Fleas?

If Febreze can actually kill fleas, will it kill other bugs too? Are there insecticide properties in Febreze? Is Febreze safe on pets?

In this article, we’ll find out if fleas will die after being sprayed with Febreze.

Does Febreze Kill Fleas?

Febreze contains chemicals that are also found in popular insecticides. These toxins are known to kill fleas, ants and other critters. Do not spray Febreze directly on your pets.

What’s In Febreze That Kills Fleas?

Febreze your fleas with ease! I had to say it. Is it really that simple? Let’s find out what is actually in Febreze that makes it effective in killing fleas:

  • Ethanol Alcohol
  • Ethyl Acetate
  • Limonene

These are the top three killer ingredients in Febreze to help get rid of fleas on contact. Let’s find out why they are able to help us with odors and unwanted insects:

Ethanol Alcohol

Ethanol is a gas that is toxic when inhaled. The additives in Ethanol make is impossible to consume without getting very sick.

The smell is terrible and the taste is worse. A small critter like a flea will die on contact with this nauseating substance.

Ethyl Acetate

Ethyl Acetate is found in fragrances and pesticides. There are vapors that get released when Ethyl Acetate is sprayed in the Febreze mixture that causes the respiratory systems of insects to die on the spot.

Yes, this includes those pesky fleas. You will be able to observe a preserved, intact and very dead flea after it has been exposed to Ethyl Acetate.


Limonene is marketed on its own as a natural pesticide. The use of Limonene is widespread for its ability to melt the protective coating on fleas and other insects.

These critters begin to suffocate and perish without any protective exoskeleton that has been wasted away from the effects of Limonene contact.

Will Febreze Kill Fleas?

Yes. The effect on spraying fleas with Febreze will not give you the instant satisfaction of killing them off completely.

It may take several days of spraying the same areas for fleas to weaken their hold on fabrics, beddings, furniture and beds.

Fleas are great at hiding and they will resist the spray of Febreze by taking cover underneath the areas you are spraying. They will eventually die if you continue spraying for a few days.

Does Febreze Kill Ants?

Absolutely. Ants die quickly with a sudden spray of Febreze. Stand a foot away and spray the ants to cover them completely with this fine smelling odor.

There are active insecticide ingredients including Ethyl Acetate and Limonene that will instantly kill exposed ants much faster than pesky fleas who wish to remain hidden.

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Will Febreze Kill Spiders?

If you decide to spray Febreze all over the place to get rid of fleas, it will result in collateral damage by killing off other insects and spiders too.

Spiders have fragile exoskeletons that will not tolerate airborne toxins active in Febreze. A spider will suffocate or drown in Febreze.

Can I Kill Cockroaches With Febreze?

Cockroaches will survive the apocalypse. Febreze is not going to kill cockroaches on the spot like it will with spiders and ants.

The spray has enough power to temporarily stun a cockroach, giving you enough time to whack it with a shoe.

You might need to spray the cockroach multiple times to achieve the stunning effect.

Will Mosquitos Die From Febreze?

Yes. You can spray the mist from Febreze and kill nuisance mosquitos in the air.

The liquid can soak their wings and the chemicals within will seep into their bodies to cause sudden death. Flies will also die, but mosquitos have thinner exoskeletons and will die faster.

After a few seconds of spraying, the flies will drop to the ground and eventually die from the toxins.

Will Febreze Kill Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs and fleas have one major advantage to resisting the spray of Febreze: they can both hide from it.

Can you reach the fleas or bed bugs in order to make direct contact? If so, you will be able to kill them with Febreze.

This is not the best method for killing bed bugs. You might need something geared towards this problem on its own.

What Other Insects Can Febreze Kill?

Febreze has enough insecticide ingredients to kill multiple insects. Some of which have been listed below:

  • maggots
  • dust mites
  • yellow jackets
  • gnats
  • fruit flies

The amount of Febreze you use depends on the size of insect. Direct contact works best if you can spot and spray these pests.

Is Febreze An Insecticide?

Although Febreze carries similar ingredients to insecticides, the latter contains more.

This means that Febreze is too weak in comparison to commercial grade insecticides aimed purposely for killing instead of deodorizing a home.

Febreze can do the job and kill off small insects, but larger rodents or pests will not be fazed enough.

Insecticides are much more toxic to humans while Febreze is comfortable and safe to use indoors. Febreze is a cheaper option as well compared to expensive bottles or cans of insecticide.


You can kill fleas with Febreze, but you will have to find them first. If the fleas remain hidden under sheets, beddings, carpets or sofas, then active ingredients in Febreze that are commonly found in many insecticides may not reach the fleas in order to kill them. Never spray Febreze directly on your pet.

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