How to Make Garlic Spray for Fleas {Is It Safe On Pets?

Are you looking for get rid of fleas with the punching odor of pungent garlic spray? Do you want to find out How To Make Garlic Spray For Fleas?

Will garlic just repel fleas or is strong enough to kill them? Can feeding garlic to our pets help keep fleas away?

In this article, we’ll focus on the topic of Making Garlic Spray for Fleas, but we’ll get deeper into how and why garlic is used for this purpose.

How to Make Garlic Spray for Fleas

Boil chopped garlic in a pot, then place in a jar overnight. Strain the garlic bits from the mixture and pour it into a spray bottle. Begin spraying areas where you spotted or suspect any fleas dwelling.

Why Use Garlic For Fleas?

Fleas hate garlic. The anti-bacterial and antiseptic capabilities of garlic act as an insecticide that is natural and safe for your home and pets.

Spray at will and watch how fleas become a thing of the past. Making garlic spray is the easiest and most effective to apply the power of garlic against these unwanted pests.

How Do I Make Garlic Spray?

You can find chopped, peeled or cloves of garlic from any retailer and begin the process of making garlic spray.

  1. Dice the garlic into small pieces.
  2. Place the bits of garlic in boiling hot water for 5-10 minutes.
  3. Transfer the contents into a jar. 
  4. Let it sit overnight. 
  5. Take out the jar and begin straining the bits of garlic. 
  6. Pour the remaining liquid into a spray bottle. 
  7. Begin spraying your pet or areas where fleas are present. 

It’s a good idea to bathe your pet first with dish soap and warm water. Also wipe down or vacuum furniture, carpets and bedding. Once your pet and surrounding areas are clean, then begin spraying.

Tip: If you don’t want the garlic to smell too strong, add more hot water to the spray bottle. 

What Are The Advantages To Using Garlic Spray On Fleas?

There are several advantages that make garlic spray a great solution to attack fleas. The following reasons highlights why we use garlic spray on pets, homes and gardens:

  • garlic is 100% natural
  • no chemicals
  • safe on a pet’s body
  • environmentally friendly
  • cost-effective
  • easy to make
  • repels fleas
  • kills fleas

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What Do I Do After Spraying My Dog with Garlic Spray?

The fleas that have latched onto your dog or cat have found their host and do not wish to leave. You want to weaken them so they drop dead and fall off your pet.

Once you spray your dog with garlic spray, use a flea comb to comb the fur. Watch how the fleas drop and die.

You will notice your pet stopping the terrible scratching and bruises or bite marks will subside. Repeat this process for a few days for best results.

Does Garlic Kill Fleas?

Yes. Fleas are constantly breeding and their eggs can get everywhere. The spray of garlic is safe for you and your animals, but lethal to fleas.

When fleas are in their larvae stage, they die instantly. Eggs stand no chance against garlic spray. You can also spray garlic on plants or all over your house.

Add more hot water to the solution to reduce the odor. Once you have boiled the garlic, the odor shouldn’t be as pungent, but still effective for killing fleas.

Can I Add Other Ingredients To Garlic Spray?

Sure! If you wish to make your garlic spray even stronger, you can add some of the following ingredients:

  • hot pepper
  • dish soap
  • eucalyptus oil
  • peppermint oil
  • vegetable oil 

Remember that garlic is the star of the show. Two bulbs of garlic with 1 quart of water makes an effective spray. Any additional ingredients do not need to exceed more than a tablespoon.

Where Can I Spray Garlic Spray?

Garlic spray is safe, natural and healthy for plants, animals and humans without going overboard. This is why we use a spray bottle instead of pouring it or spreading it on in thick layers.

A little goes a long way. All you need is two bulbs of garlic chopped then boiled with a quart of water to fill your spray bottle. Spray it on:

  • furniture
  • carpet
  • pets
  • bedding
  • plants
  • lawn
  • anywhere you suspect has been infested

Don’t worry about the initial smell of garlic because it will fade away, but fleas will still notice and stay away.

Can I Spray Garlic Water on My Dog?

Yes. Garlic spray is fine on dog or cat fur. Your pet may not enjoy it for a little while, but the smell goes away.

The odoriferous remnants of garlic will remain long enough to make the skin of your pet so repulsive for any flea to reside.

They will not bite or lay eggs in areas that are sprayed with garlic. There is no need to overspray and it’s best to bathe your pet first with dish soap and warm water before spraying.

How Do You Kill Fleas With Garlic?

You can spray garlic after boiling the cloves in hot water. Strain out the bits and pour the liquid into a spray bottle. You can also feed cooked garlic to your dog or cat for extra protection.

Ingesting garlic takes longer to activate its repelling ability against fleas. It could take 1-2 weeks for this garlic diet to take effect.

There is no need to overfeed or overspray your pets with garlic. A little goes a long way.

How Much Garlic Can I Give My Dog for Fleas?

You can feed garlic in small amounts to your dog if you wish. Weight your dog and go for 1/4 clove per 10 pounds of dog weight.

A dog lighter than 10 pounds could eat half of a 1/4 clove. You can add garlic to meals or better yet, make garlic water spray and use that instead.


Garlic spray works on pets, plants, gardens and inside homes to repel or kill fleas and their eggs.

Garlic spray can kill off many other insects that are helpful in your garden and over spraying can harm plants or dry out the skin of your pets.

Overall, garlic spray is safe without overdoing it. Repeat this process of spraying for a few days and your flea problem will disappear.


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