Best Steam Cleaner for Fleas in 2020: Killing Fleas with Steam

Killing fleas with steam is a great idea because you’ll not be using any chemicals in your lovely home.

But, when using a steam cleaner to kill fleas, just make sure, it produces steam of high temperature. Without it, the steam cleaning process won’t be effective.

Before moving to the steamers, and how to use them against fleas on the carpets & couch, let’s talk about the most common question.

Steam Cleaner for Fleas

Does Steam Kill Fleas?

Yes, steam effectively kill adult fleas, larvae, and flea eggs. You can easily get rid of fleas by using steam cleaners that produce steam at high temperatures. Let’s learn more about the use of steam cleaners for flea control.

Yes, a steam cleaner is highly effective in killing fleas present on the carpet, mattress, & couch.

But, the steam temperature should be very high.

Whatever steamer you’re using, just make sure, the steam it produces should be above 950Farenhiet. Fleas can’t tolerate the temperature above 950Farenhiet, and you’ll be able to kill their all the stages.


You can kill all the stages of fleas with steam, you just need enough temperature.

Best Steam Cleaner for Fleas

I personally recommend McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam System, because it has a large 64 oz. the water tank that heats up in just 12 minutes, and it provides you continuous flea killing steam for up to 120 minutes.

The 120 minutes continuous steam is a great feature that you can’t find in every steamer at such a good price. After filling it once, you can treat your whole house without any hurry, because you know, you’ve plenty of time.

It produces steam of more than 2000F, which quickly kills fleas & their eggs.

You’ll also get 23 versatile accessories which also include a floor mop attachment, and the 15 ft. power cord makes it easy to use in your house.

Another thing that I really like is its price. It’s a great canister steam cleaner for fleas at this price. You can also check McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steamer, it’s a few dollars cheaper & gives you 45 minutes of continuous steam (2000F).

Things to Consider Before Buying a Steam Cleaner

Before selecting any flea killing steamer, paying attention to the following things will be a lot helpful for you.

  • Steam Temperature: Steam above 950F kill fleas, larvae, and their eggs. So, make sure, choose a steamer that produces steam above 950
  • Steamer Capacity: While steaming your house, you’ll not want to refill it after every few minutes. It’s better to have a larger tank capacity.
  • Attachments: Choose a product that has all the appropriate attachments for the surfaces like hardwood floors, carpets, & tiles.
  • Boiling Time: Choose a product that boils water quickly. Generally, steamers take 10 to 15 minutes for boiling water.

How to Use Steam Cleaner to Kill Fleas

Before using a steam cleaner, it’ll be good if you vacuum all the places because it’ll remove all the debris from the carpets and the floor.

After vacuuming, now, it’s time to use steam for killing fleas.

If you have a steam cleaner in your house, then there is no need to purchase another steamer just for flea treatment. In most of the cases, steamers produce enough temperature to kill fleas, so you should be fine.

But, if your steamer doesn’t produce that much high-temperature steam, then you know, I recommend McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Steam System for that.

Note: Steamers should be used before the application of insecticide. Whether you want to use a flea fogger in your house, or any other bug spray, do not use them before steam cleaning. If you use steamer after the application of insecticide, then the chemicals can vaporize and they’ll go airborne; this can be very dangerous to your health.

Do not use your flea killing steamer near the electrical outlets.

Will Steam Mop Kill Fleas?

Yes, the steam mop kills fleas effectively.

You just need high-temperature steam, whether it comes from a steam mop or a canister steamer.

If you want to purchase a steam mop then I recommend you to go with Bissell 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop.

It kills 99.9% germs & bacteria, and also the fleas & their eggs. They didn’t mention that it kills fleas on the description, but as it produces steam of enough high-temperature, so you should be fine with it.

Final Words

If you have a low flea infestation in your house, then it is possible that you can get rid of fleas with steam.

But, if there is a heavy infestation, then, unfortunately, killing fleas with steam cleaner is not sufficient. You have to take help of some commercial products and some home remedies like salt or borax.

I hope this article helped you.

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