15 Ways to Get Rid & Kill Gophers in Your Yard & Garden

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Do you’ve gophers in your garden or yard? If yes Then you need to do something about it.

Gophers are commonly known for their tunneling activities. They have the talent to find your favorite plants in the garden and eat them.

They can destroy your garden in few days and also damage building foundations.

15 Ways to Get Rid of Pocket Gophers

Below are 15 ways to Get Rid & Kill Gophers in Your Yard & Garden.

1. Drown Them

Can you drown gophers?  Yes you can drown gophers by filling their tunnels and burrows with water.  

But, first, you need to cover all the holes which gophers use to come on the surface. And now, connect one end of the hose to the water source, and the other end in the hole. Let the water flows.

You can cover all the holes to drown them, or leave a few. So, when the water comes in their tunnel, they will come out from the remaining holes. Let the water run for almost 30 minutes. Some of them will drown, while others will try to run outside from the remaining open holes. Be prepared, you’ll get the chance, you’ve to kill pocket gophers or trap them.

Drowning gophers

But sometimes, this is not the most effective solution for getting rid of gophers.

They don’t only dig tunnels; they also have burrows where they store food. The burrows are always higher than the tunnels. So keep the water running, when you think you got them.

You are sending a lot of water in the tunnels, but where it goes?

Maybe in the garden next to you, where the other end of the tunnel is. So, you can talk to your neighbor that you both have a common problem, and you’re going to flood the tunnels. Tell your neighbor to stay calm, it’s not a magic that water is coming out of the holes, be prepared for the gophers.

Are you sure, you’re dealing with gophers?

Ground moles love the damp, and if you flood the tunnels of ground moles, you’ll only invite more invite more moles in your garden. This article will tell you whether they are gophers or moles.

If you use water in the gopher holes more than once and still they don’t die. Then it means that they moved to another part of your garden. Use water to that place, and they’ll probably leave your garden for good.

2. Blast their Tunnels

You can just blow their tunnels, and get rid of gophers with propane. Pour some gasoline, butane, natural gas, or propane in the tunnel, and ignite it. These are also known by the name Gopher Flares. Mostly, a mixture of propane and oxygen is used.

But using detonators to blow the tunnels ca also damage your garden. The plant roots can be burned, or even your whole garden. You might kill gophers, but you may kill your plants too.

Using detonators is not very suitable for the small places. So, it’s not the best way to kill gophers in the garden.

But if you have a big yard or an open field, where you want to plant something new or you don’t have any plants in that area, and then probably this is the best option. Do a big blast, and become a gopher killer. Before using detonator, reading the instructions carefully and ask an expert. Use large amount of detonator for small place can result real damage.

3. Gas them with your Car’s Exhaust

Do you know, carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas, which comes from the exhaust pipe of your car?

Cover all the holes with sand, or something solid, so they can’t go anywhere, just running in the tunnel. Now, connect one end of a long hose to the car exhaust pipe, and put the other end in the hole which you left uncover. Turn your car ON for 15-30 minutes, and this will release a poisonous carbon monoxide in the tunnel which will help you in getting rid of gophers under a lawn.

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When you will send the poisonous gas to kill gophers, they’ll try to move away from the gas. Therefore, they may go outside the tunnel by creating another hole at a weak point. So be ready for the opportunity, you may need to do some action.

Make sure, you have a long hose which can fit in the cars’ exhaust pipe, and is long enough to reach the hole where you want to put it. You can also use a small hose, but for this, you’ve to take your car to the garden which is not preferable for most of the people.

When your car’ engine will stay ON for few minutes, it’ll become hot, so make sure your hose don’t melt. Because if your hose gets melted, then it’ll not be able to put gas in the holes with pressure. You can also get the problem with your machines’ engine.

So, the main point is, use an engine to get carbon monoxide, and a hose which doesn’t melt at high temperature and you’re ready to go.

4. Use Poison to Kill Gophers

Pour some poison pellets in the holes and tunnels where gophers live. And from the next day, you’ll see dead gophers.

But there’s a catch!

When gopher eats poison it dies, but still its body has poison. That means dead gopher is dangerous for your cat or dog. If they eat the dead gopher, they can also get poisoned.

So if you’re using poison, keep them away from the reach of children and pet animals. You can also say, it’s better to consider another method. But, they are highly efficient. If you use poison, means you will surely kill them. Here, you can check about the gopher pellets that work.

5. Killing Gophers with Juicy Fruit Gum 

Does juicy fruit gum kill gophers? There is no scientific research about it, but still a lot of people says that it works.

First of all, wear latex gloves on your hands, so that gophers don’t get your scent. Unwrap a fruit flavored gum and drop it in the gopher hole. There is no research about it, but it’s believed that gopher eats it, and the gum stuck in its intestines. Therefore, gum becomes the last thing which they eat, and eventually, they die in their burrow.

So, you can get rid of gophers with juicy fruit gum, which is a very cheap solution of this problem.

This method will take few days to kill a gopher. So, if the gopher problem is getting worse, and you’re afraid that they will get to your favorite plants, then it’s better to do something more reliable.

6. Release a Predator

Nothing is better than having a pet which can hunt gophers. Isn’t it?

Keep in mind, not all dogs and cats can hunt gophers. It depends on their hunting ability, willingness to hunt, and their speed.

You can train them to become a gopher killer. If your cat can kill them, sounds like you’re lucky. Dogs can be trained to kill them. If you’ve two dogs with training, then they can easily handle them. They’ll work as a team.

Kill gophers by hunting

You can invite owl, by setting owl boxes on the trees. But, it can take several days to months. May be it took a year, and still you are looking for an owl. But, having an owl is dangerous for small dog and cats.

7. Looking for a snake?

get rid of gophers in yard

Be sure, you took non-venomous snakes. Set them loose in your yard. Keep in mind, snakes can be very dangerous for your little dog or cats. Snakes can take months to kill all the gophers. But, if you have a snake in your yard, then probably, gophers will try to find a new home.

8. Build a Fence

Gophers are good at digging but poor at climbing. So build a fence with wire mesh. Place the fence around your garden, but make sure it extends at least 15 inches underground. Make its height more than 15 inches on the surface, so that they don’t jump over it.

When placing fence underground, make it as L-shape such that, it starts from the surface, and when it goes deep on the ground it moves away from your garden. When gopher will try to dig deeper, it’ll confuse and will stay away from your garden.

9. Use Predator’s Droppings

You don’t have to go out into the forest to collect predator’s droppings. Cats and dogs kill gophers. You can use their droppings. Put the cat litter or the dog’s poop into the trash and put them in the holes and tunnels where you see gophers. When gophers smell it, they will think that these predators are nearby and they’ll leave that place.

10. Use things gophers don’t like

Gophers have very good noses, and if they smell something which they don’t like, they may leave. You can use coffee grounds, castor oil, fish, moth balls, Tobasco sauce.

11. Use Gopher repellent plants

There are some plants available which are good in repelling gophers. Euphorbia Lathyris is a common gopher repellent plant, and therefore it’s commonly known by the name of gopher spurge.

Other gopher repellent plants which can be used are daffodils, marigolds, castor beans and oleander plant. Plant these gopher repellent plants in the perimeter of your garden, or near the gopher holes.

12. Gopher Traps

You can use special gopher traps to catch them. Traps are available online and in the home improvement stores which can kill them or catch them. After trapping gophers, you can call the animal control or you can release them in the wilderness.

how to get rid of gophers with gopher traps

Use gloves for setting gopher traps, because if they find a human scent, they will not get caught. There are many traps available like wire traps, box traps, and more.

13. Sound and Vibrations

Gophers are very sensitive, and therefore, they like to live in the quiet places. If you create a noisy and vibrated environment, then you may repel gophers away from your garden. You can use a radio or any other equipment to create noise. A cheap radio will create more annoying sound. You can also buy equipment for creating vibrations on the ground.

14. Hire a Professional

If you’ve tried everything, and still you’re seeing gophers in your garden, then it’s time to call a professional.

Professionals use poison which doesn’t leave a residue. When the gopher dies in the burrow, and if your pet digs it out and eat it, then your pet will not get poison. Many popular exterminating companies like Terminix give a guarantee that, after killing rodents by using any means, your yard will be safe for you and your pet.

But, you have to spend money. If you can afford it, then calling a professional exterminator is the best choice.

Killing gophers in garden

15. Conclusion

Use two or more methods will give you better results like you can kill gophers along with repelling them.

Most people do a mistake that, when they get rid of pocket gophers, they feel relaxed and don’t look at their garden for more gopher activities. There is always a risk of reinfestation because new gophers can come to live in the places, where tunnels are already created. So, keep an eye on your yard, after getting rid of them.

Do occasionally some of these protective measures, which are not costly. So you don’t have to face this problem again.

Did you get rid of gophers from your garden? What did you do? Please share in the comments.

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